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Kofinas Featured on Bloomberg's "Planet Forward" TV Show

Kofinas Featured on Bloomberg's "Planet Forward" TV Show

Fischell Department of Bioengineering professor Peter Kofinas' development of unique polymers for safer batteries, flexible antennas and food safety was recently featured on Bloomberg TV's "Planet Forward" show.

In the segment, hosted by Frank Sesno, Kofinas describes his group's ongoing efforts to develop a solid polymer electrolyte material, called Lithium Flex, for use in lithium-ion batteries. LithiumFlex can be wrapped or bent into different shapes without breaking, contains no combustible or corrosive materials, and is lighter than conventional electrolytes, which would translate into greater energy efficiency if used in vehicle batteries. SafeLiCell, the startup company Kofinas founded with two of his students to commercialize the product, recently won second place at the inaugural $100K ACC Clean Energy Challenge business plan competition.

The segment also highlighted other Kofinas Group products, including an antenna made of a rubbery, magnetic material whose flexibility would allow it to be molded into any size and shape a device would require, or even applied as a coating; and a food packaging material that changes color in the presence of certain bacteria, indicating when a product has spoiled or been contaminated.

Watch "Pursuing a Safer, Sustainable, Lithium Battery":

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May 22, 2012

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