The Professional Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) and Graduate Certificate in Bioengineering, administered by Maryland Applied Graduate Engineering, are world-class, flexible educational programs designed to advance technical knowledge and career opportunities for working professionals and returning students who want to retool their careers. The requirements are entirely course-based, and courses are available on-campus and online for full-time or part-time study. To learn more about these programs, please visit the Maryland Applied Graduate Engineering website
Students are admitted to the M.Eng. (PMBI) or Certificate (GCEN) programs by the MAGE Director. Admission requirements and application instructions are posted on the MAGE website.

Advising and Registration 

Student services, including orientation, enrollment, and graduation, are provided by MAGE staff to all M.Eng. and Certificate students. Academic advising for students pursuing the Bioengineering option is provided by the Program Director, Dr. Angela Jones. Advising is also provided by Rebecca Caro.  
The 30-credit curriculum for the M.Eng. includes 10 three-credit courses. No research or thesis is required for the degree. Students are required to complete the following three core courses:
  • BIOE604 Cellular and Physiological Transport Phenomena
  • BIOE689D Application of Biomaterials
  • BIOE658P Physiology for Bioengineers
Students are additionally required to complete seven elective courses. Recent electives offered are shown in the list below. We typically offer one of the M.Eng. core courses and two dedicated M.Eng. electives each semester. Electives may also be chosen from the BIOE Ph.D. courses and from other departments with permission from your advisor. Permission will be based on a degree plan and on the engineering and biology content of the proposed courses.
  • BIOE689F Applications of Bioinformatics
  • BIOE689L The Science and Engineering of Biopharmaceuticals
  • BIOE689W Biomedical Device Developments
  • BIOE689X Additive Manufacturing for Bioengineering Applications
  • BIOE689Y Applications of Tissue Engineering
Registration permissions must be obtained each semester for all courses that you wish to include in your M.Eng. degree.
Silvina Matysiak is pictured sitting in front of a screen displaying a computer illustration.

Program Content Advisor

Dr. Silvina Matysiak

Associate Professor
Fischell Department of Bioengineering
4220 A. James Clark Hall