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UMD Researchers Make Strides in Schizophrenia Diagnosis Research

Blood test could help doctors more quickly diagnose schizophrenia and other disorders.    More»

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UMD, VA Maryland Health Care System Collaborate on MS Research

BIOE assistant professor Chris Jewell leads effort to use nanotechnology to treat MS.    More»

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Bentley, Payne Featured in The Conversation

Distinguished University Professor William Bentley publishes piece on using electricity to control gene expression.    More»

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BIOE, IBBR Researchers Develop Electrogenetic Device for Activating Gene Expression via Electrodes

System holds promise for study of biological systems, biosensors and bio-hybrid devices.    More»

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Payne Appointed Guest Professor at South China University of Technology

Bioengineering professor begins three-year guest professorship with multidisciplinary university.    More»