BIOE Seminar: Igor Efimov

Friday, August 31, 2018
9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.
A. James Clark Hall, Room 2132
Dr. Giuliano Scarcelli

Dr. Igor Efimov
The Alisann & Terry Collins Professor and Chairman
Department of Biomedical Engineering
George Washington University

Conformal bioelectronics for new generation of implantable cardiac devices

Significant improvements in life expectancy and quality of life achieved in the developed countries during last 50 years were primarily due to 80% decline in mortality from the cardiovascular diseases. Both, biological and technological advances contributed to this progress, including implantable pacemakers and defibrillators, resynchronization therapy, stents, coronary contrast imaging and angioplasty, ventricular assist devices. Implantable medical devices and interventional cardiology played a key role in this progress. Recent development of organ conformal soft electronics (soft-hardware) presents an opportunity to significantly advance medical device technology due to its ability to conform biological tissues and to provide long term high-resolution multi-physics interface, which will connect to artificial intelligence in order to prevent health risks. We are working on developing interventional and implantable devices for high resolution diagnostics and therapy of life threatening cardiac arrhythmias. Soft electronics platform allows real time monitoring of numerous physiological parameters: electrical, mechanical, metabolic, biological markers, and many others. Monitoring and analyzing these parameters will allow to predict and prevent lethal events due to cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac failure, diabetes, etc. Development of organ conformal devices of new generation will provide an interface for artificial intelligence based real-time diagnostics and therapy of life threatening diseases and thus will extend life expectancy even further. 

Audience: Public 

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