The Bioengineering Undergraduate Program requires the completion of 9 technical electives (at least 27 credits): 2 foundational courses (6 credits), 4 bioengineering electives (12 credits), 2 biological science electives (6 credits), and 1 breadth elective (3 credits). All electives must be successfully completed (C- or better). Students may wish to select electives in conjunction with a Bioengineering Track within the Undergraduate Program

Students seeking to count an elective that is not on these lists should submit a BIOE Petition for Waiver to Departmental Policy. If a student obtained prior approval during an advising meeting to take and count an elective not on this list, student should have advisor make note on the BIOE Advising Worksheet.

Please note that only 3 credits of BIOE 399 may be used to fulfill the entire elective requirement.  Students are responsible for checking prerequisites (see the BIOE course prerequisites chart).


Electives Overview

BIOE Foundational Courses can be chosen from the following: BIOE404, BIOE420, BIOE453, BIOE461, and BIOE462. BIOE332 is acceptable if it was taken during Spring 2021 or in a prior term.

BIOE Foundational I

BIOE Foundational II

BIOE Electives can be any upper-level BIOE courses that are not already required by the core curriculum or being used to fulfill a BIOE Foundational requirement*

BIOE Elective I

BIOE Elective II

BIOE Elective III

BIOE Elective IV

See tables below for approved Breadth and Biological Science Electives

Breadth Elective

Biological Science Elective I

Biological Science Elective II

*BIOE489H and BIOE389 courses cannot count as BIOE electives. BIOE399 must be approved as an elective via the BIOE399 Independent Study form


The breadth elective may include any course from the list below.

  • Students are responsible for checking prerequisites and obtaining permissions for non-BIOE courses. Other departments, including those in Engineering, typically have a process for non-majors to request seats in courses, or may maintain a hold file, so please inquire with the specific department.  Permissions for non-BIOE courses cannot be guaranteed; students should plan accordingly.
Breadth Electives

BSCI222 Principles of Genetics

BSCI223 General Microbiology

CHEM241 Organic Chemistry II

CHEM271/2 General Chemistry and Energetics/General Bioanalytical Chemistry Laboratory

BCHM463 Biochemistry of Physiology

CMSC132 Object-Oriented Programming II

MATH463 Complex Variables for Scientists and Engineers

MATH464 Transform Methods for Scientists and Engineers

Any 3xx or 4xx Engr. dept. course1

1. ENES courses are not included, except for ENES489A, ENES498E, ENES489P, and ENES499.


The biological science electives must adhere to the following policies:

  • The elective must be chosen from the biological science elective list posted below;
  • All biological science electives must be at the 200-level or above;
  • At least one course (3 credits) must be at the 300-level or above.
Biological Science Electives

BSCI202 Human Anatomy and Physiology II

BSCI222 Principles of Genetics

BSCI223 General Microbiology

BSCI338Special Topics in Biology
BSCI339Selected Topics in Biology 

BSCI353 Principles of Neuroscience

BSCI370 Principles of Evolution

BSCI404 Cell Biology from a Biophysical Perspective

BSCI410 Molecular Genetics

BSCI411 Bioinformatics and Integrated Genomics

BSCI412 Microbial Genetics

BSCI414 Recombinant DNA Laboratory

BSCI416 Human Genetics

BSCI417 Microbial Pathogenesis

BSCI420 Cell Biology Lectures

BSCI421 Cell Biology

BSCI422 Principles of Immunology

BSCI424 Pathogenic Microbiology

BSCI430 Developmental Biology

BSCI433 Biology of Cancer

BSCI437 General Virology

BSCI446 Neural Systems

BSCI447 General Endocrinology

BSCI471 Molecular Evolution

BSCI374 Mathematical Modeling in Biology (previous course code BSCI474)

BCHM461 Biochemistry I

BCHM463 Biochemistry of Physiology

CHEM241 Organic Chemistry II

CHEM271/272 General Chemistry and Energetics/General Bioanalytical Chemistry Laboratory

KNES360 Physiology of Exercise

KNES370 Motor Development

2. Upon department approval