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BIOE Seminar Series: David Kaplan (Tufts)
Friday, May 11, 2018
9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.
A. James Clark Hall, Room 2132
For More Information:
Dr. Steven Jay

Dr. David Kaplan (Tufts University)
Stern Family Professor of Engineering
Professor and Chair, Biomedical Engineering
Professor, Chemical Engineering
Director, Bioengineering and Biotechnology Center
Tufts University

Brains, Pains and Tissue Engineering

Neurological control of human health is central to how we think, feel, act and progress. Yet this is an areawhere insights, treatments and improved patient outcomes remain limited. This void prompts the need for new experimental tools with which to gain fundamental and applied directions towards treatments, repair and regeneration of damaged or diseased neurological tissues. To address this need, we are utilizing tissue engineering strategies to provide new systems and options in the study of these disease states. These strategies will be discussed with examples from ongoing work with brain, intestine and cornea systems.

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