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Montas, Hubert

Montas, Hubert

Associate Professor
Fischell Department of Bioengineering
1453 Animal Science / Agricultural Engineering Building


Ph.D., Purdue University, 1996


Professor Montas has developed the following software;

  • 2006, Armpit Scheme LISP Interpreter for ARM microcontrollers. armpit.sourceforge.net
  • 2003, Flexible FEM Finite Elements in MATLAB. bioe.umd.edu/~montas
  • 2002, ImageMesher N-Dimensional Delaunay Meshing of digital images


  • 2006 ASABE IET Division Best Paper Award
  • 2004 NABEC Young Engineer of the Year
  • 2002-2007 NSF CAREER: Engineering Computations in Biological Resources


  • Alpha Epsilon Honor Society
  • ASCE
  • ASEE
  • AGU
  • BMES
  • IBE
  • NSBE

Bioenvironmental and water resources engineering, numerical methods in environmental biodynamics, transport modeling, information and decision support systems.

Courses Developed and Taught
  • ENES 100: Introduction to Engineering Design
  • BIOE 241 (developed): Biocomputational Methods (online)
  • ENBE 486: Capstone Design II
  • ENBE 633 (developed): NPS Pollution Control
  • ENBE 643 (developed): Advanced Biotransport
  • Course support materials: bioe.umd.edu/~montas
  • ENBE 110: Introduction to Biological Resources Engineering
  • BIOE 121: Engineering in Biology Lab

  • Carleton, J.N. and H.J. Montas. 2007. A Modeling Approach for Mixing and Reaction in Wetlands with Continuously Varying Flow. Ecological Engineering 10.1016/j.ecoleng.2006.07.009.
  • Sadegh Zadeh, K., H.J. Montas and A. Shirmohammadi. 2006.
  • Identification of biomolecule mass transport and binding rate parameters in living cells by inverse modeling. Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling 3:36, doi: 10.1186/1742-4682-3-36.
  • Johnson, A. T., H..J. Montas, A. Shirmohammadi and F.W. Wheaton, 2005. Change is necessary in a Biological Engineering curriculum. Biotechnol. Prog., 22(1):167-172. DOI: 10.1021/bp050074k.
  • Chu, T.W., A. Shirmohammadi, H. Montas, A.M. Sadeghi. 2004. Evaluation of the SWAT model's sediment and nutrient components in the Piedmont physiographic region of Maryland, 2005. Transactions of the ASAE. Vol. 47(5): 1523-1538.
  • Montas, H.J., 2003. An Analytical Solution of the Three-Component Transport Equation with Application to Third-Order Transport. Water Resources Research, 39:(2), 1036, doi:10.1029/2002WR001288.
  • Sohrabi, T., A. Shirmohammadi and H. Montas, 2002. Uncertainty in Nonpoint Source Pollution Models and Associated Risks. Environmental Forensics, 3:179- 189. ISI Impact Factor: 0.617.
  • Djojic, F., H.J. Montas, A. Shirmohammadi, L. Bergstrom and B. Ulen, 2002. A Decision Support System for Phosphorus Management at the Watershed Scale. Journal of Environmental Quality, 31:937-945. ISI Impact Factor: 1.868.
  • Shirmohammadi, A., H.J. Montas, L. Bergstrom and W.G. Knisel, 2001. Water Quality Models. Chapter 9, pp. 233-256, In: W. Ritter and A. Shirmohammadi (eds.) Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution. Lewis pub., New York, NY.
  • Montas, H.J. and A. Shirmohammadi, 2000. Equivalence of Bicontinuum and Second-Order Transport in Heterogeneous Soils and Aquifers. Water Resources Research, 36(12):3427-3446.
  • Montas, H.J., R.H. Mohtar, A.E.A. Hassan and F. El-Alkhal, 2000. Heuristic Space-Time Design of Monitoring Wells for Contaminant Plume Characterization in Stochastic Flow Fields. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 43:271-301.
  • Montas H.J., J.D. Eigel, B.A. Engel and K. Haghighi, 1997. Deterministic Modeling of Solute Transport in Soils With Preferential Flow Pathways, Part 1. Model Development. Transactions of the ASAE, 40(5):1245-1256.
  • Montas H.J., J.D. Eigel, B.A. Engel and K. Haghighi, 1997. Deterministic Modeling of Solute Transport in Soils With Preferential Flow Pathways, Part 2. Model Validation. Transactions of the ASAE, 40(5):1257-1265.
  • Montas H.J. and C.A. Madramootoo, 1992. A Decision Support System for Soil Conservation Planning. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 7:187-202.
  • Montas H.J. and C.A. Madramootoo, 1991. Using the Answers Model to Predict Runoff and Soil Loss in Southwestern Quebec. Transactions of the ASAE, 34(4):1754-1762.

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