Professor Arthur T. Johnson

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BIOE 332: Biological Process Engineering (formerly ENBE 454)

There are several concurrent objectives to this course:

  1. teach students heat transfer, mass transfer, andfluid flow
  2. teach students how to conceptualize in an analogical systems manner
  3. show students how to design with biological systems
  4. teach students how to work in groups
  5. teach students how to produce designs for vaguely-stated problems
  6. teach students how to produce an acceptable design product in a short length of time
  7. enhance communications skills
  8. begin to develop engineering judgment
  9. introduce students to the peer review process
  10. force students to take responsibility for their own education
  11. build confidence and morale through success in adversity
  12. build pride in engineering

In short, this is a tough course, but it builds a strong foundation for ENBE courses taken later in their senior year, and for biological engineering practice after graduation.

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