CHBE Seminar: Dr. Jonghoon Choi, University of Pennsylvania

Friday, April 7, 2023
11:00 a.m.
Room 2108 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building and Via Zoom
Patricia Lorenzana

 Lectin-glycan affinity in nanobio theragnostics: The specific capture of pancreatic  cancer exosomes and the targeted immunotherapy of tumor cells. 

Abstract: The unique profile of upregulated glycosylation in metastatic cancer cells may form the basis for the  development of new biomarkers for the targeting and diagnosis of specific cancers. This seminar will  introduce a pancreatic cancer cell-derived exosome detection and tumor targeting technology, which is  based on the specific binding of lectins to distinctive glycan profiles on the surface of exosomes and  tumor cells. Lectins with a high and specific affinity for sialic acid or fucose were attached to  bifunctional nanoparticles, which facilitated interactions with pancreatic cancer cell-derived exosomes  in a microfluidic device. The lectin affinity to surface glycan of tumor cells can also be the strategy to  treat tumor cells with lectin-nanoparticles in the immuno- and photothermal therapy. This strategy  opens the possibility to achieve a new early diagnosis marker and target moiety based on the surface glycan properties of cancer cells. 

Biography: Dr. Jonghoon Choi is a full Professor in the School of Integrative Engineering at Chung-Ang University.  He is also an Adjunct Professor at the School of Dentistry at Yonsei University. Dr. Choi’s research aims  to develop novel nanobiosensors and smart nanobiomaterials for their applications in nanomedicine. Dr.  Choi has authored more than 110 SCI(E) journal articles and other numerous publications, and  patent/disclosure applications. His work has been published in top journals, including Nature  Nanotechnology, Journal of Controlled Release, and Journal of the American Chemical Society, which  has been cited >4400 times with the h-index over 34 to date. Dr. Choi has been serving as an editorial  board member for SCI(E) Journals, including PLoS ONE, Analytical Sciences, and Biotechnology &  Bioprocess Engineering. He is currently visiting Prof. Daeyeon Lee’s Lab at Penn.

Audience: Graduate  Faculty 

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