Payne, Bentley Research Wins TEDCO Funding

A chitosan-based biochip technology developed by Professors Gregory Payne (Director, Center for Biosystems Research, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute [UMBI]) and William Bentley (Chair, Fischell Department of Bioengineering) that can be used to build hand-held protein detectors for scientific research, point-of-care diagnostics and applications in biodefense has been awarded a $15,000 grant from the Maryland Technology Development Corporation's (TEDCO) TechStart program.

Payne, along with colleagues Colleen Nye and Loleta Robinson, founders of Syan Biosciences; and Jonathan Gottlieb, a technology transfer manager at UMBI, are working to commercialize the biochip technology. The TEDCO TechStart funding will be used to support intellectual property due diligence and to conduct market research.

TEDCO's TechStart program helps university-based teams determine the commercial viability of specific technologies, and is designed to increase the number of university-based startup companies, elevating Maryland's national standing. Teams must include an inventor who is willing to assist in evaluating the feasibility of a startup, an experienced entrepreneur who will provide business guidance, and a technology transfer manager.

"University-based technology is crucial to Maryland's economy and our state's influence in the national technology arena," said Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley. "The TechStart program has been instrumental in facilitating the transfer and commercialization of some of Maryland’s most promising university technologies."

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Published January 6, 2009