(August 24, 2016) Adam Berger has been named a Philip Merrill Presidential Scholar in recognition of his academic excellence.

(August 10, 2016) Adam Berger has received the BMES Undergraduate Design and Research Award for his work on therapeutic drug monitoring with paper SERS devices. The award will be presented at the 2016 BMES conference.

(April 25, 2016) Megan Dang has been awarded the SEEDS undergraduate research fellowship from summer 2016 and the 2016-2017 academic year.

(April 22, 2016) Kenya Colvin has been awarded the ASPIRE undergraduate research fellowship to continue her research in summer 2016.

(April 7, 2016) Adam Berger has been awarded the Dinah Berman Memorial Award for his combined academic excellence and service to the Clark School.

(April 7, 2016) Adam Berger has been awarded the Fischell Department of Bioengineering Outstanding Junior Award.

(April 6, 2016) Adam Berger has won a UMD HHMI summer research fellowship!

(March 31, 2016) Adam Berger is named a national Goldwater Scholar.

(February 4, 2016) John Goertz passed his Ph.D. propsal! Congratulations!

(August 6, 2015) Stephen Restaino passed his Ph.D. proposal! Congratulations!

(July 9, 2015) Adriel Sumathipala is selected as a regional finalist in the Google Science Fair.

(May 21, 2015) Kunal Pandit successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation! Congratulations!

(March 31, 2015) Hieu Nguyen has been awarded the prestigious NSF Fellowship! Congratulations!

(March 13, 2015) Imaly Nanayakkara (Bioengineering Ph.D. student) and Hieu Nguyen (Bioengineering Ph.D. student) have joined our group.

(February 18, 2015) Our lab wins a MIPS award supported by the state of Maryland and Diagnostic anSERS.

(June 5, 2014) Kristen Giles passes her Bioengineering Undergraduate Honors thesis defense.

(May 14, 2014) Stephen Restaino wins the Distinguished Graduate Student Teaching Award from the University of Maryland Center for Teaching Excellence.

(March 10, 2014) Kristen Giles wins Best Undergraduate Research Poster Award at the Mid-Atlantic Micro/Nano Alliance annual symposium.

Giles Award

(January 1, 2014) John Goertz, the 2013 winner of the Fischell Fellowship, has joined the group.

Eric Hoppmann successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation. Congratulations!

Soroush Yazdi successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation. Congratulations!

Veemoon Yu was awarded the Fischell BIOE Outstanding Graduate Researcher for 2012-2013.

Kristen Giles has been accepted into the BIOE Honors Program.

Veemoon Yu successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation. Congratulations!

Hoppmann wins GRID competition with presentation on paper-SERS detection of PCR products.

Virgile, Diagnostic anSERS, take third at the national Cupid's Cup Competition.

Our lab wins a MIPS award, supported by the state of Maryland and Diagnostic anSERS.

Yu's paper on inkjet-printed paper SERS dipsticks, swabs, and lateral flow concentration is selected for Analyst outside front cover.

Analyst front cover

Hoppmann, Virgile win Dingman Pitch Competition.

Katayoon Saadin successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation. Congratulations! She is the first graduate from our research group.

Hoppmann, Virgile reach finals of MTECH's $75K Business Plan Competition.

Our group wins a collaboration award from the FDA Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation.

Our paper-based SERS devices were featured by SPIE Newsroom.

Yazdi's optofluidic SERS paper selected for the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology and the Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research.

Our group wins a Blue Ocean Grant from Ocean Optics.

Fischell Institute of Biomedical Devices establishes partnership with Canon US Life Sciences.

Chen publishes record detection limit for interdigitated array microelectrode electrochemical biosensor.

Yu wins best presentation in session at Graduate Research Interaction Day (GRID).

Sean Virgile, the 2010 winner of the Fischell Fellowship, has joined the group.

C&EN reports on Yu's ink-jet-printed SERS array.

Yu publishes first ever ink-jet-printed SERS microdevice.

SERS on paper image

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