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Undergraduate Program: Advising References


Questions about the undergraduate program in bioengineering may be sent to

Many of the non-departmental forms listed below can be found with more detailed instructions on the Clark School's Advising Forms page.

Degree planning for the entire program requires students to meet many requirements and adhere to various policies. To help students and faculty advisors, we have come up with this ready-reference of common links, forms and procedures. For detailed policies, please consult the Bioengineering Undergraduate Handbook.

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Academic Planning:

  • Download the BIOE Advising Worksheet from our advising forms page.
  • Helpful planning resources include (but are not limited to) the following:

To obtain registration stamps:

BIOE Courses + ENES100 & ENES102

Non-BIOE Courses

  • Students needing stamps in any other department’s course should contact the offering department
  • Non-majors requesting seats in ENES courses should see


To check course prerequisites:


For information on General Education requirements:


For information on Benchmark requirements:


For information on study abroad:

  • Start thinking early! Check out for some basic information. It's best to contact advising two semesters in advance of when you plan to study abroad. 
  • Make sure you have an updated advising worksheet. 
  • Email to set up an appointment to review your worksheet for study abroad feasibility/in context of your plan. 
  • Contact or visit International Engineering Programs to discuss options, gather resources, and learn next steps.


To verify transfer credits:

  • Visit the Transfer Credit Center web site
  • View your Student Transcript
    • On the Student Transcript, transfer credits are listed at the top
  • Visit with Registrar if any credits are missing (and official transcript has been submitted)


To obtain an exception to DEPARTMENTAL policy:

  • Students should submit a BIOE Petition for Waiver to Departmental Policy (see advising forms page).

Examples of BIOE petitions:

  • Student wants to count elective not appearing on approved electives list
  • Student wants an exception to pre- or co-requisite requirement
  • Student wants to substitute a course for a required BIOE course


To obtain an exception to COLLEGE policy:

These forms should be submitted in cases such as the following:

  • Student wants to take more than 18 credits in a semester
  • Student wants to late add/drop a course
  • Student wants to repeat a course for the third time
  • Student wants to exceed repeat credit limit (18)
  • Student wants to withdraw from more than 4 credits in a semester
  • Student wants to register for courses that have time conflicts


To obtain permission to take a course at another institution:


To enroll in a graduate course, complete one of the following forms as appropriate:

  • Both of the below forms can be found at
  • Graduate Credit Permission Form
    • An undergraduate degree-seeking student with approval can apply to take a course for graduate credit only.
  • Permission to Take a Graduate Course for Undergraduate Credit
    • Complete this online form if you wish to take a graduate level course and have it count for undergraduate credit.