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Helim Aranda-Espinoza
Associate Professor, Associate Chair and Director of Graduate Studies
3108 A. James Clark Hall
301-405-8250 | | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Chemical and biological engineering, soft condensed matter, biomechanics and biopolymers.

Bentley, William E.
Robert E. Fischell Distinguished Professor , Director, Robert E. Fischell Institute for Biomedical Devices
5102A A. James Clark Hall
301-405-4321 | | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Biomolecular and metabolic engineering; cell-cell communication; heterologous protein expression; device/bio interfaces.

Yu Chen
Associate Professor
3142 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
301-405-3439 | | Lab Description | Website | Video
Research Interests:

Biomedical optical imaging, optical coherence tomography (OCT), multi-photon Microsopy (MPM), diffuse optical spectroscopy and imaging, molecular imaging, early cancer diagnosis, neuroimaging.

Dr. Alisa Clyne
Associate Professor
Beginning January 2019
Duncan, Gregg
Assistant Professor
4116 A. James Clark Hall
301-405-7397 | | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Nanodiagnostics, nanotherapeutics, complex biological fluids & interfaces, lung diseases

Edward Eisenstein
Associate Professor
9600 Gudelsky Drive Room A231 Rockville, MD 20850
240-314-6244 | | Lab Description | Video
Research Interests:

Biophysics, molecular interactions, gene-metabolite relationships in medicinal plants, molecular basis for plant disease resistance, plant metabolic engineering for improved biofuel production.

John Fisher
Fischell Family Distinguished Professor & Department Chair, Director, NIH Center for Engineering Complex Tissues
4102 A. James Clark Hall
301-405-7475 | | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Biomedical engineering; synthesis of novel hydrolytically degradable; implantable polymers; study and use of biomaterials for the delivery of therapeutics; scaffolds for orthopaedic tissue engineering applications; interaction of biomaterials and tissues

Dr. Xiaoming (Shawn) He
3124 A. James Clark Hall
(301) 405-7946 | | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Micro/nanotechnology, cancer theranostics, and tissue regeneration

Keith Herold
Associate Professor, Director, M.Eng. Program in Bioengineering
3222 A. James Clark Hall
301-405-5268 | | Lab Description | Video
Research Interests:

BioMEMS; microfluidic systems for bioanalytical assays; heat and mass transfer in bioengineering

Assistant Professor
4118 A. James Clark Hall
(301) 405-6961 | | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Photodynamic Therapy; Photoimmunotherapy; Cancer; Photoactivatable Nanotechnology; Drug Delivery; Mechanism-based Combination Therapy; Photothermal Therapy.

Dr. Steven Jay
Assistant Professor
3116 A. James Clark Hall
301-405-2829 | | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Biotherapeutics, extracellular vesicles (exosomes), drug delivery, protein engineering, biomanufacturing, cell therapy.

Jewell, Christopher
Associate Professor, Associate Chair for Research
5110 A. James Clark Hall
301-405-9628 | | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Vaccine design and immunotherapy, biomaterial interactions with the immune system, autoimmunity, polyelectrolyte multilayers, nanotechnology, polymer and lipid-based drug carriers.

Johnson, Arthur T.
Professor Emeritus
1429 Animal Science/Agricultural Engineering Building
301-405-1184 | | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Bioengineering, instrumentation, transport processes, modeling, exercise physiology, respiratory stress.

Dr. Laurie Locascio
Vice President for Research and Professor
Division of Research, 2133 Lee Building, College Park, MD 20742
Maisel, Katharina
Assistant Professor
Beginning January 2019
Silvina Matysiak
Associate Professor
4220 A. James Clark Hall
301-405-0313 | | Lab Description | Website | Video
Research Interests:

Protein folding, misfolding and aggregation; allosteric regulation of proteins; biological transport; biomolecular recognition; role of water in biology; multiscale simulation methods.

Hubert Montas
Associate Professor
1453 Animal Science / Agricultural Engineering Building
301-405-1196 | | Lab Description | Video
Research Interests:

Bioenvironmental and water resources engineering, numerical methods in environmental biodynamics, transport modeling, information and decision support systems.

Scarcelli, Giuliano
Assistant Professor
4228 A. James Clark Hall
301-314-1689 | | Lab Description
Ben Shapiro
2246 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
301-405-4191 | | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Control of micro-scale systems, fluid dynamics, biochemicals.

Assistant Professor
3110 A. James Clark Hall
301-314-1813 | | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Quantitative cell mechanobiology; biomechanics; microfluidic devices for modeling physiological systems; nano/microtechnology; live cell imaging

Yang Tao
4120 A. James Clark Hall
301-405-1189 | | Lab Description | Website | Video
Research Interests:

Bioengineering, bioimaging, machine vision; food processing engineering safety, food safety and quality, biomaterial inspection, sensors and bioinstrumentation, robotics, automation.

Ian White
Associate Professor, Associate Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies
3112 A. James Clark Hall
301-405-6230 | | Lab Description | Website | Video
Research Interests:

Disease detection, optical biosensors, ring resonators, SERS, lab-on-a-chip.

Professor, University of Maryland School of Medicine
Research Interests:

Single and multi-joint intelligent rehabilitation robotics to diagnose, treat and evaluate neurological disorders and musculoskeletal injuries, investigate reflex/non-reflex and dynamic/static factors contributing to impaired motor control, and study injury and compensation mechanisms of pathological knee conditions.

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Children's National Medical Center
2237 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
Badano, Aldo
Deputy Director, Division of Imaging, Diagnostics, and Software Reliability
301-796-2534 | | Website
Research Interests:

Breast imaging, dose and image quality in CT and cardiovascular imaging, diagnostic ultrasound, medical displays.

Adjunct Professor
John Hopkins Hospital, 600 North Wolf St Myer Bld 2-147
Culver, James
6139 Plant Sciences Building
301-405-2912 | | Website
Research Interests:

Multidisciplinary efforts directed at understanding virus biology and its role in disease as well as studies aimed at engineering viruses and other biological components for application in nano-based systems and devices.

Delehanty, James
Adjunct Professor
Center for Bio/Molecular Science & Engineering
US Naval Research Laboratory Code 6910
202-767-0291 |
DeVoe, Don
Professor and Associate Chair
3139 Glenn L. Martin Hall
301-405-8125 | | Website
Research Interests:

MEMS and microfluidic systems, including the development of tools capable of probing biological systems at the molecular level and multi-scale integration of nanostructured surfaces and components within microfluidic systems; self-assembly and other in situ fabrication methods.

Duyn, Jozef
Adjunct Professor | Website
Research Interests:

Investigating the mechanisms behind and manipulation of MRI contrast; optimizing MRI data acquisition and analysis to achieve optimum sensitivity, resolution, reliability, and accuracy; development of MRI techniques for the measurements of structural anatomy, tissue metabolism, tissue perfusion, and the spatial distribution of brain activity.

Fernandes, Rohan
Principal Investigator–Bioengineering Initiative at the The Sheikh Zayed Institute, and Assistant Professor, Radiology and Pediatrics
6th Floor Main Hospital, Room M7739, 111 Michigan Ave NW, Washington DC 20010
202-476-5290 | | Website
Research Interests:

Theranostic nanoparticles for pediatric cancers and inflammatory diseases; bacteria-powered tools and devices for medicine.

Dr. Alison Flatau
Department of Aerospace Engineering
3188 Glenn L. Martin
301-405-1131 | | Website
Research Interests:

Active flow control, sensor and actuator design, magnetostrictive materials, material characterization, smart fabrics and textiles, vibrations and acoustics

Gandjbakhche, Amir
Adjunct Professor
9000 Rockville Pike Bldg. 9, Bethesda, MD 20892
301-435-9235 | | Website
Research Interests:

Quantitative biophotonics methodologies and associated instrumentation, quantitative characterization of tissue, preclinical studies on fluorescence imaging of HER2–positive breast cancer, fluorescence lifetime imaging, multispectral imaging, structural and functional brain imaging.

Ghodssi, Reza
Herbert Rabin Distinguished Chair in Engineering
2173 A.V. Williams Building
301-405-8158 | | Website
Research Interests:

Design and development of microfabrication technologies and processes in micro/nano/bio devices and systems for chemical and biological sensing, small- scale energy conversion and harvesting with a strong emphasis toward healthcare applications.

Ilev, Ilko
Senior Staff Fellow
301-796-2489 | | Website
Research Interests:

Light-tissue interactions and laser safety in medical devices, optical biosensing and biomaging technology for safety and performance evaluation in biophotonics and nanobiophotonics, surface contamination of medical devices.

Dr. Bruce Jarrell
Executive Vice President, Provost, and Dean of the Graduate School
(410) 706-2304 |
Associate Professor
2500A Chemistry Building
301-405-0058 | | Website
Research Interests:

DNA structure and topology in multi-protein DNA complexes and DNA loops, construction of nanoscale objects using DNA and protein-DNA complexes, DNA packaging by peptides used for transfection of DNA and siRNA, role of DNA structure in transcription and gene regulation.

Associate Professor
1116 Bioscience Research Building
301-405-5741 | | Website
Research Interests:

Development and plasticity of the brain, in particular how periods of learning and plasticity are initiated and controlled; development of the central auditory and visual system in particular on the role of early cortical circuits in brain wiring.

Karlsson, Amy J.
Assistant Professor
1223 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-2610 | | Website
Research Interests:

Protein engineering, biomolecular recognition, fungal disease.

Kim, Moon Sung
Adjunct Professor, Research Physicist
10300 Baltimore Ave. Building 303, Beltsville, MD 20705-2350
301-504-8450 | | Website
Research Interests:

Hyperspectral and multispectral imaging technologies to assess safety and quality of agricultural produce and animal carcasses. Development of rapid on-line inspection systems and portable devices using multispectral laser-induced fluorescence and multispectral reflectance imaging technologies.

Professor of Surgery, Professor of Genomics and Precision Medicine
Affiliate Professor
1147 Glenn L. Martin Hall
301-314-1535 |
Kofinas, Peter
Affiliate Professor
1120 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
301-405-7335 | | Website
Research Interests:

Polymer hydrogels for biomimetic recognition of viruses; self-assembled polymer nanoarchitectures for flexible batteries and antennas; haemostatic materials.

Lederer, W. Jonathan
Professor, Director–BioMET
725 W. Lombard Street Room 340, Baltimore, MD 21201
410-706-8181 | | Website
Research Interests:

Calcium channels, calcium sparks, heart failure.

Adjunct Associate Profesor, Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
University of Maryland School of Medicine, Paca/Pratt Building, 103
(410) 328-9007 |
Adjunct Associate Profesor
Research Biologist IV, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
(202) 404-6046
Research Interests:

Organic/inorganic hybrid structures and interfaces, bioconjugation chemistry. Energy transfer with nanoparticles. Enzyme activity at nanoparticle interfaces, nanoparticle bioapplications

Meredith, Andrea
Associate Professor
410-706-5991 | | Website
Research Interests:

Influence of ion channels on information coding at the membrane, cellular, circuit/organ, and whole animal levels; identifying mechanisms for the generation of biological rhythms in excitability, using the brain’s circadian clock and cardiac pacing as model systems.

Laboratory Leader, Optical Diagnostics
301-796-2494 |
Research Interests:

Biophotonic technologies for in vivo cancer detection and tissue monitoring, including UV/Vis/NIR reflectance and fluorescence spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging, endoscopy, optical coherence tomography, and photoacoustic imaging; also computational modeling, tissue-simulating phantoms for performance testing and optical-thermal light-tissue interactions.  

Shen, Jana
Associate Professor
20 Penn St. Baltimore, MD 21201
410-706-4186 | | Website
Research Interests:

Development of molecular dynamics techniques; in silico design of stimuli-responsive nanomaterials; mechanisms of biological pumps and channels.

Affiliate Assistant Professor
2147 Glenn L. Martin Hall, Building 088
301-405-6928 | | Website
Abts, Leigh R.
301-405-8483 |
2151 A.V. Williams Building
301-975-3589 |
Adam Hsieh
3242 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
301-405-7397 |
Jones, Angela R.
Room 1226 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
301-405-9585 |
3218 A. James Clark Hall
301-314-2207 |
Lex Schultheis
5102E A. James Clark Hall
(301) 405-3824 |
3113 A. James Clark Hall
(301) 405-7771 |
Dr. Jitao Zhang
4122 A. James Clark Hall
(301) 405-7771 |