The Bioengineering Seminar Series

Join us for the Bioengineering Seminar Series, which connects experts from around the country with our faculty, students, and staff to discuss their recent findings. Everyone is welcome!

The Spring 2021 seminars will be held virtually on Fridays from 9:00 a.m. – 9:50 a.m., unless otherwise noted. All BIOE faculty, students, staff, postdocs, and affiliates as well as additional subscribers to our weekly seminars emails will receive Zoom event information the week of each seminar. 

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Spring 2021

Dates, titles and abstracts will be added as they are scheduled and received.
Last updated 04/14/21.

Jan. 29
Using Cell Priming and Modeling to Understand and Enhance Nonviral Gene Delivery to Stem Cells for CRISPR and Exosome Applications
Dr. Angela Pannier
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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Dr. Jay
Feb. 5
Ex Vivo Genome Editing as a Therapeutic Approach for Genetic Diseases
Dr. Renee Cottle
Clemson University
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Dr. Jay
Feb. 12

Deploying Extracellular Matrix Cues for Vascular Tissue Regeneration
Dr. Ngan F. Huang
Stanford University
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Dr. Stroka
Feb. 19

Nanotransfection-based Regenerative Medicine
Dr. Daniel Gallego-Perez
The Ohio State University
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Dr. Jay
Feb. 26

Analysis and Engineering of Multivalent Biomolecular Interactions
Dr. Casim Sarkar
University of Minnesota
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Dr. Jay
March 5

Increasing Access to Surgery in Low- and Middle-Income Countries through Biomedical Device Design
Dr. Jenna Mueller
Fischell Department of Bioengineering
University of Maryland
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  Dr. Jay
March 12


Heart valve mechanobiology: implications for HV disease and treatment
Dr. Kristen Billiar
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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Dr. Stroka
March 19
No Seminar Scheduled
Spring Break

March 26
Droplet Microfluidics Enables Rapid Diagnostics and Antimicrobrial Susceptibility Training
Johns Hopkins University

Dr. White
April 2

Engineering Human Tissues for Medical Impact
Dr. Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic
Columbia University
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Dr. He

April 9
Stem cell-derived microchips for modeling human tissue development and disease
Dr. Samira Musah
Duke University
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Dr. Jay

April 16

My 2020: From Point of Care to High Throughput Diagnostics
Dr. Catherine Klapperich
Boston University
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Dr. White

April 23

Dr. Pep Pàmies
Nature Biomedical Engineering (Journal)
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Dr. He

April 30

Dr. Molly Shoicet
University of Toronto
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Dr. He
May 7
Dr. Tal Danino
Columbia University

Dr. Jay