Neuromuscular Bioengineering Laboratory

Welcome to the Neuromuscular Bioengineering Lab at the University of Maryland, College Park! Our lab studies the function, dysfunction, and plasticity of the nervous and muscular systems. We utilize a variety of computational and experimental methods to study these systems at the molecular, cell and tissue scales. These slides provide some background and motivation for our work. Additional details on specific projects may be found here.

Lab news:
Summer, 2010
- Congratulations to Josh on defending his dissertation proposal!
- Congratulations to Joe on defending his Master's thesis!
- Congratulations to Bao for her ASPIRE award!
- Welcome to Gunja Dave and Matt Love (Ph.D. students, Bioengineering)
- Welcome to Ajay Kannan (Blair High School), Sina Shahamatdar (undergraduate, Physiology and Neurobiology), Walter Beller-Morales (undergraduate, Bioengineering)
- The lab received funding from TEDCO/State of Maryland to study mechanical influences of the cytoskeleton on the differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into peripheral neurons
- The lab received funding from the Department of Defense (CDMRP) to study the role of tensile loading in peripheral nerve regeneration.

Fall, 2010
- Congratulations to Bao for her ASPIRE award!
- Congratulations to Tunji for his LSAMP award!
- Welcome to Mariya Sitnova (undergraduate, Bioengineering)
- Welcome to Vijay Baharani (undergraduate, Bioengineering)
- Welcome to Miranda Hagen (undergraduate, Bioengineering)
- Welcome to Hassan Moustafa (undergraduate, Bioengineering Honors Program)
- Welcome to Tapan Patel and Ohene Ofusu (Roosevelt High School)
- Josh presented his work on actin dynamics at the annual BMES meeting in Austin and the Cell Biology Meeting in Philadelphia
- The lab received funding from NSF's FDA: Scholars in Residence Program to study the effect of implantable electrodes on peripheral nerve electrophysiology and architecture.

Winter, 2011
- Welcome to Tom Chuang, Ph.D. (postdoctoral fellow)
- Welcome to Victoria Stefanelli (undergraduate, Bioengineering, Engineering Honors Program)

DAIEngineering, 11 January 2011