Biochip Collaborative

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The Biochip Collaborative spans five laboratories and research groups in the Clark School of Engineering, the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, and the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. The Collaborative's goal is to enlist molecular bioengineering to "translate" the communication between biological and microfabricated systems in a manner that embraces the fragility of biology. Its overarching objective is to exploit the recognition and self-assembly capabilities found in biological systems for fabrication, in both the means by which materials and devices are fabricated and the components of the subsequent product that can be found in nature. The group seeks to demonstrate the creation of "biofunctionalized" devices" in which proteins, cells, and cell populations are interrogated on-board and moved between locations based on measured biological responses. This goal will be accomplished by the systematic study of a complex cell-to-cell communication system that has emerged as a determinant of bacterial pathogenicity.

William E. Bentley

Robert E. Fischell Distinguished Professor
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Reza Ghodssi

Herbert Rabin Distinguished Chair in Engineering
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Gregory F. Payne

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Gary Rubloff

Distinguished University Professor
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