Faculty Directory

Kofinas, Peter

Kofinas, Peter

ChBE Professor and Chair
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Fischell Department of Bioengineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Maryland Energy Innovation Institute
2113D Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building


Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, M.I.T., 1994


  • A. James Clark School of Engineering Senior Faculty Oustanding Research Award, 2012
  • A. James Clark School of Engineering Keystone Professor, 2006
  • NSF CAREER Award, National Science Foundation, 1999
  • A. James Clark School of Engineering Junior Faculty Teaching Award, 1999

solution blow spun functional polymers as surgical sealants; biosensors that change color upon detection of pathogens; point-of-care diagnostics for urea cycle disorder metabolites; solid, non-flammable, polymer electrolytes for lithium ion batteries; functional magnetodielectric polymer nanocomposites for flexible antennas.

  • Synthetic functional polymer hydrogel for hemorrhage control
  • Point of care diagnostics for hyperammonemia and aminoacidopathies
  • Reagentless thin film nanostructured biosensor for pathogen detection
  • Colorimetric biosensors
  • Safe high performance solid polymer electrolytes for lithium batteries
  • Low loss polymer nanoparticle composites for radio frequency devices
  • Enzymatic hydrogel entrapment for the on-demand abiotic synthesis or degradation of small molecules

For more information, please visit Professor Kofinas' web site

CHBE457 Design and Processing of Polymers for Biomedical Devices

For a complete list of publications, please see: www.researchgate.net/profile/Peter_Kofinas/

Biomimetic/Biologically Active Polymers

Rapid Modular Synthesis and Processing of Thiol-Ene Functionalized Styrene-Butadiene Block Copolymers J.S. Silverstein, B.J. Casey, M.E. Natoli,  B.J. Dair, and P. Kofinas. Macromolecules, 45(7), 3161−3167, 2012.

Color Changing Block Copolymer Films for Chemical Sensing of Simple Sugars O.B. Ayyub, J.W. Sekowski, T-I Yang, X. Zhang, R. Briber, and P. Kofinas. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 28 (2011) 349– 354, 2011.

FVII Dependent Coagulation Activation in Citrated Plasma by Polymer Hydrogels  B.J. Casey, A.M. Behrens, J. Hess, Z. J. Wu, B. Griffith, and P. Kofinas. Biomacromolecules, 11, 3248–3255, 2010.

Small angle neutron scattering study of deuterated sodium dodecylsulfate micellization in dilute poly((2–dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate) solutions  W. Lee, P. Kofinas, and R.M. Briber. Polymer, 51, 2872-2878, 2010.

Imprinted Polymer Hydrogels for the Separation of Viruses L. D. Bolisay, and Peter Kofinas, Macromolecular Symposia, 291–292, 302–306, 2010.

Effects of Charge Density on the Recognition Properties of Molecularly Imprinted Polyampholyte Hydrogels  D.S. Janiak,  O.B. Ayyub, and P. Kofinas.  Polymer, 51, 665–670, 2010.

The Effects of Charge Density on the Recognition Properties of Molecularly Imprinted Polymeric Hydrogels  D.S. Janiak, O.B. Ayyub, and P. Kofinas. Macromolecules, 42(5), 1703–1709, 2009.

Block Copolymer Nanotemplating of Tobacco Mosaic and Tobacco Necrosis Viruses A.V. Cresce, J.N. Culver, W.E. Bentley, and P. Kofinas. Acta Biomaterialia, 5(3), 893–902, 2009.

Effect of complexation conditions on xanthan-chitosan polyelectrolyte complex gels S. Argin-Soysal, P. Kofinas, and Y. Martin Lo. Food Hydrocolloids, 23, 202–209, 2009.

Selective binding of carcinoembryonic antigen using imprinted polymeric hydrogels  B. J. Casey, and P. Kofinas. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, 87A(2), 359-363, 2008.

Optimization of Virus Imprinting Methods To Improve Selectivity and Reduce Nonspecific Binding  L. D. Bolisay, J. N. Culver, and P. Kofinas. Biomacromolecules, 8(12), 3893–3899, 2007.

Molecular Imprinting of Peptides and Proteins in Aqueous Media D. S. Janiak, and P. Kofinas. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 389(2), 399-404, 2007.

Nanopatterning of Recombinant Proteins Using Block Copolymer Templates  A. V. Cresce, J. S. Silverstein, W. E. Bentley, and P. Kofinas. Macromolecules, 39(17), 5826-5829, 2006.

Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Tobacco Mosaic Virus Recognition  L. D. Bolisay, J. N. Culver, and Peter Kofinas. Biomaterials, 27(22), 4165-4168, 2006.

Biomimetic Glucose Recognition Using Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Hydrogels  P. Parmpi, and  P. Kofinas. Biomaterials, 25(10), 1969-1973, 2004.

Molecularly Imprinted Polymeric Hydrogels Displaying Isomerically Resolved Glucose Binding W. J. Wizeman, and P. Kofinas. Biomaterials, 22 (12), 1485-1491, 2001.

Development of Methods for Quantitative Characterization of Network Morphology in Pharmaceutical Hydrogels  P. Kofinas and R. E. Cohen. Biomaterials, 18(1361), 1997.

Hydrogels Prepared by Electron Irradiation of Poly (Ethylene Oxide ) in Water Solution: Unexpected Dependence of Cross – Link Density and of Protein Diffusion Coefficients on Initial PEO Molecular Weight  P. Kofinas, V. Athanassiou and E. W. Merrill. Biomaterials , 17(1547), 1996.


Virus-Assembled Flexible Electrode-Electrolyte Interfaces for Enhanced Polymer-Based Battery Applications A. Ghosh, J. Guo, A.D. Brown, E. Royston, C.S. Wang, P. Kofinas, and J.N. Culver. Journal of Nanomaterials, 2012(795892), 2012.

Anion Effects on Solid Polymer Electrolytes Containing Sulfur Based Ionic Liquid for Lithium Batteries A.S. Fisher, M.B. Khalid, M. Widstrom, and P. Kofinas. J. of The Electrochemical Society, 159(5) A592-A597, 2012.

Solid Polymer Electrolytes With Sulfur Based Ionic Liquid for Lithium Batteries A.S. Fisher, M.B. Khalid, M. Widstrom, and P. Kofinas. J. of Power Sources, 196, 9767– 9773, 2011.

Block Copolymer Solid Battery Electrolyte with High Li-ion Transference Number A. Ghosh, C. Wang, and P. Kofinas. J. Electrochemical Society, 157(7), A846-A849, 2010.

Nanostructured Block Copolymer Dry Electrolyte A. Ghosh, and P. Kofinas. J. Electrochemical Society, 155(6), A428-A431, 2008.

Self-Assembly of Virus-Structured High Surface Area Nanomaterials and Their Application as Battery Electrodes E. Royston, A. Ghosh, P. Kofinas, M. Harris, and J. N. Culver, Langmuir, 24(3); 906-912, 2008.

PEO based Block Copolymer as Solid State Lithium Battery Electrolyte A. Ghosh, and P. Kofinas. Electrochemical Society Transactions, 11(29), 131-137, 2008.

Synthesis of an A/B/C Triblock Copolymer for Battery Materials Applications  S. E. Bullock, and P. Kofinas. Macromolecules, 37(5), 1783-1786, 2004.

Nanoscale Battery Materials Based on the Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers S. E. Bullock, and P. Kofinas. Journal of Power Sources, 132, 256-260, 2004.

Nanoparticles Templated by Block Copolymers

Controlled synthesis of core–shell iron–silica nanoparticles and their magneto-dielectric properties in polymer composites T-I Yang, R.N.C. Brown, L. C. Kempel, and P. Kofinas. Nanotechnology, 22, 105601, 2011.

Surfactant-modified Nickel Zinc Iron Oxide / Polymer Nanocomposites for Radio Frequency Applications T-I Yang, L. Kempel, and P. Kofinas. Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 12(8), 2967, 2010.

Oxidation Effect on Templating of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles within Block Copolymers P. Akcora, R.M. Briber, and P. Kofinas. Polymer, 50(5), 1223-1227, 2009.

Magneto-dielectric Properties of Polymer-Fe3O4 Nanocomposites T-I Yang, R. N.C Brown, L. C. Kempel, and P. Kofinas. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 320, 2714–2720, 2008.

Dielectric Properties of Polymer Nanoparticle Composites T-I Yang, and P. Kofinas. Polymer, 48, 791-798, 2007.

TEM Characterization of Diblock Copolymer Templated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles: Bulk Solution and Thin Film Surface Doping Approach  P. Akcora, R. M. Briber, and P. Kofinas. Polymer, 47(6), 2018-2022, 2006.

Structural and magnetic characterization of norbornene-deuterated norbornene dicarboxylic acid diblock copolymers doped with iron oxide Nanoparticles  P. Akcora, X. Zhang, B. Varughese, R. Briber, and P. Kofinas. Polymer, 46(14), 5194-5201, 2005.

Magnetic properties and morphology of diblock copolymer templated ferrimagnetic cobalt oxide nanoparticles, S. R. Ahmed, and P. Kofinas. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 228C, 219-223, 2005.

Polydispersity Control in Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization of Amphiphilic Norbornene Diblock Copolymers, S. R. Ahmed, S. E. Bullock, A. V. Cresce, and P. Kofinas. Polymer, 44(16) , 4943-4948, 2003.

Magnetic Properties and Morphology of Block Copolymer Templated Ferrrimagnetic CoFe2O4 Nanoparticles, S. R. Ahmed, and P. Kofinas. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 39(5), 2198-2200, 2003.

Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO Nanostructures Templated Using Diblock Copolymers R. F.  Mulligan, A. A. Illiadis, and P. Kofinas. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 89(4), 1058-1061, 2003.

Controlled Room Temperature Synthesis of CoFe204 Nanoparticles Through a Block Copolymer Nanoreactor Route S. R. Ahmed, and P. Kofinas. Macromolecules, 35(9), 3338-3341, 2002.

Magnetic Properties of CoFe204 Nanoparticles Synthesized Through a Block Copolymer Nanoreactor Route  S. R. Ahmed, S. B. Ogale, G. C. Papaefthymiou, R. Ramesh, and P. Kofinas. Applied Physics Letters, 80 (9),1616-1618, 2002.

Anion Binding Hydrogels For Wastewater Remediation

Characterization of Network Morphology in Anion Binding Hydrogels Used for Wastewater Remediation Dimitri R. Kioussis, and Peter Kofinas, Polymer, 46(23), 10167-10172, 2005.

Characterization of Anion Diffusion in  Polymer Hydrogels Used for Wastewater Remediation Dimitri R. Kioussis, and Peter Kofinas, Polymer, 46(22), 9342-9347, 2005.

Reactive phosphorus removal from aquaculture and poultry productions systems using polymeric hydrogels Peter Kofinas, Dimitri R.  Kioussis.
Environmental Science and Technology, 37, 423-427, 2003.

Ammonium Perchlorate-Binding Poly(allylamine hydrochloride) Hydrogels for Wastewater Remediation Dimitri R. Kioussis, Daniel F. Smith, and Peter Kofinas. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 80(11), 2073-2083,2001.

Reactive Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal from Aquaculture Wastewater Effluents Using Polymer Hydrogels Dimitri R. Kioussis, F. W. Wheaton, and Peter Kofinas. Aquacultural Engineering, 23(4), 315-332, 2000.

Phosphate Binding Polymeric Hydrogels for Aquaculture Wastewater Remediation Dimitri R. Kioussis, F. W. Wheaton, and Peter Kofinas.  Aquacultural Engineering, 19(163), 1999.

Highly Textured Semicrystalline Block Copolymers

Path Dependent Microstructure Orientation During Plane Strain Compression of Semicrystalline Block Copolymers Peter L. Drzal, John D. Barnes, and Peter Kofinas. Polymer, 42(13), 5633-56342,2001.

Microstructure Orientation and Nanoporous Gas Transport in Semicrystalline Block Copolymer Membranes Peter L. Drzal, Adel F. Halasa, and Peter Kofinas. Polymer, 41(12) ,4671-4677, 2000.

Orientation Texture and Gas Transport in Semicrystalline Block Copolymer Blends Peter Kofinas, Peter L. Drzal.  Rubber Chemistry and Technology , 72 (918) 1999.

Melt Processing of Semicrystalline E/EP/E Triblock Copolymers Near the Order-Disorder Transition Peter Kofinas and Robert E. Cohen. Macromolecules, 28(336), 1995.

Morphology of Highly Textured Ethylene / Ethylene-Propylene (E / EP) Semicrystalline Block Copolymers Peter Kofinas and Robert E. Cohen. Macromolecules, 27(3002), 1994.

Peter Kofinas Will Serve as Next Chair of ChBE

Effective July 1, Sheryl Ehrman will depart for San Jose State University.

Lab Students' 'Creativity is Key'

Clark School's Functional Macromolecular Lab allows students to mold new ideas

BIOE Capstone 2017: Projects Focus on Pediatric Care, Physical Therapy, Pulmonary Tumors, and More

BIOE hosted it's largest-ever Capstone Design competition on May 10th, 2017.

Clark School Alum Named to Forbes "30 Under 30: Healthcare" List

Adam Behrens (BIOE, Ph.D. '15; ChBE, B.S. '10) recognized for work in vaccine and diagnostic testing development.

BIOE Alum Awarded Council of Graduate School Distinguished Dissertation Honorable Mention

Adam Behrens (Ph.D. ’15) recognized for work on materials for use in traumatic injury surgery.

Airbrushed Biodegradable Sealant Could Offer Low-Cost, Portable Alternative to Surgical Sutures

BIOE Professor and Associate Dean Peter Kofinas receives R01 for innovative surgical sealant and application technique research.

BioE Capstone 2016: New Projects Focus on Improved Healthcare for Underserved Communities, Pediatric Patients, and More

Affordable RT-PCR for clinical diagnostics, fear mitigation device for pediatric MRIs tie for first place.

Kofinas Awarded Patent for Flexible Batteries

Polymer solid electrolyte could make batteries safer, smaller, and less expensive

2015 Dean's Student Research Awards

Winners of the 2015 Dean's Student Research Awards have been announced.

Simple Stretchable Conducting Material is Robust and Inexpensive

Electronic fabrics and skin are potential applications

UMD Hosts Technical Meeting on Nanomagnetic Materials

Professor and Associate Dean Peter Kofinas organized gathering of more than two dozen nanomagnetic materials experts.

Sloan Foundation Funds Program of Exemplary Mentoring

Program will improve recruitment, retention of talented minority Ph.D. students.

BioE Capstone 2014: New Projects Focus on Cardiological Health, Surgical Tools and More

Students' inventions range from diagnostic devices to accident prevention products.

Kofinas Featured in Chemical & Engineering News

Fischell Department of Bioengineering Associate Dean Peter Kofinas was recognized for his work with polymer nanofibers.

Behrens, Manthe Join Future Faculty Program

Program prepares graduate students for careers in academia.

Kofinas Receives Clark School Faculty Service Award

Professor recognized for contributions to administrative and educational programs.

Ayyub, Wiederoder Named Future Faculty Fellows

Graduate students join highly selective cohort.

Rappaport Wins HHMI Fellowship

Award supports senior’s efforts to develop treatments for rare genetic disorders.

SEEDS Fellowship Supports Sikorski's Work on Blood Clotting Gel

BioE sophomore developing potentially life-saving products with Kofinas Group.

Kofinas, Muro Honored for Research

Clark School Outstanding Research Awards recognize professors' influential and ground-breaking work.

A Faster, Easier Way to Diagnose Metabolic Disorders in Infants

NIH supports Kofinas' efforts to develop inexpensive, point-of-care blood test.

Khalid Wins College Park Scholars Tri-Star Award

Bioengineering junior honored for academic excellence, community service.

Kofinas Named Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Graduate Programs

Professor takes on new role in the Clark School.

Janiak Named Kauffman Fellow

Alumnus, former Fischell Fellow in prestigious venture capital program.

Kofinas, Wuttig Present Work on Magnetoelectrics in Korea

Professors attend workshop on multifunctional materials.

SafeLiCell Takes 2nd at Green Business Plan Competition

BioE undergrad's presentation on novel battery tech wins $10K.

Kofinas Featured on Bloomberg's "Planet Forward" TV Show

Watch: "Pursuing a Safer, Sustainable, Lithium Battery."

Department of Defense Supports Ayyub's Bioengineering Research

Graduate student wins National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship.

SafeLiCell Takes 2nd in $100K ACC Clean Energy Challenge

Clark School-based company receives $15,000 to improve safety of lithium batteries.

Award Supports Development of Safer Batteries for Biomedical Devices

Sophomore Mian Khalid wins prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute fellowship for work with Kofinas Group.

Battery Team Heading for $100K ACC Clean Energy Challenge Finals

Watch SafeLiCell pitch new venture based on safe, solid-state polymer electrolyte-based batteries.

2011-2012 BioE Undergraduate Awards

Exceptional students recognized by the Department, Clark School, and professional societies.

Kofinas Appointed to Engaged Faculty

Professor nominated by students for NSF-sponsored program.

Systems Researchers Partner with Trento, Italy

Joint efforts to target bioengineering, renewable energy, nanomaterials, microsystems, education.

PolyVec Systems Dominates Business Plan Competition

Gene therapy carrier for breast cancer wins $45K, two divisions, Impact Award.

Record Year for NSF Fellowships

8 current and former BioE students receive awards, honorable mentions.

2010-2011 BioE Undergraduate Awards

Exceptional students recognized by the Department, Clark School, and professional societies.

Gupta Wins Goldwater Scholarship; Paryavi Receives Honorable Mention

Students recognized for excellence in research.

Casey, Behrens Publish Work on Hemostatic Polymer in Biomacromolecules

Graduate student Brendan Casey also featured in recent issue of ScienceNews.

Casey Interviewed About Blood-Clotting Polymer

News articles highlight research presented at ACS Fall meeting.

BioE Offers New Online Master's Program

New flexible master's program offers working professionals entrance to high-demand discipline.

Kofinas Keystone Team Wins Spring 2010 Hovercraft Competition

WTTG Fox 5 broadcasts ENES 100 event live from the Kim Building.

BioE Students, Alumni Win Prizes at UM $75K Business Plan Competition

Aeramatics wins its division; CloudSolar recognized for social impact.

Ayyub Wins Outstanding ASPIRE Student Research Award

Senior recognized for work on polymer-based hydrogels.

Alumna Wins NSF-CAREER Award

Pinar Akcora will develop synthesis, processing methods for versatile nanocomposites.

Trauma Solutions Research Highlighted in Scientific American

National magazine features synthetic blood clotting technology.

Casey Named ARCS Fellow

Graduate student honored at Supreme Court event.

Kofinas Group Startup Named Finalist in $250K Business Plan Competition

Blood clotting, drug-delivering product chosen from thousands of international entrants.

Kofinas Group Wins 2nd Business Plan Competition

Haemechanics offers new blood-clotting, drug-delivering material.

Bentley, Kofinas Teams Are $75K Competition Finalists

Proposed new ventures include drug-screening, blood clotting inventions.

Behrens Wins Outstanding ASPIRE Student Research Award

Junior recognized for work in blood-coagulating hydrogels.

Undergraduate Publishes in Top Polymer Science Journal

Junior Omar Ayyub is second author of paper on MIP Hydrogels.

Fisher Named John and Maureen Hendricks Energy Research Fellow

Fellowship benefits Great Expectations campaign.

Akcora Joins Missouri Faculty

Alumna now an assistant professor of chemical engineering.

Kofinas on Food Safety at USDA Meeeting

Presents work on food pathogen detection using intelligent packaging.

Kofinas, Janiak Take 1st Place in Business Plan Competition

Intelligent Packaging Systems receives $15K for further development.

Bioengineering at Maryland Day

Hands-on activities help visitors explore and learn.

Kofinas, Janiak Win Outstanding Invention of the Year

Polymer-based dialysis system wins Life Sciences category.

Fu, Janiak Finalists in Annual $50K Business Plan Competition

Kofinas Group members submit bioengineering-themed concepts.

Company to Utilize Kofinas's, Janiak's MIPs Technology

Link Plus BioTech, Inc. also names Kofinas its CTO.

BioE Faculty Receive Cross-Disciplinary Seed Grants

Program facilitates collaboration between UMCP, UMB.

Nightly Business Report Segment Now Online

BioE faculty discuss nanotech’s role in food safety.

Kofinas Presents at the National Academy of Science

Invited talk covers nanotechnology solutions for agriculture.

Kofinas, Payne Interviewed for PBS’ Nightly Business Report

Professors explain nanotechnology's potential role in food safety.

Janiak Named 2007 Fischell Fellow

Student recognized for research, entrepreneurial spirit.

"Virus Sponge" Could Improve Flu Treatments

New discovery can filter a patient's blood in a process similar to dialysis.

Bradberry, Gifford, and Janiak Selected for Future Faculty Program

Program prepares graduate students for a career in academia.

Bioengineering Professors Recognized as Research Leaders

Kofinas and Sukharev honored at luncheon.

No More Broken Antennas

Clark School engineers create flexible antenna material.

2 BIOE Faculty Named Keystone Professors

BIOE Professors Kenneth Kiger and Peter Kofinas named Keystone Professors.

Professor Kofinas Awarded Grant from the Air Force

Professor Peter Kofinas was recently awarded a single investigator grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.