Department Forms

BIOE Advising Worksheet (.xlsm)  - For the current BIOE curriculum
Please click on the above link and select the download option in the top-right corner to download the .xlsm file. Do not edit the file directly in Google Sheets.
Questions about using the worksheet? See this video tutorial.
Pre-2016 BIOE Curriculum Advising Worksheet (.xlsx)
Students on the Pre-2016 BIOE curriculum should use this worksheet.
BIOE Course Prerequisites Chart (PDF)
BIOE Sample Program: Pre-Health Track (PDF)
BIOE Departmental Petitions and Forms
  • Other Departmental Requests
  • Request for Exception to Pre- or Co-Requisite Requirement for BIOE course
  • Request for One-Time Approval of Electives

BIOE399 Independent Study form 

  • BIOE399 requests must be submitted by the end of the first week of the semester in which the the BIOE399 would occur (fall/spring semesters only). This will allow for processing time and student registration. When submitting this request, you will be required to complete the BIOE399 registration form at You will then submit your completed form to the google form linked above. 
  • Students who wish to include BIOE399 as a BIOE elective towards the Bioengineering degree must complete 3 credits of BIOE399. Only 3 credits of BIOE399 or BIOE399H can be counted as a BIOE elective; any additional BIOE399 credits taken will appear on a student's transcript but will not not count towards the Bioengineering degree. In order for BIOE399 to be considered a BIOE elective of a particular track, the completed BIOE399 form must also be approved by the track leader prior to its final submission.

Clark School Forms

45 Credit Review Contract

Visit the Clark School's Office of Undergraduate Advising Forms page for:
  • Permission to Enroll in Another Institution Form and Guidelines
  • Permission to Take a Graduate Course for Undergraduate Credit
  • Requests for College-level Exceptions to Policy (e.g. Credit Overload, Late Add/Drop, Third Attempt of a Course, Exceed 18 Credit Repeat Limit)
  • Declaring and changing your major (within Engineering)
  • Pursuing double majors and double degrees
  • Graduation