Biotherapeutic Development and Delivery Laboratory

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The Jay Lab's research aims to uncover new biological insights towards the design and development of novel biotherapeutics (aka biopharmaceuticals), including proteins, extracellular vesicles (exosomes) and others. They also strive to develop new approaches to drug delivery and biomanufacturing using fundamental tools from both engineering and biology. Employing techniques in molecular biology, protein design and engineering, biomaterials and nanotechnology, theyare primarily interested in developing new biotechnologies to address a variety of clinical needs, including wound repair, cardiovascular disease, cancer, brain and spinal cord injuries, neurological diseases, osteoarthritis, sepsis, and others. Overarching goals of the lab include developing therapeutics towards clinical translation and endowing trainees with the skills and knowledge necessary to become leaders in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.


Steven Jay

Associate Professor
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