New Hire Process and Forms
Any faculty or staff member looking to hire a new employee or student (paid or unpaid), must complete the BIOE New Hire Form. If the new hire will require UMD to sponsor a visa, please be sure to also complete the BIOE New Employee Visa Request Form. Visa requests take a minimum of 4 to 6 months to process in advance of the worker’s start date.

Questions about the hiring process should be sent to

Faculty members should complete their timesheets online by visiting

Digital Suggestion Box
In support of the Thriving Workplace Initiative, BIOE faculty/staff are welcome to voice suggestions or concerns via the digital suggestion box to provide feedback to the department. Anonymous responses are welcome. If you did not receive an email with the suggestion box password, please email Ellen McDaniel.

Student Forms
Candidacy and Graduation Forms for Ph.D. Students

Proposal Routing Forms
Proposal Routing Form

Purchasing Forms
Labs using Procurify: Login | How to Request an Order
Labs not using Procurify: Purchase Requisition Form (.xls) Updated 09/06/23.

  • Purchases with a specific vendor $5,000 or above not on a master contract with UMD, require a quote and generation of a formal purchase order through UMD Procurement.
  • Purchases with a specific vendor $25,000 or above (non-sponsored funds) or $5,000 or above (sponsored funds) not on a master contract with UMD require a sole source application. The campus sole source application can be found here (within the “Buying” dropdown).
  • Purchases $25,000 or above (non-sponsored funds) or $5,000 or above (sponsored funds) not requiring a specific vendor will need at minimum a separate quote from three different vendors for UMD Procurement to bid on the order.

Completed Purchase Requisition forms must be submitted electronically to

Travel Forms
Please review the Travel Procedures in advance of traveling. Travel must be pre-approved before any travel arrangements can be booked.

BIOE Travel Procedures for UMD Employees (Google Doc) Updated 9/23/22 based on new Concur guidance.

Non-UMD employees (e.g., guests or graduate students not on UMD payroll) cannot book travel through the new Concur system and must submit a formal travel request to using the BIOE Travel Pre-Approval Form (PDF). Once approved, a BIOE staff member will book all travel arrangements on behalf of the guest.

At the conclusion of a trip, any guest traveler requesting personal reimbursement must submit the BIOE Travel Reimbursement Form (PDF).

Hard copies of the travel reimbursement form can be submitted to:
Fischell Department of Bioengineering
3102 A. James Clark Hall
College Park, MD 20742

Forms that don’t require receipts can also be submitted electronically to

Non-Travel Reimbursement 
Expense Statement (PDF)
Completed forms can also be submitted electronically to