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2008 Graduates

The Class of 2008: May

B.S. Graduates

class of spring 2008
The Undergraduate (B.S.) Bioengineering/Biological Resources Engineering Class of May 2008.


You can learn more about these students' work by reading "2008 Capstone Projects Address Human Health, Environmental Concerns."

M.S. Graduates

Geraldine Mijares: (Bioengineering) Bioelectronic Sensor for Cellular Assays Using Polyelectrolyte Multilayer-Modified Electrodes. Advisor: Don DeVoe.

Ph.D. Graduates

Walter Dodson: "Dynamics of Erythrocytes and Microcapsules." Advisor: Panagiotis Dimitrakopoulos (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering).

The Class of 2008: December

Ph.D. Graduates

Rohan Fernandes: "Biological Nanofactories: Altering Cellular Response via Localized Synthesis and Delivery." Advisor: William Bentley.

Colin Hebert: "RNA Interference Mediated Suppression of Tn-caspase-1 as a Means of Investigating Apoptosis and Improving Recombinant Protein Production in Trichoplusia ni cells." Advisor: William Bentley.