Herold Lectures in Taiwan

Associate Professor Keith Herold recently traveled to Taiwan for invited lectures and seminars at two universities and the nation's premiere research institution.

Herold was invited to St. John's University to lead a 4-day lecture series for students enrolled in its International Scholars program. Topics included biofuels, biosensors, computer tools for biotransport, and absorption refrigeration.

He then visited the National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT), where he delivered a seminar on biosensors to undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty, and was able to catch up with former advisee Dr. Hsu-Wei Fang (M.S '96 and Ph.D. '03, chemical engineering), who is currently an associate professor on the NTUT faculty.

Herold was also a guest of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, the largest national research and development institute in Taiwan, where he gave a talk on absorption refrigeration to staff scientists.

Published June 18, 2008