Bentley Group Research Selected for Highlights in Chemical Technology

A paper produced by members of the research group of Fischell Department of Bioengineering professor and chair William Bentley and their colleagues has been selected for inclusion in Highlights in Chemical Technology (HCT). The magazine, produced by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), combines interviews and reviews with select papers recently published in RSC's various peer-reviewed journals. HCT is designed to highlight the best examples of the industrial applications of the latest research in a variety of chemical sciences.

The Bentley Group paper, "Biological Nanofactories Facilitate Spatially Selective Capture and Manipulation of Quorum Sensing Bacteria in a bioMEMS Device," originally published in Lab on a Chip, describes the group's advances in the design of a microdevice used to investigate how to control a form of intercellular communication called quorum sensing, which bacteria use to act as a coordinated group and become pathogenic.

Bentley's co-authors are Dr. Rohan Fernandes (Ph.D. '08, bioengineering), Dr. Xiaolong Luo (Ph.D. '08 and a postdoctoral research associate, bioengineering), Dr. Chen-Yu Tsao (postdoctoral research associate, bioengineering), Gregory Payne (Professor, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute), Reza Ghodssi (Professor, electrical and computer engineering and director, Institute for Systems research), and Gary Rubloff (professor, materials science and engineering and director, Maryland NanoCenter).

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Published March 29, 2010