Congratulations, Fall 2021 BIOE Graduates!

The Fischell Department of Bioengineering is proud to honor 12 students today as we celebrate our Fall 2021 commencement. The following eight undergraduates and four graduate students are candidates for graduation.

  • Deborah Acheampong (B.S.)
  • Cassidy Craig (B.S.)
  • Zack Dorsey (B.S.)
  • Asma Farooqui (B.S.)
  • Sarah Martin (B.S.)
  • Emersen McCoy (B.S.)
  • Mark Melvin (B.S.)
  • Akorede Olayiwola (B.S.)
  • David Hastman (Ph.D.)
  • Antonio Fiore (Ph.D.)
  • Eric VanArsdale (Ph.D.)
  • Ashley Chapin (Ph.D.)

"Each of [our bioengineering graduates] has encountered obstacles and difficulties – many of which have gone unspoken or, perhaps even, unacknowledged – over the course of [their] years here," BIOE chair John P. Fisher said yesterday in a letter sent to the projected graduates. "In this way, your diploma represents so much more than academic achievement – it's also a symbol of your determination, perseverence, and resilience."

"There’s greatness in this graduating class: I’ve seen it. We all have," said A. James Clark School of Engineering Dean Samuel Graham, Jr., in a letter sent to the entire Maryland Engineering graduating class. "The future of autonomy, energy, transportation, health care, quantum computing, and more is in this class. Anyone who can navigate the challenges you've faced and stay focused on impacting society is great—and that’s you."


Published December 22, 2021