Faculty Directory

Ma, Lan

Ma, Lan

Biocomputational Engineering Assistant Director and Faculty Instructor
Biocomputational Engineering
Fischell Department of Bioengineering
4121 Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, Universities at Shady Grove

B.E. Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China Control Engineering
M.S.E. Johns Hopkins University Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University Electrical & Computer Engineering



  • Thesis title: “Feedback control in the chemotactic pathway of Dictyostelium discoideum
  • Thesis advisor: Prof. Pablo A. Iglesias

University of Maryland, College Park

  • 2016, Spring, BIOE420, Bioimaging 
  • 2016, Fall, BIOE404, Biomechanics 
  • 2017, Spring, BIOE241, Biocomputational Methods 
  • 2017, Spring, BIOE404, Biomechanics 
  • 2017, Spring, BIOE486, Capstone Design II
  • 2017, Fall, BIOE371, Linear Systems & Ordinary Differential Equations for Bioengineering Applications 
  • 2018, Spring, BIOE241, Biocomputational Methods 
  • 2018, Spring, BIOE371, Linear Systems & Ordinary Differential Equations for Bioengineering Applications 
  • 2018, Summer, BIOE241, Biocomputational Methods 
  • 2018, Fall, BIOE371, Linear Systems & Ordinary Differential Equations for Bioengineering Applications 


Journal Publications:

  • R. Ziraldo and L. Ma. “Computing intrinsic noise of the genetic regulation modeled by Hill functions.” Journal of Computational Systems Biology, 2 (1): 102, 2018.
  • T. Quarton, K. Ehrhardt, J. Lee, S. Kannan, Y. Li, L. Ma and L. Bleris. “Mapping the operational landscape of microRNAs in synthetic gene circuits.” npj Systems Biology and Applications, 4 (6). doi:10.1038/s41540-017-0043-y, 2018.
  • R. Moore, H. Ooi, T. Kang, L. Bleris and L. Ma. “'MiR-192-mediated positive feedback loop controls the robustness of stress-induced p53 oscillations in breast cancer cells.” PLoS Computational Biology, 11(12):e1004653. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi. 1004653, 2015.
  • R. Ziraldo and L. Ma. “A mathematical model for apoptotic switch in Drosophila.” Physical Biology, 12 (056003). doi:10.1088/1478-3975/12/5/056003, 2015.
  • R. Ziraldo, N. Link, J. Abrams and L. Ma. “Toward automatic image analysis and assessment of multicellular apoptosis process.” IET Image Processing. doi: 10.1049/iet- ipr.2014.0531, 2014.
  • L. Ma and R. Ranganathan. “Systems-level characterization of the kernel mechanism of the cyanobacterial circadian oscillator.” Elsevier BioSystems, 117: 30-39, 2014.
  • H. Ooi and L. Ma. "Modeling heterogeneous responsiveness of intrinsic apoptosis pathway”. BMC Systems Biology, 7:65, 2013.
  • L. Ma and R. Ranganathan. “Quantifying the rhythm of KaiB-C interaction for in vitro cyanobacterial circadian clock.” PLoS ONE 7(8): e42581. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.00 42581, 2012.
  • W. Hu, Z. Feng, L. Ma, J. Wagner, J. J. Rice, G. Stolovitzky and A. J. Levine. “A single nucleotide polymorphism in the MDM2 gene disrupts the oscillation of p53 and MDM2 levels in cells.” Cancer Research, 67(6): 2757-65, 2007.
  • J. Kim, D. G. Bates, I. Postlethwaite, L. Ma and P.A. Iglesias. “Robustness analysis of a molecular network model for oscillations in excitable cells of Dictyostelium”. IEE Systems Biology, 153(3): 96-104, 2006.
  • J. Wagner, L. Ma, J. J. Rice, W. Hu, A. J. Levine and G. Stolovitzky. “The p53-Mdm2 loop is controlled by a balance of its feedback strength and effective dampening via ATM and delayed feedback.” IEE Systems Biology, 152(3): 109-118, 2005.
  • L. Ma, J. Wagner, J. J. Rice, W. Hu, A. J. Levine and G. Stolovitzky. “A plausible model for the digital response of p53 to DNA damage.” Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 102 (40): 14266-14271, 2005.
  • L. Ma, C. Janetopoulos, L. Yang, P. N. Devreotes and P. A. Iglesias. “Two local excitation, global inhibition mechanisms acting complementarily in parallel can explain the chemoattractant-induced PI(3,4,5)P3 response in Dictyostelium.Biophysical Journal, 87(6): 3764-74, 2004.
  • C. Janetopoulos, L. Ma, P. N. Devreotes and P. A. Iglesias. “Chemoattractant-induced phosphatidylinositol 3,4,5-trisphosphate accumulation is spatially amplified and adapts, independent of the actin cytoskeleton.” Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 101 (24): 8951-6,  2004.
  • S. Paliwal, L. Ma, J. Krishnan, A. Levchenko, P. A. Iglesias. “Responding to Directional Cues: A Tale of Two Cells.” IEEE Control Systems Magazine 24 (4): 77- 90, 2004.
  • L. Ma and P. A. Iglesias. “Quantifying robustness of biochemical network models”. BMC Bioinformatics, 3:38, 2002.
  • L. Ma and Y. Zhang. “Multiobjective genetic algorithm and its application to the design of automatic control system.” (in Chinese) Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics: pp. 71 – 76, 1997.


"Rare but Devastating": Maisel Honored for Immunotherapy Research to Treat Deadly Lung Disease in Women

Bioengineering Assistant Professor Katharina Maisel receives the American Lung Association Innovation Award toward treating a rare and deadly lung disease in women.

Meet the A. James Clark Scholars Class of '27

In Fall 2023, UMD welcomed 10 exceptional young engineers from across the state of Maryland as its newest class of Clark Scholars.

Celebrating Native and Indigenous Voices in Engineering

The Clark School joins UMD's celebration of Native and Indigenous Heritage Month 2023.

We Build the Future Here: Stanley R. Zupnik Hall

Engineering at Maryland magazine previews UMD's new interdisciplinary engineering hub.

BIOE Welcomes Five New Advisory Board Members

The Fischell Department of Bioengineering welcomes five new Advisory Board members in 2023.

John P. Fisher Elected Chair of the Council of Chairs

Fisher has been elected Chair of the Council of Chairs, a council of 158 biomedical engineering and bioengineering department chairs across the country.

UMD Researchers Pioneer Improved Photoimmunotherapy Treatment Against Metastatic Cancer

A team of BIOE researchers developed an innovative approach to treating metastatic cancer, reducing side effects and treatment variability between patients.

Fischell Institute Welcomes Three New MPower Fellows

The program teaches students how to transition innovative medical device concepts into great businesses 

Introducing the Clark Scholars Program Network

A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation and University of Maryland Partner to Educate the Next Generation of Engineers

New, Innovative UMD Course Teaches In-Demand Skills

‘Advanced Manufacturing Lab’ currently offered at College Park, will be in Southern Maryland in 2024

Celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month: Resources and Events

Resources and events for the Clark School's LGBTQ+ students and allies.

Bio-Nose Technology: Conferring a Sense of Smell

NSF grant funds UMD-led team developing portable “nose” device.

UMD Advances to #8 in Public Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Programs

The BIOE undergraduate program rises in national ranks, now #8 among public programs.

Maryland Engineering Ranks Among the Nation’s Top 20 Undergraduate Engineering Programs

The A. James Clark School of Engineering ranks 19 overall among more than 200 undergraduate engineering programs—up three positions from its previous undergraduate ranking.

UMD's 40th Annual Convocation Honors Engineering Staff, Faculty

The University of Maryland's 40th annual Convocation will honor 33 faculty and staff—including four from the A. James Clark School of Engineering—for their contributions to education, research, and the campus community.

John P. Fisher Elected to BMES Board of Directors

BIOE Department Chair John P. Fisher is elected to the BMES Board of Directors beginning this fall.

Alum Thomas Winkler receives prestigious ERC Starting Grant

Winkler will develop microchips to better understand diseases like schizophrenia

BIOE Hosts Sixth Annual EPIC Retreat, Announces Fischell Fellows

At the sixth annual EPIC Retreat, BIOE announced the 2023 recipiencts of the Fischell Fellowship.

A 6-Step Roadmap to Diversify Faculty Hiring in STEM

Two BIOE professors help author a roadmap to diversifying faculty hiring in STEM.

New Faculty Spotlight: Sara Molinari

The Fishell Department of Bioengineering welcomes new Assistant Professor Sara Molinari as a faculty member this summer.

Dana Motabar is Awarded the W.H. Peterson Award for Best Student Oral Presentation

This award is given to only one student nationally every year.

BIOE Announces Spring 2023 Instructional Impact Awards

BIOE announces the three recipients of the Instructional Impact Awards for the spring 2023 semester.

BIOE Faculty Members Duncan and Huang Promoted

BIOE congratulates faculty Gregg Duncan and Huang Chiao Huang on their promotions to Associate Professors.

Erika Moore Receives NSF CAREER Award

Incoming BIOE faculty member Erika Moore receives prestigious NSF CAREER Award for immune system research.

Two Jewell Lab Researchers Receive 2023 Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

Two Jewell Lab student researchers received 2023 Outstanding Graduate Student Awards this spring.

UMD Researchers to Lead NIH-funded Program Supporting Underrepresented Students

The MARC award will support an educational program for traditionally underrepresented students in STEM.

BIOE Celebrates 2023 Undergraduate Awards

BIOE honored six undergraduate student recipients of the annual BIOE departmental awards.

New ‘FRRB’ packaging technology may solve an ingestible capsule challenge

The innovation, which protects fragile components, has been published in the Nature journal Microsystems & Nanoengineering.

BIOE Student Researchers Receive 2023 SFB Awards

Student researchers Blake Kuzemchak and Erfan Jabari received awards at the 2023 SFB Annual Meeting and Exposition.

24 Teams Present at BIOE Capstone Competition Including First BCE Students

On May 8, 2023, 24 teams presented novel designs at the BIOE Capstone Design Competition.

BIOE Alumn Daniel Luu (B.S. '16) Named in Forbes' 30 Under 30

BIO alum Daniel Luu was recently named to the 2023 Forbes’ 30 Under 30 games list.

BIOE Ph.D. Candidate Courtney Johnson Recognized at NSBE49

Johnson was recognized the as the Mike Shinn NSBE Distinguished Member at the society's 49th convention.

Fischell Institute Spotlight: Bill Bentley

William “Bill” Bentley has been the Director of the Robert E. Fischell Institute of Biomedical Devices since its launch in 2019. 

Dr. Robert "Smitty" Oakes is the recipient of the 2023 BWF BioInterfaces Rising Star Award

Oakes was inspired to devote his research to modulating, deciphering, and designing biointerfaces, explicitly focusing on immune cells and inflammatory pathways.

Dean's Circle Spotlight: Rewriting the Story of Access and Success

In gratitude for their start as Terps, Steven and Isabella Lehrer have made generous commitments to scholarships supporting Maryland Engineering students.

Maryland Engineering Graduate Programs: Top 10 Among Public Universities, Five Years in a Row

For the fifth consecutive year, the University of Maryland's A. James Clark School of Engineering ranks among the country's top 10 public universities in graduate engineering programs, according to U.S. News & World Report's 2023–24 rankings.

Deadline Extended: Applications for the 2023 Student Entrepreneurship Fellowship

This fellowship is open to students graduating from the engineering, pharmacy, or related STEM programs at University of Maryland, College Park and University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Five BIOE Students & Alumni Named NSF Graduate Research Fellows

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) was established to ensure the vitality and diversity of the scientific and engineering workforce of the United States.

UMD Bioengineers Work to Recondition Lymph Node Function to Fight Diabetes

Jewell Research Lab Publishes Findings in Nature Communications

Two UMD Bioengineering Majors Named 2023 Goldwater Scholars

UMD’s 49 scholarships in the past 15 years rank No. 1 in the nation.

Joe Huang Recieves Two NIH Funding Awards

New Grants Totaling $6M to UMCP-UMB Team Support Research to Improve Brain and Ovarian Cancer Treatments

Celebrating Women's History Month

Women continue to shape history, including at the Clark School of Engineering. This month we celebrate those landmarks and the work necessary to forge them, and how it’s incumbent upon our larger community to assist in this work.

MSAL’s work on serotonin characterization and detection results in two journal covers

Research is leading to better detection models and portable sensing devices.

BIOE Postdoctoral Researcher Spotlight: Marian Ackun-Farmmer

Marian Ackun-Farmmer is a Postdoctoral Researcher in BIOE Professor Chris Jewell lab 

Fischell Institute Affiliate Fellow Spotlight: Jenna Mueller

Mueller's expertise is in developing low-cost biomedical devices to increase access to healthcare, particularly in low-income communities. 

UMD Research Team Makes Strides in Immunotherapy of Cancer

Technique Could Broaden Cold (or Frostbite) Treatment of Cancer While Decreasing Patients’ Pain and Suffering

Maryland Engineers Awarded Grants to Address Humanity's Grand Challenges

Twelve projects led by or involving Maryland Engineering faculty have been awarded funding through the Grand Challenges Grants Program, the largest and most comprehensive program of its kind ever introduced at the University of Maryland.

UMD’s DeVoe Pioneers New Approach to Liposome Production

Breakthrough could make it easier to provide sufficient vaccines during public health crises.

BIOE Announces Fall 2022 Instructional Impact Awards

The Fischell Department of Bioengineering honored three educators, nominated by students and peers.

 Koroma Awarded Jeffrey C. and Sandra W. Huskamp Endowed Scholarship

The Jeffrey C. and Sandra W. Huskamp scholarship is for undergraduate students majoring in bioengineering.

UMD Bioengineers, Modulight Team Up to Launch Drug Photosafety Project

BIOE assistant professor Joe Huang and members of his lab are researching new protocols for drug photosafety testing.

Handler Recevies First Place in Dean’s Master of Science Research Award

The competition recognizes distinguished graduate student researchers in order to help propel their careers and demonstrate the value of high-quality engineering research. 

Jay Awarded $300K FDA Grant to Support Extracellular Vesicle Research

Jay is collaborating with Fischell Institute Director and BIOE professor William Bentley.

Watson and Stuart Awarded Seymour & Faye Wolf Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2002 and is awarded to a BIOE undergraduate student annually.

M-CERSI Now Accepting 2023 Regulatory Science Competition Applications

M-CERSI Announces 2023 "America's Got Regulatory Science Talent" Competition

UMD Bioengineers’ Brillouin Microscopy Among The Guardian’s Top 10 Science Stories for 2022

BIOE's Giuliano Scarcelli and his lab were highlighted on the list of the 10 biggest science stories worldwide.

Recent Bioengineering Graduate Awarded National Mitchell Scholarship

Neelesh Mupparapu (B.S. bioengineering '22) named one of 12 winners to pursue graduate study in Ireland

Clearing the Airways

UMD Bioengineers’ Discoveries Could Point to Precision Therapies for Asthma, Pulmonary Diseases

Cancer in the Crosshairs

UMD bioengineers aim to shape the future of cancer vaccine technology by tuning the body’s immune response.

UMD Welcomes A. James Clark Scholars Class of '26

The A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland welcomes 11 exceptional young engineers from across the state of Maryland as its newest class of A. James Clark Scholars.

The Future of Biohybrid Devices

Fischell Institute researchers awarded $1.5M NSF grant to bridge gap between electronics, biology

'A Hub for Discussion, Integration of Ideas, Innovation and Discovery'

UMD holds ceremonial groundbreaking of Stanley R. Zupnik Hall

Maryland Engineering’s John Fisher Appointed MPower Professor

BIOE chair one of six UMCP/UMB professors to receive University of Maryland Strategic Partnership appointment.

"This Is Where It's At"

U.S. Commerce Secretary's Visit Highlights Importance of UMD, Higher Ed to Future of Domestic Electronics Industry

Dean's Circle Spotlight: A Blueprint for Human-Oriented Innovation

Anthony Ephremides, the founder of the field of ad-hoc wireless networks, is one of Maryland Engineering's most philanthropic faculty members.

UMD Bioengineering #1 in CMBE Young Innovator Awards

BIOE's Gregg Duncan & Katharina Maisel were named 2022 Cellular & Molecular Bioengineering Young Innovators. 

Jewell Named Associate Editor of Regenerative Medicine

Bioengineering Professor named to Nature Portfolio Journal editorial board.

Weber, Stewart Named Fischell Fellows

BIOE names two recipients of prestigious department award

UMD Bioengineering Advances in Rankings

BIOE's unmatched undergraduate student experience contributes to No. 9 ranking among public universities.

Maryland Engineering ranks #11 among public colleges in the U.S.

The University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering ranks #11 among the country’s public universities in U.S. News & World Report 2022-23 Best Colleges rankings, rising one spot from #12 in 2022.

$7.9 Million in NIH Awards Propel UMD Aging Research

New multidisciplinary collaborations take on challenges like Alzheimer’s disease prevention.

Now Accepting Fall 2022 Applications for Fischell Institute/IBBR Travel Fellowship

This fellowship is available to graduate students and postdoctoral researchers working with IBBR and Fischell Institute mentors.

Developing a Therapeutic to Treat Injured Tendons

Prof. Kuo is leading an effort to develop first-of-kind therapeutics to repair injured or weakened tendons.

UMD Bioengineers Awarded $1M Moore Foundation Grant to Advance Bioelectronic Technology

Researchers use redox to drive two-way communication between electronics and biological systems.

Bioengineering Ph.D. Student Named to Aviation Week’s 20 Twenties

Caitlyn Singam among 20 STEM graduate students worldwide honored for contributions to the aerospace industry.

Alum Elicia John ('03) Featured in Washington Post

Biological resources alum discusses efforts to measure how bias affects decision-making, behavior.

Ma Awarded Teaching & Learning Grant

Biocomputational Engineering Degree Program Assistant Director applies funds to Capstone course

Yousefi Awarded USM M.O.S.T. Grant

Biocomputational engineering faculty instructor applies grant to bolster machine learning course.

Combating Metastatic Cancer Through Blood Draw

University of Maryland bioengineers develop a new technique to efficiently capture, gently release, and effectively scale up circulating tumor cells, a leading culprit in cancer spread.

Jewell Leads Team in Advancing Multiple Sclerosis Research

Bioengineering professor awarded $2.8 million NIH R01 grant for advanced autoimmune therapies.

Sochol-led Team to Develop 3D-Nanoprinted Neurosurgical Tools

The NIH has awarded $2.7 million to a UMD/JHU/UMSOM team that will leverage machine learning and 3D printing.

Emily Leo Receives Clark School Dean's Award

Fischell Department of Bioengineering senior recognized for excellence in academics, leadership, and service.

BIOE Celebrates Undergraduate Awards

The Fischell Department of Bioengineering honored six recipients of the annual BIOE departmental awards.

Dr. Stroka, Erfan Jabari Receive Winston Family Honors

UMD Honors College recognizes BIOE faculty member, student.

BIOE Capstone Competition Highlights 24 Novel Projects

The Bioengineering Senior Capstone Design competition returned to in-person on Monday, May 2.

Jewell Named Controlled Release Society Fellow

BIOE Professor recognized for outstanding contributions to the field of delivery science and technology.

Deadline Extended: Fischell Institute/IBBR Travel Fellowship

This fellowship is available to graduate students and postdoctoral researchers working with IBBR/REFI mentors.

NCC-PDI Now Accepting Pediatric Medical Device Pitches

Annual “Make Your Medical Device Pitch for Kids!” competition to award up to $150,000 in FDA-sponsored grants.

Maryland Engineering Graduate Programs: Top 10 Public, Four Years in a Row

Maryland Engineering earns a top spot in the 2023 U.S. News & World Report Best Graduate Schools rankings among over 200 colleges.

Fischell Institute Invites New Faculty

The Robert E. Fischell Institute for Biomedical Devices invites new faculty affiliations.

BIOE Announces Instructional Impact Awards

The Fischell Department of Bioengineering honored three educators, nominated by students and peers.

BIOE Students Take on Leadership Roles through AEMB

Hear from BIOE's Lauren Losin and Hiya Sawhney

Three UMD Alums Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Richard O'Neill ('66), Pradeep Sharma (Ph.D. '00) and Leslie Shoemaker (Ph.D. '90) have been elected to the 2022 NAE Class.

Liang Receives BIOE Outstanding Graduate Research Award

Ph.D. candidate aims to advance light applications to treat drug-resistant cancer.

Olympus Discovery Center Inaugurated at UMD

New advanced microscopy facility fosters bioscience discovery.

Inaugural UMD Neuro-Link Grant Supports Glioblastoma Research

Funding pathway promotes high-impact collaborations between UMB's neurosurgery and UMCP's bioengineering.

BIOE Undergrad Launches Black STEMpowerment

BIOE junior Bryana Rowley launched a platform to connect womxn in STEM from across the world.

UMD Bioengineers Take New Approach to Engineering Heart Tissue

Professor Shawn He and a team of researchers aim to improve how cardiac muscle tissue is engineered.

Clark School's Online Engineering Programs Ascend to No. 12 National Rank

The A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland rose to No. 12 among online graduate engineering programs in the U.S., according to rankings released today by U.S. News & World Report.

MIPS company Avidea Technologies acquired by Vaccitech

Avidea is developing the next generation of safer and more effective T-cell immunotherapies.

Benjamin Wu Named 2021 Philip Merrill Presidential Scholar

BIOE senior earns university honor, recognizes BIOE faculty member.

Congratulations, Fall 2021 BIOE Graduates!

The Fischell Department of Bioengineering congratulates our most recent graduates.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021

Messages to our Winter 2021 Clark School graduates from Dean Samuel Graham, Jr. and Jaser Attallah '21, electrical engineering graduate.

2022 BBI Seed Grant Awards to Fuel Innovation in Aging and Development Research

The five interdisciplinary projects funded by the BBI offer cutting-edge approaches to translational neuroscience.

Alum Fatima Mikdashi Named 2022 Marshall Scholarship Finalist

Bioengineering alum named a finalist for one of the most prestigious academic awards available to college students.

UMD Welcomes A. James Clark Scholars Class of ’25

Maryland Engineering welcomes 10 exceptional young engineers from across the state of Maryland as its newest class of A. James Clark Scholars.

Maryland Engineering's Chris Jewell Appointed MPower Professor

Bioengineering professor one of eight UMD/UMB professors to receive UMD Strategic Partnership appointment.

Sochol Receives Early Career Award from the Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering

Inaugural award recognizes outstanding research contribution from a scientist in the early stage of their research career.

FDA, CERSI Accepting Applications for 2022 Digital Health Bootcamp

FDA, CERSI to host virtual bootcamp focused on digital health technologies and patient outcomes on Jan. 26.

Kuo Named Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine

Bioengineering associate professor will begin appointment Jan. 1, 2022.

Oakes Receives BIOE Postdoctoral Achievement Award

Dr. Robert “Smitty” Oakes recognized for accomplishments in research, funding, and community outreach.

$1.7M Grant to Support UMCP, UMB Clinical and Translational Research Collaborations

The MPower award will help researchers access resources for clinical and translational training, engage in pilot research, and strengthen bioinformatics infrastructure.

Biofilm-fighting catheter insert research named 'featured article' in IEEE TBME

The research by Reza Ghodssi's research group also has led to a patent application.

M-CERSI Accepting Regulatory Science Competition Applications

M-CERSI annual competition aims to promote student interest in regulatory science.

Maisel Highlights the Power of Mentoring in Science

Assistant Professor Katharina Maisel publishes piece on the power of mentoring in Science.

Bentley Granted SBE Award for Excellence in Biochemical Engineering

Fischell Institute director and BIOE professor William E. Bentley to be honored by AIChE.

Jewell Named BMES Fellow

BIOE Minta Martin Professor of Engineering Chris Jewell was named to the 2021 BMES Class of Fellows.

Welcome, Samuel Graham, Jr., Dean of Maryland Engineering

When an innovator wanted to engineer a more advanced and equitable society, he chose a research and education powerhouse with global impact, and came to Maryland.

Jason Chen Granted Huskamp Endowed Bioengineering Scholarship 

Chen is a junior in the Fischell Department of Bioengineering.

Improving Access to Cervical Cancer Diagnostic and Therapeutics Tech

Jenna Mueller is working to improve access for patients in the US and low-and middle income countries.

Three Engineers Among 2021-2022 Distinguished Scholar-Teachers

Abshire, Fisher and Hu honored for outstanding success in scholarly accomplishment and excellence in teaching.

Everitt, Gaitan Granted 2020-2021 Fischell Fellowship

The department has named Fischell Fellows annually since 2003.

Maryland Engineering ranked #12 public undergraduate program in the country

For the third consecutive year, the Clark School's rises in U.S. News & World Report ranking.

Stroka Takes New Look at Cell Migration

BIOE associate professor earns $1.9M NIH grant to explore how aquaporins influence cell migration.

Working to Advance Biobanking

Researchers hope to improve how cells, tissues, and organs are banked for transplantation and other applications.

BMES-UMD Honored with Outstanding Chapter Industry Award

BMES-UMD is the University of Maryland, College Park chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES).

Alum Thomas Winkler joins Technische Universität Braunschweig

He leads a junior research group that uses microsystems tools to solve life science challenges.

Using Light to Attack Cancer

BIOE assistant professor awarded NIH R01 grant to develop two-pronged approach to treating certain cancers.

Celebrating 14 Participants of 2021 BIOE REU Program

The BIOE REU program promotes collaboration between UMD and the FDA, making it unlike any other in the country

Secretary of State: 'Domestic Renewal' Needed Through Infrastructure Investments

Blinken emphasizes importance of spending at home to remain global leader in campus speech.

Maisel to Investigate Little-Known Organ in the Body

Dr. Katharina Maisel was awarded a $1.8 million NIH NIGMS grant to study the interstitium and lymphatics.

Fisher, FDA Aim to Advance Safety of Cardiac Medical Devices

BIOE chair, FDA collaborators are conducting regulatory research into emerging cardiac electrophysiology medical device technologies.

BIOE Alum's Company Releases Bleeding Management Tech Nationwide

BIOE alum, advisory Board member Matt Dowling is the founder of Medcura, Inc., which commercialized Rapid-Seal

UMSOD Highlights Lowe's Nanotechnology Research

The University of Maryland School of Dentistry published a magazine cover story highlighting Dr. Tao Lowe.

Biden Nominates Locascio to Lead NIST

BIOE Professor, VP of Research Had Long Career as Scientist, Administrator at Agency Before Coming to UMD

University of Maryland Engineers Have 3D Printed a Soft Robotic Hand That Can Play Nintendo

Achievement opens the door for new advances in soft robotics.

NCC-PDI to Host Pediatric Device Innovators Forum

This free, virtual event will take place on Thursday, July 22, 2021.

Clyne, Ma, Stroka Promoted

The three BIOE faculty are promoted to Professor, Senior Lecturer, and Associate Professor, respectively.

Scarcelli Named Fischell Institute Young Investigator Fellow

The new program aims to foster collaboration between faculty on UMD's Baltimore and College Park campuses.

Eppler Selected for St. Jude National Graduate Student Symposium

Haleigh Eppler is a fifth-year Biological Sciences Ph.D. candidate and a researcher in the Jewell Lab.

Jewell Lab Explores Techniques to Tailor MS Therapy Design

Prof. Chris Jewell and his lab are investigating how the biophysical properties of nanomaterials used in immunotherapies shape treatment outcomes.

Georgia Tech Professor, Researcher Named Dean of Clark School

Mechanical engineering leader Samuel Graham, Jr. to take helm October 1.

Duncan Earns NSF Career Award to Advance Gene Therapy

BIOE assistant professor Gregg Duncan was named the recipiento of the NSF's prestigious CAREER Award.

BIOE Capstone Projects Focus on Medical Devices, AI, and More

BIOE seniors present 23 novel Capstone projects live via Gatherly.

Annual Pediatric Medical Device Competition Names Finalists

Electrophysiology device innovators gain access to pediatric accelerator and advance to final showcase

Ian White Receives Clark School’s Outstanding Faculty Service Award

BIOE associate professor recognized for efforts to promote high-quality instruction.

Four Clark School Faculty Receive CAREER Awards

Shelby Bensi, Gregg Duncan, Katrina Groth and Katharina Maisel are recipients of NSF CAREER grants.

Five Clark School Students Awarded Summer Research Fellowships

Research fellowships provide support to UMD doctoral students at mid-career (i.e., in the period approximately before, during, or after achievement of candidacy).

2021 Fischell Department of Bioengineering Undergraduate Awards

Six undergrads were recognized for outstanding achievements and contributions to the department and field.

Kjellerup to Address Biofilms Conference

Asia-Pacific Biofilms 2021 will be held virtually in May.

Chaudhary and Team STEPS Take Second Place in Do Good Challenge

STEPS is a nonprofit connecting volunteers with K-12 families seeking affordable tutoring, college advising.

Environmental Cleanup: Kjellerup Develops “Treatment Train”

DoD taps UMD expertise to tackle risks of stormwater contamination.

He Lab Taps Machine Learning to Improve Cell-Based Medicine

Technology could one day be used to improve stem cell-based therapies as well as treatment options for diabetes and infertility.

BBI Advanced Genomic Technologies Core Launches

For the first time ever at UMD, researchers can access cutting-edge single-cell DNA and RNA sequencing technologies.

Welcoming Applicants for Student Entrepreneurship Fellowship

Open to students graduating from engineering, pharmacy, STEM programs at UMD College Park and Baltimore

On A Mission to Bridge the Global Health Gap

BIOE Assistant Professor Jenna Mueller and her lab are working to improve access to surgery around the world.

White Lab Reviews Point-of-Care Diagnostics to Combat Pandemic

Micaela Everitt is first author of a review paper on point-of-care diagnostic technologies during a pandemic.

The Internet of Bio-Nano Things

Researchers aim to bridge the gap between microelectronics and biological systems to create next-generation wearables.

Maryland Graduate Engineering Ranked #10 Public in the Nation

From extreme batteries to windows made from wood, Clark School’s trendsetting work ranks it among the country’s Top 10 public engineering schools for the 3rd consecutive year.

UMD-Led Research Could Point to New Targets for MS Treatments

Findings show that a novel immunotherapy strategy might one day be used to treat multiple sclerosis patients without leaving them immunocompromised.

Huang, FDA Team Up to Advance Fluorophore Safety-Related Regulatory Science

Collaborators aim to improve regulatory evaluation of emerging fluorescence imaging combination products.

White Honored With BIOE Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award

Dr. Ian White is an Associate Professor in the Fischell Department of Bioengineering.

Inglut Receives Outstanding GA and Doctoral Mid-Career Awards

Inglut recently received the Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award and the Clark Doctoral Mid-Career Award.

Stories Beyond DNA

Dr. Gregg Duncan reflects on connecting DNA test results with one’s family history in Science feature.

Engineering QC into Biomanufacturing of EV-based Products

Steven Jay is P.I of this M-CERSI funded project. Steven R. Bauer serves as FDA subject matter expert.

Maisel Applies NSF CAREER Award to Advance Drug Delivery Strategies

BIOE assistant professors aims to improve efficacy of vaccines, immunotherapies

University of Maryland Research Enterprise Ranked Among Top 10 Publics in NSF Higher Education R&D Survey

Research in Baltimore & College Park Tackles Critical Issues in the State and Globally

BIOE Students Place in M-CERSI Regulatory Science Competition

BIOE undergraduate students Sagar Matharu, Yusuf Mastoor, and Vaani Shah participated in the 2021 competition.

Waging War on Metastatic Cancer

BIOE Professor Xiaoming He and his research team take a new approach to understand why cancers spread.

Huang, Stroka Labs Collaborate to Advance Understanding of Blood-Brain Barrier

BIOE assistant professors aim to develop techniques to target drugs to the central nervous system.

Mighty Morphing 3D Printing

UMD engineers demonstrate a new shape-changing nozzle that could revolutionize “4D Printing” applications.

Researchers Aim to Advance Understanding of Alzheimer's Disease Progression

UMD,FDA researchers work to develop a technique to quickly measure the amount of amyloid plaque in the brain

Joyner Awarded BIOE Postdoctoral Achievement Award

Katherine Joyner recognized for significant achievements in research, funding, and mentoring

Jewell Named 2021 Miegunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the University of Melbourne

BIOE professor will collaborate on vaccine technologies at Peter Doherty Institute for Infection & Immunity 

Sneh Awarded Seymour & Faye Wolf Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2002 and is awarded to a BIOE undergraduate student annually.

Two Maryland Faculty Named to National Academy of Inventors

Locascio and Chellappa are among 175 new fellows who collectively hold over 4,700 U.S. patents.

A New Focus on Light

UMD researchers develop technique to focus light beyond the diffraction limit - a breakthrough for optics

UMD Awarded $4.6 Million Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center

Funded by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research, the new center aims to improve rehabilitation options for patients with neurological disorders.

Kakarla Receives Huskamp Endowed Bioengineering Scholarship

Anish Kakarla received the 2020-2021 Jeffrey C. and Sandra W. Huskamp Endowed Bioengineering Scholarship.

Lowe Named 2020 AAPS Fellow

BIOE and UMSOD faculty member honored during PharmSci 360 virtual conference

Engineering at Maryland magazine highlights the Clark School's commitment to excellence in a COVID world

The "heroic and extraordinary" efforts of Maryland engineers to deliver on the Clark School's commitment to excellence in a COVID world are featured in the Fall 2020 issue of Engineering at Maryland magazine.

M-CERSI Accepting Regulatory Science Innovation Submissions

The annual "America's Got Regulatory Science Innovation Talent" competition will take place on Jan. 15, 2021.

Study Links Placental Stiffness and Preeclampsia

Potential new biomarker could enable earlier, more definitive diagnosis of preeclampsia in expectant mothers

Chapin, Wang Named 2019-2020 Fischell Fellows

Both researchers are fifth-year Ph.D. students in the Fischell Department of Bioengineering. 

One Size Does Not Fit All

To advance inclusive medical therapies and diversity in fundamental science, one Maryland engineer leads by example.

Angela Sun Co-Founds COVID-19 Tutoring Platform Alongside Peers

Angela Sun, Kevin Tu, and Tesia Shi co-founded COVID-19 Tutors in April 2020.

Maryland engineers receive $10M to transform shellfish farming

The team will help farmers tap the economic potential and environmental benefits of shellfish aquaculture.

New MS Treatment Approach Taps Skin’s Immune Cells

BIOE postdoc Robert “Smitty” Oakes awarded $600K Veterans Affairs grant for multiple sclerosis research

Evensen Creates DIY COVID-19 Masks, Fundraises for Virus Relief

Ella Evenson and three biomedical engineering students from other universities created BMEast Masks.

Introducing Three New MPower Fellows

The Fischell Institute is excited to introduce three new MPowering the State Student Entrepreneurship Fellows.

Fisher Elected IAMBE Fellow

BIOE chair named to the International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering

Jewell Lab Project Selected for NIH Concept to Clinic Program

Researchers to gain resources, training to support clinical translation of multiple sclerosis therapy

UMD Launches Biocomputational Engineering Degree Program

New undergraduate degree merges biology, data science, and computer programming

Researchers Aim to Sterilize N95 Masks for Reuse

Researchers working around the clock to ease the impact of supply shortages on hospitals, care facilities

Clyne Named BIOE Associate Chair, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Role will support efforts to enhance diversity within the department and in the STEM fields at large.

Huang Receives NIH Trailblazer Award & NSF CBET Grant

BIOE assistant professor working to develop novel light-based technology to improve drug delivery

Samantha Kraus Named Philip Merrill Presidential Scholar

Kraus recognized high school teacher Matthew Groden, BIOE Assistant Professor Kim Stroka for their mentorship.

2020 Dean's Doctoral Student Research Awards

The competition recognizes distinguished graduate student researchers in order to help propel their careers and demonstrate the value of high-quality engineering research.

Legacy through Impact: Dr. Darryll J. Pines

UMD President-Designate Darryll Pines inspires a culture of excellence at the Clark School, where everyone plays a part.

Shah Organizes Clothing Drive to Make Masks in Pandemic

The rising senior also volunteers with the Frederick Community Action Agency.

Alana Tillery Named Philip Merrill Presidential Scholar

Tillery recognized high school teacher William Ford and BIOE faculty member Angela Jones for their mentorship.

Rapidly evolving ‘smart marble’ sensors hold promise for monitoring pharmaceutical industry bioreactors and beyond

Size of the neutrally buoyant bPods has dropped from ‘baseball’ to ‘golf ball’ to ‘cherry’ in just three years.

Patel Developing Auto-Thermal Recognition Device in Pandemic

The device is intended to quickly detect fevers - a common symptom of coronavirus.

Tillery Serves Community at COVID-19 Testing Sites and Local ER

Alana Tillery is one of six BIOE students recognized for outstanding acts of service amidst the pandemic.

Scarcelli Applies NSF CAREER Award to Study Embryonic Development

BIOE associate professor to develop imaging technology to study how biological cells grow into complex tissues.

BIOE Students Recognized For Extraordinary Service in Pandemic

The Advisory Board recognized six students for their outstanding service amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

BIOE Faculty Members Jewell and Scarcelli Promoted

Jewell and Scarcelli were promoted to BIOE Professor and Associate Professor, respectively.

Pines: Stand in Solidarity, Unite Against Injustice

President-designate calls acts of violence against black community nationwide a 'stain' against UMD values.

Alum Studying Embryonic Development as Columbia Faculty Member

Nandan Nerurkar, Ph.D. earned his B.S.E. from University of Maryland in 2003.

Kuo and Mueller Join BIOE Faculty

Catherine Kuo, Jenna Mueller welcomed into BIOE as associate professor and assistant professor, respectively.

Adams' Synthetic Biology Tools for Military Relevant Microbes

Dr. Bryn Adams is a Research Scientist at ARL, a former BIOE postdoc, and a Fischell Institute affiliate.

Ashley Chapin a campus-wide winner of the Three-Minute Thesis Competition

Chapin’s video, “Demystifying The Gut-Brain-Axis,” reflects her dissertation work.

BIOE Capstone Class Virtually Presents 24 Novel Projects

BIOE seniors present Capstone projects and celebrate winners virtually.

Better, Cheaper COVID-19 Tests

Compact, reusable system could quickly and cheaply test for multiple respiratory viruses.

UMD Researchers Tap CRISPR Technology to Connect Biology, Electronics

Potential application for complex electronics highlighted in Nature Communications

2020 BIOE Undergraduate Award Recipients

Nine BIOE students were honored with departmental and college awards.

Wastewater Testing Could Help Track COVID-19

UMD’s Dr. Birthe Kjellerup is leading a project designed to assist early detection.

Eppler Named Dr. Edna O. Hokenson Endowed Fellow

Haleigh Eppler is a fourth-year Biological Sciences Ph.D. student and a member of Christopher Jewell's lab.

"Design for Safety" Engineering Course Coming this Summer

"Design for Safety" (ENME498K) will be taught by Dev Reheja, author of Preventing Medical Device Recalls.

Duncan Receives UMD Coronavirus Seed Fund Award

This will advance Duncan and his lab's work on bio-inspired hydrogels for detection of aerosolized COVID-19.

BIOE121 Students #KeepLearning with Take-Home Laboratory Kits

Angela Jones, Ph.D. created a series of innovative experiments that her students can perform at home.

Spurring research group creativity in the time of COVID-19

Student-faculty teams that write review articles for journals reap multiple benefits.

BIOE Senior Wins Clark School International Student Award

Lauren Moyer is expected to graduate with bachelor's degrees in Bioengineering and Germanic Studies this May.

Johnson to Receive 2020 McCormick Medal

The award is granted by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). 

COVID-19: Researchers Use Location Data to Gauge Impact

Team is developing methods that can aid preparation and planning.

BIOE Students & Alumni Named NSF Graduate Research Fellows

Six members of the BIOE community receive the prestigious award this year.

Shelter-in-place Compliance Remains Low, UMD Research Finds

Data Analysis Shows Erratic Response to COVID-19 Restrictions

BGSS Hosts Virtual "Research and Pajamas" Events

BGSS has transformed its "Research and Pizza" in person events to virtual "Research and Pajamas" gatherings.

Alumnus Alex Scott and Teammates Turn Breast Pumps into Cost-Effective Ventilators

ECE Alumnus Alex Scott ‘18 and his teammates are repurposing breast pumps to support the global ventilator shortage and assist healthcare facilities to fight the novel Coronavirus.

Researchers Develop Rapid Deployment Mask

Fischell Institute designs DIY-style mask with better filtration than cloth masks.

Researchers Work to Develop Custom Conformal N95 Respirators

Researchers are working to address the critical supply of N95 respirators resulting from the COVID-19 crisis.

Bioengineering Students Spearhead Drive for Medical Supplies

Christina Conrad and James Shamul coordinating donations for medical professionals treating COVID-19 patients

Engineers Create Solutions for a Crisis

Labs Pivot to Produce, Distribute Hand Sanitizer, Surgical Masks

BIOE Ranked among Top 30 by U.S. News & World Report

The Fischell Department of Bioengineering ranks among the top 30 U.S. bioengineering programs.

Clark School Graduate Engineering Program Ranked 20th Nationally

The A. James Clark School of Engineering is ranked a top 20 program for graduate-level engineering in the U.S. by U.S. News & World Report.

Improve the Outcome: Vascular Liver Tissue

Creating vascular organ tissue in a lab could open new doors to drug testing, disease modelling, and organ transplants.

Biocomputational Engineering Highlighted

Dr. Ian White (BIOE) is spearheading the effort to offer a biocomputational engineering major. 

Stroka Receives NSF CAREER Award for Cell Mechanobiology Research

BIOE assistant professor to apply grant to shed new light on how blood vessels work.

Dean Pines Named University of Maryland's 34th President

Darryll Pines has served as Dean of the A. James Clark School of Engineering since January 2009.

Sochol Receives NSF CAREER Award to Explore New Multi-Material 3D Nanoprinting Technique

New research could expand additive manufacturing capabilities with multiple materials at smaller sizes while offering students unique hands-on research opportunities.

Advisory Board Member Dr. Pinchuk Speaking at AIMBE Annual Event

The event takes place March 29-30, 2020 in Washington, D.C. 

Duncan Named 2020 CMBE Rising Star

BIOE assistant professor receives Biomedical Engineering Society recognition.

Fisher to Receive 2020 Society for Biomaterials Award

BIOE Chair recognized for contributions to biomaterials literature.

NCC-PDI, MedTech Innovator Accepting Pitches for 2020 Competition

Applications are open now for the March 23 first round pitch event.

Lowe Joins BIOE Faculty

Dr. Tao Lowe was appointed a joint professor with BIOE and the School of Dentistry.

UMD STEM Students Take the Stage in The Nutcracker

More than a dozen Ballet Company M dancers hail from science and engineering backgrounds

Institute Hosts AMBIC December Conference, Unveils New Research

AMBIC Industry Board members and other researchers convened to discuss new and ongoing projects.

Connor Hall Named Philip Merrill Presidential Scholar

Bioengineering senior recognized by UMD President Wallace D. Loh on Nov. 15th.

'Leapfrog' Model Offers New Insight into Transdermal Drug Delivery

Study, written by UMD Undergrad Eric Wang, published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

Stroka Named 2019 Young Innovator of Cellular & Molecular Bioengineering

BIOE assistant professor to be recognized at 2019 BMES Annual Meeting

NIH Awards $2.8M Grant to Further Dementia Research

UMB, BIOE researchers team up to study link between spinal cord injury and dementia.

BioWorkshop, Bruker Co-Host BioAFM and nanoIR Workshop

Attendees learned about advances in the nanocharacterization of soft materials with AFM, BioAFM, and nanoIR.

4D Bioprinting Smart Constructs for the Heart

Researchers investigate new 4D printing techniques to control stem cell cardiomyogenesis.

Accepting Fischell Institute/IBBR Travel Fellowship Applications

The semi-annual fellowship is open to graduate students and postdoctoral researchers with IBBR/REFI mentors.

UMD Researchers Develop Technique to Advance Cell-Based Systems

Autonomous coordination of cell subpopulations highlighted in Nature Communications.

Lockheed Martin Awards $3M to Clark School

The gift will fund aerospace research while increasing opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities in STEM fields.

Enzyme Known for Promoting Cancer Found to Protect Healthy Cells

UMD researchers discovered that telomerase, which 'immortalizes' cancer cells, also prevents tumors.

BIOE Seniors Receive ILS Honors Program Awards

Jules Allbritton-King and Connor Hall received awards from the Integrated Life Sciences Honors program.

Alum Marc Dandin Appointed to Carnegie Mellon Faculty

Dandin was appointed as an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

NSF Awards $1M Grant to UMD Researchers

The interdisciplinary project will explore the molecular connection between the gut and the nervous system.

Ghodssi Receives Senior Faculty Outstanding Research Award

The award recognizes exceptionally influential research accomplishments by Clark School faculty.

Scarcelli Receives Junior Faculty Outstanding Research Award

BIOE assistant professor recognized for optics research.

Jewell Named Minta Martin Professor

BIOE associate professor recognized for significant scholarly contributions.

Kjellerup Co-organizes Biofilms Conference

The October event will bring together experts from around the globe.

BIOE Celebrates Second REU Class

The NSF-supported program provides undergraduate students with hands-on laboratory experience.

BIOE, UMB to Host October Symposium

A. James Clark School of Engineering researchers are invited to submit abstracts by Sept. 10th.

Taking Aim at Blood Infections

Researchers develop micro-scale device to analyze bacteria in human blood using single-cell Raman spectrometry

Making “Smart” Cells Smarter

UMD researchers developed a technique to drive teams of bacteria to work together autonomously.

New Multi-Material 3D Nanoprinting Strategy Could Revolutionize Optics, Photonics and Biomedicine

UMD engineers demonstrate new approach by 3D printing a five-material DNA-inspired microstructure that is a fraction of the size of a human hair.

DoD Awards $1M to Develop Portable Medical Sensors

Redox information may hold key to rapidly diagnosing disease

Sijie Hao Promoted to Senior Faculty Specialist

The Fischell Department announced the BioWorkshop manager's promotion to Senior Faculty Specialist.

Jewell Named Presidential Early Career Award Recipient

BIOE associate professor and associate chair recognized for immune engineering research and STEM outreach.

Python-Based Program Could Advance Understanding of Blood-Brain Barrier

Stroka Lab works to shed new light on Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and drug delivery to the brain.

Jewell Lab Awarded Two NIH R01 Bioengineering Research Grants

BIOE Associate Professor Christopher Jewell now backed by four active NIH R01 grants.

Four BIOE Ph.D. Students Awarded NIH Fellowships

Students recognized for research in vaccine design, surgical sealants, pulmonary diseases, and multiple sclerosis. 

Clark School at the 2019 ASEE Annual Conference

Connect with the University of Maryland's A. James Clark School of Engineering at ASEE 2019!

University Medal Awarded to Bioengineering Senior Eric Wang

Wang was recognized alongside co-recipient Jerome Quenum, a graduating senior in electrical engineering.

Jay Promoted to Associate Professor

BIOE's Dr. Steven Jay has been promoted to associate professor.

Herold Announces Retirement

Keith Herold announces his retirement after 32 years at the Clark School of Engineering.

2019 Dean's Doctoral and Master's Student Research Awards

Created by Clark School Dean Darryll Pines, the competition recognize distinguished graduate student researchers in order to help propel their careers and demonstrate the value of high-quality engineering research.

BIOE Capstone Class Presents 20 Novel Projects

Student projects include novel pediatric medical devices, a hemofiltration system, and a tracheostomy device.

BIOE Sophomore Awarded NOAA Hollings Scholarship

Jessica Boyer will receive academic assistance and a paid internship opportunity with NOAA.

BIOE Recognizes Undergraduate Awards Recipients

Annual honors given for outstanding academics, service.

Exceptional Engineering Students Recognized with Dean's Awards

Five Clark School undergraduate students were honored with Dean's Awards on April 17, 2019.

3D-printed Tissues May Keep Athletes in Action

CECT bioengineers lead effort to print scaffolds to heal bone and cartilage.

Clyne, Jewell Inducted into AIMBE College of Fellows

BIOE faculty awarded one of the highest professional distinctions accorded to a medical/biological engineer.

Fischell Institute Featured at Mpowering the State Advocacy Day

Mpower Fellows present Fischell Institute projects in Annapolis.

Study Outlines Targeted Treatment Option for Aggressive Breast Cancer

Research team explores nanotechnology-based therapeutic strategy for triple-negative breast cancer.

UMD Bioengineering Student Named Churchill Scholar

Eric Wang receives prestigious scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge.

State and University Officials Celebrate Launch of Biomedical Device Institute

University of Maryland establishes Robert E. Fischell Institute for Biomedical Devices to propel advancements in human health.

Call for Regulatory Science Talent Competition Entries

M-CERSI is now accepting applications for the 2019 competition. 

UMD iGEM Team Awarded Gold Medal for Plastic Degradation Project

Students earn international recognition for synthetic biology approach to address plastic pollution crisis.

CECT Acquires Six-Axis 3D Bioprinter

CECT acquired an advanced bioprinter designed for tissue fabrication and 3D printing.

FDA Awards $5 Million to Pediatric Device Consortium

National Capital Consortium co-led by Children's National and University of Maryland

M-CERSI Cooperative Agreement Grant Renewed by Food and Drug Administration

Latest renewal allows for up to $5 million per year over five years.

UMD to Lead Milestone NSF High School Engineering Pilot Course

Intended as Precursor to Widely-Accepted Transferable College-Level Credit 

Technology to deliver images of birth defect as it happens

An effort to tackle the evolutionary anomaly of why the neural tube closes in most embryos but remains open in others.

NSF grant for Ghodssi, Bentley furthers research of flexible devices to combat biofilms

The researchers will combine applied microbiology with engineering disciplines to explore the complex interactions between flexible sensors, bacterial biofilms, and bioelectric treatment.

Fischell Department of Bioengineering Launches REU Program

NSF-funded summer program invites undergrads to explore new approaches to engineering cells, tissues, organs.

Jewell Named AIChE 2018 NSEF Young Investigator, Owens Corning Recipient

BIOE associate professor recognized for research at interface of immunology and engineering.

‘Smart Marbles’ hold promise for better outcomes from bioreactors

The marbles, or 'bPods,' will contain microsystems that can “eavesdrop on biology” during fermentation, cell or culture-growing processes.

New Minor in Global Engineering Leadership

The Clark School now offers a 16-credit minor in Global Engineering Leadership.

Bridging the Gap between Microelectronics, Biological Systems

UMD researchers receive $1.5 M NSF grant to develop first-of-kind bioelectronics.

CECT Hosts 3D Bioprinting Workshop at the University of Maryland

The CECT's 3D Bioprinting Workshop took place at the University of Maryland and was a success.

Supporting Diversity in Engineering

The Clark School partnered with the National Society of Black Engineers to host the National Leadership Conference.

BIOE Recognizes Undergraduate Award Recipients

Annual honors given for outstanding academics, service.

Schultheis, Researchers Investigate Low-Cost Pulse Oximeters

Fischell Institute, Walter Reed research tool used to measure the oxygen level of the blood.

New Findings Demonstrate How the Food We Eat Affects Biochemical Signals in the Gut

Research collaboration sheds light on bacteria response to sugar metabolism

Building Together at the 2018 ASEE Annual Conference

The A. James Clark School of Engineering will have a significant presence at ASEE's Annual Conference in June.

UMD Researchers Point to Future of Engineered Immune Tissues

Jewell Lab review article featured as Nature Materials cover story.

Gemstone Team Investigates New Techniques to Treat Burns

Gemstone Honors group explores biocompatible hydrogel fabrication for use at point of care.

Jewell Lab Research Featured as Transplantation Cover Story

BIOE researchers use quantum dots to to aid design of specific and effective therapies for MS.

Natalie Livingston Awarded NSF Graduate Fellowship

BIOE senior recognized for efforts to advance drug delivery research.

Three BIOE Professors Awarded NIH R01s in as Many Months

Drs. Jewell, Scarcelli, and Jay were awarded a collective total of $5.4 million in NIH R01 funding this spring.

Jewell Awarded $1.4 Million NIH Grant for Novel Multiple Sclerosis Research

BIOE professor works to advance study of immunology.

UMD Welcomes East China University of Science and Technology 

ECUST Vice President Changsheng Liu Visits College Park

Transforming Medicine, Impacting Health

While many freshmen were acclimating to college life, a team of first-year students was adjusting to life as biotech inventors.

Professor He Inducted into AIMBE College of Fellows

BIOE Professor awarded one of the field's highest professional distinctions.

UMD Hosts Materials Genome Initiative Principal Investigator Meeting

270 scientists and policymakers gather to enhance U.S. competitiveness in STEM.

Clark School Undergraduate Named 2018 Goldwater Scholar

Junior bioengineering major Eric Wang recognized for work in molecular dynamics.

Schizophrenia drug monitoring device research featured on IEEE Sensors Letters cover

The paper culminates a four-year collaboration among Clark School, IBBR and University of Maryland School of Medicine researchers.

Scarcelli Awarded $2M NIH R01 Grant for Optical Technology to Advance Eye Disease Diagnostics

BIOE Assistant Professor Giuliano Scarcelli recognized for new applications of Brillouin microscopy.

UMD Researchers Shed Light on Mechanical Properties of Cells

Invention of the Year nominees invent microscope module for improved cell observation

Jay Receives National Science Foundation CAREER Award

BIOE assistant professor recognized for efforts to develop new class of biotherapeutics.

UMD Researchers Revolutionize Oxidative Stress Diagnostics

Invention of the Year nomination may completely change diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia

Wu Awarded Distinguished Professorship in Surgical Science

BIOE Research Professor recognized for contributions to the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Clark School Researchers Recognized for Exceptional Inventions

Among the nine 2017 Invention of the Year award nominees, six are led by or include Clark School researchers.

Alumnus Thomas Winkler receives EU Fellowship

The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship recognizes the potential of excellent, internationally mobile researchers.

Fischell Institute Now Accepting Fellowship Applications

Clark School seniors encouraged to apply for Student Entrepreneurship Fellowship by Feb. 28.

Researchers Investigate How to Protect an Emerging Biofuel Crop from Disease

$1.1M U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) grant awarded

Scholarship Opportunity for Transfer Students

Announcing the Clark Opportunity Transfer Scholars Program for Maryland community college students.

Sixth Annual Talent Competition Highlights Student Innovation in Regulatory Science

Two third-year pharmacy students recognized for proposal to track CAR T-cell therapy treatments.

Research Team Develops Breakthrough Technique to Combat Cancer Drug Resistance

BIOE professor Xiaoming "Shawn" He is working with collaborators around the world to advance cancer therapy research.

UMD Expands Partnership with East China University of Science & Technology

BIOE professor Gregory Payne leads efforts to connect UMD and ECUST researchers.

Fisher Named Tissue Engineering Co-Editor-in-Chief

BIOE chair to serve as co-EIC of preeminent biomedical journal advancing the field of tissue engineering.

M-CERSI America's Got Regulatory Science Talent Competition

Now accepting applications for the 2018 competition.

New microsystems detect, treat bacterial biofilms that cause post-operative infections

'Flexible impedance sensor' can fit inside urinary catheters, monitor and treat biofilms.

Stroka Named Outstanding Young Scientist by the Maryland Science Center

BIOE assistant professor honored for tumor cell migration research.

University of Maryland Dedicates A. James Clark Hall

Clark Hall transforms region's biotech corridor.

Srinivasa Raghavan Receives Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Award

Dr. Raghavan will give his corresponding presentation Thursday, Nov. 2.

BIOE Researchers Draw New Connections between Brain Environment, Breast Cancer Metastasis

Stroka Lab sheds light on factors leading to breast cancer metastasis.

University of Maryland School of Engineering Announces Unprecedented Investment from A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation

Building Together: An Investment for Maryland Will Transform UMD Through $219,486,000 Gift

Biofilm Project among UMD Scientific Experiments Sent to International Space Station

Project will explore effect of microgravity on biofilms.

gel-e Announces $3.1 Million in Private Financing

Biotech company with University of Maryland roots celebrates milestone achievement.

Banis wins poster design award at Global Grand Challenges Summit

The event is jointly organized by the US National Academy of Engineering, the UK Royal Academy of Engineering, and the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Jewell Promoted to Associate Professor

Dr. Christopher Jewell named associate professor with tenure, effective July 1.

CERSI Conference Shows Quality is Key in Patient-Centric Drug Development

Researchers discuss strategies to ensure patients continue to have access to safe, effective medications.

Fisher, Bracaglia Weigh in on the Future of Regenerative Medicine

BIOE chair and postdoc featured in June 20th edition of On the Record.

Peter Kofinas Will Serve as Next Chair of ChBE

Effective July 1, Sheryl Ehrman will depart for San Jose State University.

Gray Wins Dr. Mabel S. Spencer Award for Graduate Achievement

BIOE Ph.D. student recognized for efforts to develop therapies for diseases of the central nervous system.

ResearchFest 2017

Engineering students from ChBE, MSE and BIOE presented their research at the Clark School's 2017 ResearchFest.

Lab Students' 'Creativity is Key'

Clark School's Functional Macromolecular Lab allows students to mold new ideas

BIOE Researchers Develop New Technologies to Drive Next-Generation Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis

Jewell Lab members use quantum dots to define density of self-antigen display.

John Schardt Awarded American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences Fellowship

BIOE graduate student recognized for design of multivalent protein therapeutics to target various cancers.

Muro, IBBR Faculty Awarded Maryland Innovation Initiative Grants

UMD's Institute for Bioscience & Biotechnology Research awarded two $115,000 grants.

Ghodssi, Bentley receive NSF EAGER grant to develop ingestible capsules for medical diagnosis

"Gut-Nav" capsules will be designed to detect problems in the gastro-intestinal tract, including pancreatic cancer and inflammatory bowel disease screening.

Josh Gammon Named PhRMA Foundation Doctoral Fellow

BIOE graduate student recognized for research on modulatory signals to control immune function.

Manthe, Tang Receive Dean's Awards

BIOE graduate students recognized for outstanding research.

BIOE Researchers Host 4th Annual Symposium featuring High School Bioscience Students

Jewell’s Program to Enhance Participation in Research Celebrates Growth

Researchers Engineer Bacteria to Hunt Down Pathogens in the Gut

Nature Communications highlights University of Maryland alum’s latest efforts to program E.coli to combat infections.

BIOE Capstone 2017: Projects Focus on Pediatric Care, Physical Therapy, Pulmonary Tumors, and More

BIOE hosted it's largest-ever Capstone Design competition on May 10th, 2017.

BIOE Researcher Works to Advance MS, Autoimmune Disease Research

Ph.D. student Lisa Tostanoski recognized with Lemelson-MIT Student Prize

Dr. Silvia Muro, Genisphere Partner to Advance Drug Delivery Systems

Genisphere LLC, University of Maryland sign collaborative research agreement through BIOE's Dr. Sivlia Muro.

BIOE Student Wins Prestigious Lemelson-MIT Student Prize

Lisa Tostanoski recognized for biomaterials-based strategies to combat multiple sclerosis

BIOE, Fischell Institute Faculty Make Strong Showing at Invention of the Year Awards

UMD honors exceptional inventions with potential to influence science, society, and the free market.

University of Maryland to Lead NIH-Funded Center for Engineering Complex Tissues

UMD to Collaborate with Rice University, Wake Forest to Advance 3-D Printing Applications for Regenerative Medicine

Getting Ahead of Alzheimer’s

Students are working to develop a portable device for early detection of disease.

Working to Improve Oral Drug Delivery

BIOE associate professor looks to control transport of therapeutics through physiological barriers.

Dr. Silvina Matysiak Uses Biomolecular Modeling to Advance Understanding of Degenerative Diseases

BIOE's Silvina Matysiak explores how molecular behavior dictates macroscopic-scale properties of systems.

Government, Industry, Academia Representatives Collaborate to Advance Medical Device Innovation in Maryland

Robert E. Fischell Institute for Biomedical Devices, RTI International draw capacity crowd to March 7th event.

Alumni Cup 2017

This year's Alumni Cup celebrated its sixth year with a unique challenge.

UMD Researchers Make Strides in Schizophrenia Diagnosis Research

Blood test could help doctors more quickly diagnose schizophrenia and other disorders.

UMD, VA Maryland Health Care System Collaborate on MS Research

BIOE assistant professor Chris Jewell leads effort to use nanotechnology to treat MS.

Bentley, Payne Featured in The Conversation

Distinguished University Professor William Bentley publishes piece on using electricity to control gene expression.

BIOE, IBBR Researchers Develop Electrogenetic Device for Activating Gene Expression via Electrodes

System holds promise for study of biological systems, biosensors and bio-hybrid devices.

Payne Appointed Guest Professor at South China University of Technology

Bioengineering professor begins three-year guest professorship with multidisciplinary university.

Clark School Alum Named to Forbes "30 Under 30: Healthcare" List

Adam Behrens (BIOE, Ph.D. '15; ChBE, B.S. '10) recognized for work in vaccine and diagnostic testing development.

UMD Key Partner in New National Institute for Innovation of Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals

$250 million dollar investment will advance leadership in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Patel Awarded American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship

BIOE graduate student recognized for efforts to advance treatments for peripheral vascular diseases.

BIOE Alum Awarded Council of Graduate School Distinguished Dissertation Honorable Mention

Adam Behrens (Ph.D. ’15) recognized for work on materials for use in traumatic injury surgery.

"America's Got Regulatory Science Talent" Competition Call for Participants

Students at UMD and UMB are invited to participate in the 2017 annual regulatory science competition.

Jewell Lab Teams up with Veterans Affairs to Advance Multiple Sclerosis Research

BIOE, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, University of Maryland School of Medicine, and others collaborate in the name of human health innovation.

BMES Hosts STEM Expo for Area Middle School Students

BMES-UMD members lead initiative to share what they love most about STEM.

BMES, Inova Team up for Record-Setting Blood Drive

With 97 donors, BMES blood drive marks Inova’s largest on UMD’s campus in 10+ years.

Alumni Look to Foster Entrepreneurialism through Support of Clark Hall Fund

$100,000 gift establishes Rajan and Sandhya Mittu InTerp Suite.

Clark School students shine at AVS annual meeting

Winkler, Banis and Huiszoon receive awards and recognition for research and presentations.

Jewell Lab Takes on Alex’s Lemonade Stand Million Mile Challenge

BIOE researchers rally support for month-long campaign to raise money, awareness for pediatric cancer research.

Muro Develops Technique to Improve Oral Drug Delivery Using Targeted Nanocarriers

Associate Professor Silvia Muro (Joint, IBBR) and fellow UMD researchers are working to improve oral drug delivery to targets by protecting against the effects of gastric conditions.

Six innovations win $250,000 grants at Pediatric Surgical Innovation Symposium

Pitch competition sponsored by National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation (NCC-PDI).

UMD Bioengineers Work to Reprogram Lymph Node Function to Fight Multiple Sclerosis

Jewell Research Lab Publishes Findings in Cell Reports Journal

Bentley Named Distinguished University Professor

Fischell Dept. of Bioengineering founding chair recognized with university's highest academic honor conferred upon faculty.

Jay, Jewell Named 2016 Young Innovators of Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering

BIOE researchers look to advance delivery of therapeutics to treat cancers.

Fisher Named Biomedical Engineering Society Fellow

Election to 2016 BMES Class of Fellows marks milestone for Fischell Department of Bioengineering.

Airbrushed Biodegradable Sealant Could Offer Low-Cost, Portable Alternative to Surgical Sutures

BIOE Professor and Associate Dean Peter Kofinas receives R01 for innovative surgical sealant and application technique research.

White Named University of Maryland 2016 Faculty Advisor of the Year

BIOE associate chair and director of undergraduate studies honored during 21st Annual Undergraduate Studies Advising Conference.

Jewell Research Lab Explores New Therapies for Treatment of Juvenile Diabetes

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation awards Prof. Jewell $500,000 grant to study vaccine for diabetes.

iGEM Looks to Fight Global Warming with Synthetic Biology

UMD's International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) team hosts Launch UMD campaign to fight global warming.

Using Brillouin Microscopy, Scarcelli Aims to Shed Light on How Tumor Cells Metastasize

BIOE Assistant Professor Awarded $1 Million NIH National Cancer Institute Grant

BioE Capstone 2016: New Projects Focus on Improved Healthcare for Underserved Communities, Pediatric Patients, and More

Affordable RT-PCR for clinical diagnostics, fear mitigation device for pediatric MRIs tie for first place.

Fischell Receives National Medal of Technology and Innovation

UMD Alum, BioE Professor of Practice to Receive White House Honor

First 3D Bioprinted Placenta Model for Study of Preeclampsia Created

Scientists are the first to create a 3D bioprinted placenta model and use it to study preeclampsia, a life-threatening pregnancy complication.

Peering into Tissue Stiffness with VIPA-based Brillouin Spectroscopy

Asst. Prof. Giuliano Scarcelli's research featured in Applied Physics Letters.

Arjun Adapa Named 2016 Fulbright Grant Recipient

Senior BioE student to conduct research on Alzheimer's disease in the Netherlands.

Four UMD Students Named 2016 Goldwater Scholars

UMD is one of five institutions with all four nominees named scholars

Kofinas Awarded Patent for Flexible Batteries

Polymer solid electrolyte could make batteries safer, smaller, and less expensive

University of Maryland Faculty, Alumni Named National Academy of Inventors Fellows

Inductees recognized for prolific spirit of innovation.

Fisher Lab Researchers Examine Novel Method for 3-D Printing of Biodegradable Vascular Grafts

BioE researchers’ findings published in Advancing Healthcare Materials.

NCC-PDI Pediatric Device Competition Now Accepting Proposals From Medical Device Innovators

$250,000 to be awarded to five innovations at third annual National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation (NCC-PDI) Competition.

UMD Researchers Use a Simple Stretch to Create Powerful Pseudomagnetic Fields in Graphene

Researchers Make Breakthrough Discovery in Graphene Research

Jewell Lab Makes Strides in Multiple Sclerosis Research

Fischell Department of Bioengineering researchers awarded $599,000 grant from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

UMERC Announces RFPs for the 2016 Graduate Student Energy Fellowships

Proposals for the 2016 Wells and Hulka Graduate Student Fellowships will be accepted until January 14th.

Fisher Named Chair of the Fischell Department of Bioengineering

Dr. John P. Fisher to succeed Dr. William E. Bentley as department chair, effective Jan. 4, 2016.

Leonard to be Honored for Cooperative Control Innovations

Alumna Naomi Leonard to be inducted into Innovation Hall of Fame on Nov. 9.

UMD iGEM Team Earns Second Consecutive Gold Medal in International Competition

UMD student researchers recognized for innovative approach to accelerate construction of biodesigns.

Novel Microscopy Technique to Shed New Light on Study of Cell Properties, Disease Pathogenesis

BioE Asst. Prof. Giuliano Scarcelli published in Nature Methods.

BioE Undergrads Celebrate Upcoming 4th Edition of The Catalyst

Department’s first undergraduate research journal highlights student research.

Engineers Without Borders Addresses Power Needs for Ghana High School

Five students and one advisor traveled to Ghana for EWB-UMD’s project implementation trip.

Schardt Awarded UMD-NCI Cancer Research Training Fellowship

BioE graduate student recognized for efforts to develop novel molecular engineering approach to breast and ovarian cancer therapy. 

Fisher Leads Overseas Project to Develop New Class of Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine

Fischell Family Distinguished Professor Named Fulbright Scholar

Novel Imaging Technique Paves Way for Advancements in Bone Tissue Engineering

BioE Associate Professor Yu Chen receives $1.29M NIH R01 grant to develop system to quantitatively image 3D cell behavior.

Matysiak Named National Science Foundation CAREER Award Recipient

Five-year, $650,000 NSF CAREER Award to support neurodegenerative disease research.

Sensing Drugged Driving: Fischell Researchers Receive SBIR for Roadside Drug Test

Diagnostic anSERS Inc. awarded $150,000 NSF grant to develop paper-based test to identify drivers under the influence of illegal drugs.

Fischell Researchers Develop Innovative Technique to Fine-Tune Vaccines

Members of the Jewell Research Laboratory publish ACS Nano paper on rationally designed vaccines that promote tunable immune responses.

Ghodssi Named AVS Fellow

BioE Affiliate, ECE Chair and Institute for Systems Research Director honored

Alum Sheryl Chocron-Spieler wins poster award at BMES/FDA Frontiers in Medical Devices Conference

Best runner up award for "Multi-Variate Modeling for Blood Measurement: Accounting for Population Variability."

Fischell Researchers, Wheaton High School Host Second-Annual Symposium to Foster Bioengineering Education

BioE’s Christopher Jewell furthers initiative to expose high school students to new opportunities in bioengineering.

BioE Capstone 2015: New Projects Focus on Sensorineural Hearing Loss, Injury Rehabilitation, and More

Neonatal acoustic protection device takes first place in annual design competition.

2015 Dean's Student Research Awards

Winners of the 2015 Dean's Student Research Awards have been announced.

BGE's Calvin Butler to Deliver Spring Commencement Remarks

CEO of Baltimore Gas and Electric Company to speak on May 22.

Food Safety, Energy Storage & Video Authentication Inventions Honored at Awards Ceremony

Three Clark School innovations win UMD Invention of the Year Awards

BioE Researcher Wins Invention of the Year – Life Science Award

BioE Research Assistant Professor Javier Atencia-Fernandez recognized for food safety innovation.

UMD Opens MakerBot Innovation Center to Foster Entrepreneurship

UMD home to Big Ten's first large-scale 3-D printing MakerBot Innovation Center.

UMD, JHU Team up for 3rd Annual Undergraduate Research Day

University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University bioengineering students celebrate research undertakings.

Ph.D. candidate Thomas Winkler wins best poster award at MAMNA Symposium

Bioengineering student is affiliated with MEMS Sensors and Actuators Laboratory.

Invention of the Year Finalist: Rapid Method for Separating Bacteria from Complex Food Samples

Clark School researchers speed up process for detecting pathogens, from 12-36 hours to less than an hour

Invention of the Year Finalist: Intra-Lymph Node Cancer Vaccination Delivery

Jewell develops potent and selective vaccine delivery technique targeting cancer and autoimmune diseases

Sikorski Awarded 2015-16 Fulbright U.S. Student Grant

Fischell Department of Bioengineering senior recognized for work with trilayer skin substitutes.

UMD to Host 2015 FIRST Robotics Regional Competition

More than 1,000 high school students expected to attend event in College Park.

Sikorski Awarded 2015-16 Fulbright U.S. Student Grant

Fischell Department of Bioengineering senior recognized for work with trilayer skin substitutes.

UMD To Celebrate Innovations and Partnerships April 29

Nine nominees for Invention of the Year to be recognized at annual event

UMD Mourns Passing of Benefactor and Alumnus A. James Clark

University of Maryland's Clark School of Engineering community remembers namesake and friend

Bentley Contributes to The Scientist Report on Bacterial Signaling in the GI Tract

BioE Chair discusses how a bacterial signaling molecule could promote healthy gut microbiota.

Jewell Named ACGT Research Grant Recipient

BioE assistant professor receives prestigious $250,000 Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy grant.

A New Era in Human Health Innovation

A. James Clark Hall made possible in part by the generosity of two benefactors.

Wells and Hulka Fellowships Support Exciting Energy Technologies

Transformative student energy research is funded by the Wells and Hulka Fellowships.

Pines Recognized with Maryland Speaker's Medallion

Annual award recognizes outstanding service to the state.

Simple Stretchable Conducting Material is Robust and Inexpensive

Electronic fabrics and skin are potential applications

Mechanical Engineering Clinches 2015 Alumni Cup Title

Student teams conquer light bulb challenge at 4th annual competition.

UMD Patents Compounds that Inhibit Biofilm Formation and Persistence

Patent awarded for compounds capable of fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria

'I am very humbled': Hafezi Awarded Prestigious Sloan Fellowship

Hafezi is first Clark School faculty member to receive Sloan Foundation recognition.

Maryland inventors issued US Patent for compounds that fight biofilms

The compounds enhance the effectiveness of conventional antibiotics and inhibit the formation and persistence of biofilms.

Second Annual Pediatric Device Innovation Competition Awards $250,000

National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation (NCC-PDI) recognizes five innovators.

UMD Hosts 3D Maryland Expert Group Meeting

Event Highlights 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing Technologies at UMD

Jewell Named 2015 Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovator

BioE Assistant Professor Chris Jewell recognized for revolutionary cancer vaccine strategy.

UMD Researchers Explore New Avenues in Treatment of Lysosomal Storage Diseases

Associate Professor Silvia Muro's lab examines treatment options for rare metabolic disorders.

Naviasky, an ECE Student, Spoke at the 2014 Winter Commencement

Electrical and Computer Engineering student Emily Naviasky was selected as the student speaker for the 2014 A. James Clark School of Engineering Winter Commencement.

Underwriters Laboratories President to Speak at Winter Commencement

Williams to deliver commencement remarks on Dec. 21.

Das publishes work on microfluidic bacterial biofilm streamer formation in Scientific Reports

New research investigates formation of filamentous structure—streamers—in microfluidic transport.

Chip Used to Separate Bacteria from Food Samples Wins Professor Venture Fair

BioE Assistant Professor Javier Atencia Named Professor Venture Fair Winner

UMD Clark School Highlights Disaster Resilience at Mpact Week

Five-day event focused on role of engineers in disaster prevention, mitigation, and response.

Reza Ghodssi elected Fellow of IEEE

Professor is recognized "for contributions to materials and processes for microsystems technologies."

University of Maryland Breaks Ground for A. James Clark Hall

New building to serve as hub for human health innovation in the state of Maryland

UMD Clark School Announces Inaugural Awards Winners

New awards honor alumni, friends for career achievements and contributions to Clark School.

Startup Shell Launch UMD Campaign Kicks Off Nov. 14

BioE projects among student ventures to benefit from crowdfunding campaign.

Gray Named 2014 Fischell Fellow

BioE graduate student working to develop blood-brain barrier-on-a-chip.

Scarcelli Named NIH K25, Human Frontier Science Program Grant Recipient

Prof. Giuliano Scarcelli receives prestigious NIH, HFSP grants.

UMD Sends First-Ever iGEM Team to International Competition

BioE Students, Faculty Participate in International Genetically Engineering Machine competition.

Support Engineering Student Initiatives Through Launch UMD

Small-scale projects with big results.

Clark School Students Named ARCS Scholars

Five engineering students win ARCS scholarships for the 2014-2015 academic year.

BMES-UMD Ice Bucket Challenge Raises Funds for ALS, Mentorship Program

The University of Maryland Biomedical Engineering Society hosted its first Ice Bucket Challenge on Oct. 16.

2014 Fischell Festival Tackles Key Topics in Biomedical Emergency Response

Keynote Speaker Rear Admiral Stephen Redd (CDC) discusses Ebola treatment, prevention efforts.

New Equipment and Science Capabilities at Army Research Lab

Invitation to nanoelectronics, micro-robotics and cybersecurity collaborations Dec 9 & 10

UMD Researchers Use Artificially Engineered Materials to Create Breakthrough for Sound Sensors

"Enhanced Acoustic Sensing through Wave Compression and Pressure Amplification in Anisotropic Metamaterials" published in Nature Communications 

UMD Recognized for Top Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs

The University of Maryland has been named one of the country's "Best Colleges for Entrepreneurs" by the Princeton Review.

Nanoparticles Add Zest to Search for Drug Delivery Methods

Food scientists’ recipe for nanoparticles delivers results

Clark School Undergraduate Programs Ranked Highly by U.S. News and World Report

Clark School named one of the top 25 undergraduate engineering programs in the country.

Maryland Industrial Partnerships Program Approves 18 Technology Development Projects

Worth $4.7 million, the projects team Maryland faculty and companies to bring products closer to market.

UMD Clark School to Host Mpact Week: Disaster Resilience

Research showcase to highlight role of engineers in developing innovative solutions to help prevent, mitigate, and respond to disasters.

Stroka Awarded BMES 2014 Rita Schaffer Young Investigator Award

Newly appointed BIOE Assistant Professor Kimberly Stroka recognized for published work.

Bracaglia, Melchiorri Awarded American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowships

BioE Ph.D. students awarded two-year AHA fellowships.

Hydrophobically Modified Polymers Create “Cell Gels”

New technique could be used in tissue engineering, 3D cell culture.

UMD Researchers Bridge Gap between Microelectronics, Biological Systems

“Electronic modulation of biochemical signal generation” published in Nature Nanotechnology

September 1, 2014 Submission Deadline

An announcement of Request for Proposals for M-CERSI Science Exchange and Conference Grants.

UMD Hosts Technical Meeting on Nanomagnetic Materials

Professor and Associate Dean Peter Kofinas organized gathering of more than two dozen nanomagnetic materials experts.

UMD to Launch Graduate Certificate in Regulatory Science and Engineering This Fall

Twelve-credit program will focus on medical device engineering and regulation.

Bracaglia Named 2014 TERMIS-AM Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Outstanding Student

BioE graduate student recognized for tissue engineering research.

UMD, GBSI Partner to Advance Antibody Standards

Dr. Simran Kaur named GBSI Fellow.

International research partnership leads to major publication on controlling living cells with artificial cells

Research could lead to medical therapies carried out by nonliving, artificial cells.

Sloan Foundation Funds Program of Exemplary Mentoring

Program will improve recruitment, retention of talented minority Ph.D. students.

Recent Clark School Graduate Featured in Lab on a Chip

Renee Hood (Bioengineering, Ph.D., '14) and members of the Maryland MEMS and Microfluidics Lab earn cover story for July edition

Diagnostic anSERS introduces SERS sensor 'for the mainstream'

UMD alumni/student company's product can detect trace chemicals for only a few dollars per test.

Clark School Faculty Promotions Announced

Faculty promoted to full professor, associate professor with tenure.

BioE Capstone 2014: New Projects Focus on Cardiological Health, Surgical Tools and More

Students' inventions range from diagnostic devices to accident prevention products.

Jewell Lab to Host Bethesda Lemonade Stand to Support Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

Researchers to support ALSF National Lemonade Days on Sunday, June 8.

Stroka Awarded BWF Career Award

BioE Assistant Professor Kimberly Stroka recognized for blood-brain barrier mechanobiology research.

Twelve Clark School Students Awarded Prestigious NSF Research Fellowships

Fellowships awarded to outstanding students pursuing a research-based graduate degree.

Big Health Concerns Over NanoTech: UMD Pursues Research for Sustainable Solutions

The Sustainable NanoTechnology and NanoHealth Symposium articulated the need to better understand the potential health and environmental risks of nanoproducts.

Clark School Launches New LinkedIn Page and Clark Store

New initiatives offer ways to expand networks and show off Terp pride

University of Maryland Baltimore & College Park Campuses To Offer Joint M.D./Ph.D. in Medicine and Bioengineering

Program will promote human health through engineering principles and medical science.

UMD Alumni Hatch Sub-$300 Consumer 3D Printer, Raise $3.3 Million on Kickstarter

Alumni-founded company races past $50,000 goal in 11 minutes, hits $1 million in 25 hours.

Regulatory Science Competition Winners Present Concepts to FDA

UMD and UR competition winners present competition concepts to the FDA.

Clark School Faculty Recognized at Celebration of Innovation and Partnerships

Clark School researchers sweep three categories for 2013 Invention of the Year

BioE Researchers Win Invention of the Year – Life Science Award

BioE Professor John Fisher and 2011 Fischell Fellow Anthony Melchiorri

Stroka, Scarcelli Join BioE Faculty

Assistant Professors Kimberly M. Stroka and Giuliano Scarcelli were recently named BioE faculty members.

Invention of the Year Finalist

unprecedented etching control of a material, one atomic layer at a time

Alumnus and Whiting-Turner CEO Regan to Speak at Spring Commencement

Civil Engineering alumnus to speak at address Clark School graduates.

Smithsonian Secretary Clough To Deliver Special Lecture at UMD

Secretary Wayne Clough will discuss "Why the Smithsonian Matters"

Tostanoski Receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Ph.D. student Lisa Tostanoski was recently awarded a $132,000 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

UMD to Host FIRST Robotics Regional Competition

More than 1,000 high school students expected to attend event in College Park

Innovative material leads to better 3D-printed artificial blood vessels

One of Ten UMD Invention of the Year Finalists

UMD and JHU Students Host Research Fair

University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University bioengineering students joined forces to host the second annual research event.

Dean Pines, Abts Featured in ASEE PRISM Magazine for Leadership in Exploring New AP Course in Engineering

New AP course would "brand engineering at the high school level," prepare more students for STEM careers.

Kofinas Featured in Chemical & Engineering News

Fischell Department of Bioengineering Associate Dean Peter Kofinas was recognized for his work with polymer nanofibers.

Save the Date: NanoDay, June 11 -- Poster Session, Plenaries, EM Workshops and More

Registration and poster abstract submission will open soon

UMD Hackathon Team Featured on NPR

Terrapin Hackers students interviewed by "All Things Considered"

Shapiro's Otomagnetics Recipient of BioMaryland Center Award

Otomagnetics receives a Biotechnology Development Award through the BioMaryland Center.

UMB President Highlights MPower, M-CERSI

University of Maryland, Baltimore President Jay A. Perman’s testimony before the Maryland General Assembly on the 2015 Budget

Bentley Receives ACS BIOT’s Marvin J. Johnson Award

American Chemical Society recognizes professor for contributions to the field of biotechnology.

Clark School, Alumni Association to Host Alumni Cup Competition

Hands-on design competition challenges students to apply engineering principles.

Consortium Led by UMD and Children's National Health System Awards $250K for Pediatric Medical Devices

National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation awards funding for new medical devices for children.

Behrens, Manthe Join Future Faculty Program

Program prepares graduate students for careers in academia.

Fisher to Discuss Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials at Smithsonian Institution

“Going to Extremes: The Protective Powers of High-Tech Materials”

BioE Student Addresses Graduates, Guests at Winter Commencement

David Peeler (B.S. ’13) reflects on motivation.

Clark School's Online Graduate Programs Highly Ranked in 2014 by U.S. News and World Report

Office of Advanced Engineering Education's online graduate program are excellent opportunities for working engineers worldwide.

UMD Researcher Helps Arm the Immune System to Fight Cancer

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation supports Jewell's cancer vaccine research.

Kofinas Receives Clark School Faculty Service Award

Professor recognized for contributions to administrative and educational programs.

Chung Honored at Commencement

Academic director receives Dr. Marilyn Berman Pollans Outstanding Service Award for Staff

Iacangelo Awarded Olatunji Godo Biomedical Research Scholarship

Fund established by alumnus supports BioE junior.

UMD Among Kiplinger's Top 10 Best Values for Sixth Consecutive Year

UMD again listed in Kiplinger's Personal Finance's annual ranking of the Top Ten Best Values in Public Colleges.

UMD Launches Online Course for Transitioning Service Members and Veterans on Energy Problem Solving

Engineering course supported by Department of Defense will focus on design skills

Epps to Deliver Winter Commencement Speech

NASA astronaut and Aerospace Engineering alumna will speak at Clark School ceremony on Dec. 22.

Barber Awarded Olatunji Godo Biomedical Research Scholarship

Fund established by alumnus supports BioE junior.

3D-Printed Heart Implant Wins Professor Venture Fair

Polymer grafts can be custom-fitted, promote tissue growth.

Liu Wins Whitaker Study Abroad Scholarship

Junior will spend spring 2014 semester in Spain.

"America's Got Regulatory Science Talent" Competition

Judges award student first prize for new technology to combat worldwide counterfeit drug crisis.

2013-2014 M-CERSI Innovation Awards

Two Innovation Awards, and two Innovations in Minority Health Awards have recently been awarded.

UMD's Abts Featured in Discover Magazine

Clark School of Engineering STEM expert discusses plans for AP engineering test.

Goertz Named 2013 Fischell Fellow (VIDEO)

Graduate student hopes to design high tech solutions for resource-poor areas.

BioE Holds 7th Fischell Festival (VIDEO)

Annual event highlights engineering's increasing role in medicine.

BioE's Chris Jewell Named Outstanding Young Engineer

Md. Science Center honors expert in controlling immune system response.

Inaugural Mpact Week Showcases UMD Innovations, Robotics, Bioengineering

Over a thousand visit College Park campus for Mpact Week events.  

UMD Faculty Publish Research That Provides Insights on Brain Injuries

Mechanical Engineering researchers tackle brain tissue mechanics to provide greater insight on traumatic brain injuries.

Schultheis to Lead New UMD Regulatory Science Initiative

Former FDA branch chief to guide UMD effort to help improve food, drug, and medical device safety.

Delivering Drugs to Inner Ear, Eyes, and Brain Made Easier with "Magnetic Syringe"

Clark School startup Otomagnetics wins AdvaMed's Rybski MedTech Award to support further development.

BioE and Mtech Partner with Children's National Health System to Form Pediatric Device Consortium

FDA-supported collaboration will focus on medical device design, production and regulation.

Bentley Comments on 3D-Printed Bacteria

Professor contributes thoughts on biofabrication to Chemistry World story.

BioE Hosts First Luojia International Biomedical Conference

Event fosters collaborations between UMD and Wuhan University.

Fischell Department of Bioengineering to Host 7th Fischell Festival

Annual event invites everyone to learn more about biomedical engineering.

Weissberg Gift Supports Engineers Without Borders Program

Gift will support EWB team projects as well as scholarship funding for EWB students.

M-CERSI Day Highlights Regulatory Science

Second annual showcase event held by University of Maryland's Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation.

UMD Receives Largest Ever Software Grant from Siemens

UMD students and researchers to gain access to industry technology used to design and manufacture sophisticated products.

Bacteria Prowl for Pathogen Prey

Alumnus Matthew Wook Chang's custom E. Coli target hospital-acquired infections.

Clark School Highly Ranked in U.S. News and World Report's "2014 Best Colleges Rankings"

Clark School's undergraduate programs ranked #12 among public universities.

The UMD Startup Shell is Now Accepting Applications

The new, student-run incubator provides resources, tools and mentoring to help students advance their ventures. 

Bentley Receives Charles Thom Award

Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology honors professor for contributions to the field.

Innovation Awards Request for Proposals

A one page pre-application is due September 23, 2013

Shapiro, Yu Win 2013 BioE Teaching, Graduate Research Awards

Honors presented at annual "Welcome Back" seminar.

Villaneuva Wins ASEE Biomedical Education Paper Award

Former lecturer recognized for efforts to enhance core laboratory course.

Shapiro, Martin awarded MPowering seed grant for novel study of cancer cells' 'microtentacles'

The researchers will use flow control to understand how microtentacles help cancer cells spread throughout the body.

DC I-Corps Now Accepting Applications for Fall Cohort

The new, NSF-supported program revolutionizes technology transfer from university, federal laboratories.

Clark School No. 16 in Academic Ranking of World Universities

Ranking based on research, size and performance.

UMD "Energy 101" Course Featured on DOE Blog

Course designed by Clark School professor serves as model for nation.

Bentley Elected ACS Fellow

BioE chair recognized for research and service.

M-CERSI Hosts Conference on Human Reliability Analysis of Medical Devices, Aug. 26

FDA-supported Center at UMD to explore human factors and the risk management of medical devices.

Camp Prepares Teens for Cybersecurity Careers

Twenty-Eight students from around the country participated.

Shapiro Promoted to Full Professor

Interdisciplinary professor known for work in control systems, MEMS.

Tavis Smiley and the University of Maryland Announce $75,000 Social Innovation Challenge

Inaugural TS/UM Social Innovation Challenge to spur development of transformative solutions for societal issues.

Science Gets Bentley and Payne's Perspective on Self-Assembly

BioE/IBBR professors invited to share views on new materials for biomedical applications.

BioE Capstone 2013: New Products Focus on Diagnostics, Physical Therapy and More

Students' inventions address needs ranging from home care to ICU.

Clark School Faculty Members to Receive Two Seed Grants

Professors Desai and Shapiro awarded $75,000 grants for research collaborations with UMB.

Jay Joins BioE Faculty

Professor specializes in vascular and tissue engineering, drug delivery.

Filling the Gaps: Making Better Bone Regeneration a Reality

Nguyen receives NSF graduate research fellowship for efforts to make bone grafts more successful.

Fisher Co-Edits Book on Tissue Engineering

Tissue Engineering: Principles and Practices available from CRC Press.

Abts Presents at NSF Congressional Briefing on STEM Education

Clark School professor invited to brief Congress on improving K-12 STEM education.

UMD's Mote Elected NAE President

Former President and Clark School Professor Named President of National Academy of Engineering.

Undergrads Showcase Innovative Sustainability Design Ideas Developed in New "Energy 101" Course

Student design ideas include a green gym powered by exercise, sustainable floors for sporting arenas, water-powered watch.

Inside A Burn: Alumnus Continues Diagnostic Work He Began as an Undergraduate

Nick Prindeze (B.S. '12, bioengineering) presents work at American Burn Association Conference.

Clark School Celebrates Students, Honors Alumni and Faculty at Spring 2013 Commencement

More than 860 engineering students received diplomas at May 20 ceremony.

4 BioE Grad Students Win UMD Distinguished TA Awards

Ferlin, Ganesan, Lin and Manthe recognized by Center for Teaching Excellence.

Bentley Discusses Alternatives to Animal Testing in PRiSM

Lab-on-a-chip devices could reduce or eliminate need.

36 Clark School Students Accepted into NIST Summer Research Program

NIST opens its labs to UMD undergrads for hands-on research experience.

Wang Wins Wylie, Graduate All-STAR Fellowships

Awards support grad student's work in tissue engineering.

Clark School Student Wins "Code for Community Challenge"

Sophomore bioengineering major Joan Zhang and teammates develop app for community service.

Clark School Freshmen Compete in Hovercraft Competition

ENES100 students build autonomous hovercrafts for final exam.

Mukhamedova: HHMI Fellowship Supports System That Could Help Treat MS

BioE junior developing drug delivery system that could help control immune system response.

2013 Dean's Student Research Awards Announced

Graduate students recognized for high quality engineering research.

Clark Professors Honored as Top Women Professors in Maryland

Professors Espy-Wilson and Muro recognized by StateStats.org for excellence in and out of the classroom

Andorko Wins Bioengineering Conference Poster Award

Grad student takes top honors for presentation of "stealthy" drug delivery system.

Thompson Named 1 of 6 UMD Undergraduate Researchers of the Year

BioE senior recognized for work in tissue engineering.

Hoppmann Wins GRID Division for Presentation on Dipstick Sensors

Technology could be used for fast, efficient diagnosis of infectious disease.

Twomey Wins Wylie Fellowship

Award supports grad student's work in potential therapies for tissue regeneration.

Rosenberg: HHMI Fellowship Supports Research on Osteoarthritis

BioE senior recognized for work in Orthopaedic Mechanobiology Lab.

Company Founded in Clark School Awarded $500K to Test Hemorrhage-Halting Foam

Remedium Technologies Inc. receives small business grant from National Science Foundation.

Bulka Wins Outstanding ASPIRE Student Research Award

BioE senior recognized for work that seeks to understand how stem cells might be used to treat degeneration of the spine.

Dean Pines' Op-Ed in Baltimore Sun Stresses Need for Prizes, Competitions to Spur Innovation

Dean of the Clark School of Engineering offers aerospace industry as case study to demonstrate impact of prizes.

Maryland Exchange with Italian University Boosts Research on Artificial Cells

Bioengineering grad student part of international effort to use messages sent by synthetic cells to guide natural cell activity.

2012-2013 BioE Undergraduate Awards

Exceptional students recognized at annual ceremony.

Diagnostic anSERS Takes 3rd and UMD Prize at Cupid's Cup Finals

Startup wins $10,000, plans to scale up manufacturing.

BioE Undergrads Sweep Bioethics Essay Contest

UMD continues to dominate Institute of Biological Engineering competition.

Payne Honored with Guest Professorship

Wuhan University awards three-year appointment.

Earth Day 2013 Event to Address the Energy and Water Nexus

Engineering Sustainability Workshop 2013 and student poster contest open to all.

Clark School Hosts 2013 STEM Expo on April 6

Event will feature NASA astronaut and UMD alumna Jeanette Epps.

New Study Shows University of Maryland Grads Among Highest Paid in U.S.

UMD grads' starting salary is second only to UC-Berkeley among all 50 states' flagship schools.

Whiting-Turner Lecture Series Features Entrepreneurs Ostrow on April 11, Citrin on April 25

Series to highlight successful entrepreneurs and leaders of Mashable.com, Redox Power Systems.

UMD and JHU Students Join Forces for Research Day

"Amplifying the Field" celebrates undergraduate contributions to biomedical research.

Clark School Highly Ranked in 2014 U.S. News and World Report's Best Graduate Schools

The Clark School and 5 of its departments were rated in the top 25 in their categories.

UMD Course To Serve as National Model for 'Energy 101' Curriculum

Collaborative Initiative Seeks to Educate Students on Key Energy Issues

Two BioE/ISR Professors Receive Maryland Industrial Partnership Funding

Diagnostic anSERS and Cordex Systems primed for further development of sensors, device for detection of heart disease.

Diagnostic anSERS Heads to Cupid's Cup Finals

Printed sensors team to vie for $70,000 in April.

BioE Undergrad Wins Pyon Su Fellowship

Award supports Brian Goodall's study abroad in Korea.

Alumnus Recognized for Work with Teach for America

David Lai (B.S. '12) was a finalist in Maryland governor's #MDForward contest.

UMD Researchers Achieve Breakthrough in Nanoprecision Imaging

Flow control of single quantum dot enables measurements with nanoscale accuracy at lower cost

America's Got Regulatory Science Talent

Student awarded first prize for guidelines to improve reporting of adverse medication events to FDA.

Ayyub, Wiederoder Named Future Faculty Fellows

Graduate students join highly selective cohort.

Rappaport Wins HHMI Fellowship

Award supports senior’s efforts to develop treatments for rare genetic disorders.

Shapiro, Depireux team for series of grants to combat hearing loss

Research will advance the delivery of drug therapies to the inner ear.

National Instruments LabVIEW Tour Coming to University of Maryland

NI Campus Tour bus will feature LabVIEW demonstrations for educators, researchers, and students.

2012-2013 Round 1 Exchange Awards Winners

UM-CERSI announces the 2012-2013 winners of round 1 Exchange Award 

Tao Elected Fellow of American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

BioE professor recognized for work in food processing and safety.

SEEDS Fellowship Supports Sikorski's Work on Blood Clotting Gel

BioE sophomore developing potentially life-saving products with Kofinas Group.

Donation to Name Kim Building Lecture Hall

Stanley Zupnik pledges $500,000 to the Clark School, helps Great Expectations campaign exceed $1B goal.

Kofinas, Muro Honored for Research

Clark School Outstanding Research Awards recognize professors' influential and ground-breaking work.

Great Expectations Campaign Reaches $1B Goal

Clark School raises $240 million toward historic fundraising goal.

Drug Delivery System Wins Professor Venture Fair

Muro, Ghaffarian honored at UMD Bioscience Research Day.

Alumnus Thomas Hicks to Serve as Commencement Speaker

Deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Navy will speak at Clark School ceremony on December 20.

Spinning Engineered Silk Into Tiny Designs—With A Microscope

Atomic force microscopy to guide formation of polymer threads.

Chen's Biomedical Imaging Featured in American Center for Physics Art Exhibit

From Here to Infinity examines art inspired and created by science and technology.

New Microfluidic Device Could Speed Drug Evaluation

Meyer wins Bioscience Day Poster division for work on device capable of separating, testing distinct areas of same biofilm.

Fisher Featured in Science Careers

Professor one of several profiled in story about careers in biomaterials research.

Chen Bioimaging Research Wins Prestigious NSF CAREER Award

Grant supports improvements to neural imaging and image-guided neurosurgery.

Bioengineering Seniors Learn About Patent Processes

Judge Pauline Newman explains cases, law and patent pitfalls.

2012 Fischell Festival Recap, Video Now Online

Read all about it, see photos, and watch presentations.

A Faster, Easier Way to Diagnose Metabolic Disorders in Infants

NIH supports Kofinas' efforts to develop inexpensive, point-of-care blood test.

UMD, Lockheed Martin Sign Master Research Agreement

Agreement supports an agenda of broader and closer research partnerships between the two institutions.

Diagnostic anSERS Pitches Dingman...and Wins!

BioE startup company wins funding for paper-based sensor product.

Merrill Presidential Scholars Honored

Three Clark School students and their college and high school mentors recognized.

Khalid Wins College Park Scholars Tri-Star Award

Bioengineering junior honored for academic excellence, community service.

Choi Named 2012 Fischell Fellow

Bioengineering graduate student studies imaging, simulations.

Bentley Wins AIChE Division Award

Professor will deliver plenary talk at national meeting in October.

Tackling Head Injuries

Bioengineering team has created device that could prevent concussions.

Engaging Communities for a Cleaner Bay

Clark School professors Allen Davis and Hubert Montas among UMD researchers awarded grant for unique approach to improving Chesapeake Bay.

Ghaffarian Nanocarrier Paper on Cover of Journal of Controlled Release

Work presents gastrointestinal transcellular drug delivery route.

Partnership with UM School of Medicine Yields New Start-Up

Students' Wesk Medical LLC to improve drug delivery.

Hsu Wins BioE Outstanding Graduate Research Award

Student recognized for work on drug-delivery system for the treatment of rare diseases.

Herold Co-Edits New Book on Cancer Diagnostics

Biosensors and Molecular Technologies for Cancer Diagnostics released by CRC Press.

Gordonov Completes NSF Summer Research Fellowship in Singapore

Grad student one of 15 selected for East Asia and Pacific Summer Institute.

White Group Sensors Paper a Royal Society of Chemistry Hot Pick

P-SERS technology to be featured on cover of Analyst.

The Chronicle of Higher Education publishes feature story on the Autonomous Province of Trento

Trento and the University of Maryland have a formal research agreement; mutual projects.

CERSI Co-Director Bentley to Present at 2nd AIMBE Workshop Sept. 18

Presentation at NIH's Lister Hill Auditorium will focus on Shuler’s Body-on-a-Chip System.

FDA Leaders, Industry Call for Major Strides in Regulatory Science at UM CERSI Day

Over 150 government, industry, academic representatives attend new center's showcase event.

Kofinas Named Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Graduate Programs

Professor takes on new role in the Clark School.

Janiak Named Kauffman Fellow

Alumnus, former Fischell Fellow in prestigious venture capital program.

Clark School #14 in World Research Ranking

Academic Ranking of World Universities poll of engineering schools rates citations, research expenditures.

Washington, D.C., Among Best Technology Start-Up Towns

Region ranked 5th in USA TODAY list.

Jewell Joins BioE Faculty

Professor strives to create new treatments for for type 1 diabetes, other autoimmune diseases.

Maryland Hosts Mid-Atlantic Soft Matter Workshop

Interdisciplinary scientists find a "soft and squishy" common ground.

FDA-Supported Center to Hold CERSI Day, September 5th

Event will showcase research aimed at modernizing review of drugs and medical devices.

enGENEious Bentley Talks Quorum Sensing at Oxford

Professor invited to student- and postdoc-organized conference.

Maryland is No. 1 for Entrepreneurship, Innovation

State rises from No. 7 ranking in U.S. Chamber of Commerce report.

SafeLiCell Takes 2nd at Green Business Plan Competition

BioE undergrad's presentation on novel battery tech wins $10K.

Muro Group: Understanding Drug Delivery Via Natural Cell Pathway

New results bring successful targeted drug delivery from bloodstream to tissues one step closer.

Ferlin Elected Communications Officer of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society

Grad student will serve in American Student and Young Investigator Section.

Patents, Commercialization to Count Toward Tenure

University System of Maryland policy recognizes value of faculty members' intellectual property used in tech transfer.

Fisher Promoted

Faculty member elevated to rank of full professor.

Muro Promoted

Faculty member becomes Associate Professor, receives tenure.

Kofinas Featured on Bloomberg's "Planet Forward" TV Show

Watch: "Pursuing a Safer, Sustainable, Lithium Battery."

Yeatts Takes 2nd in Dean's Doctoral Research Award Competition

Grad student recognized for work in bone regeneration.

Capstone 2012: Innovations in Emergency Medicine, Diagnostic Tools, Physical Therapy, and More

BioE seniors present an array of new devices for improving health and safety.

"Nebuchadnezzar" Takes Autonomous Hovercraft Honors

Freshman design competition introduces payload challenge.

Abutaleb and Ruppel Named Stamps Banneker/Key Scholars

Two incoming Clark School freshmen honored with full scholarships.

Controlling the Small

Shapiro's new book lays the groundwork for cross-disciplinary linking of nanoscale technology and control theory.

Smile! Clark School Commencement to Stream Live

Can't attend on May 21? View ceremony on web or on mobile devices.

Lyles to Speak at Commencement

Retired U.S. Air Force general to address engineering grads.

SafeLiCell Takes 2nd in $100K ACC Clean Energy Challenge

Clark School-based company receives $15,000 to improve safety of lithium batteries.

Award Supports Development of Safer Batteries for Biomedical Devices

Sophomore Mian Khalid wins prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute fellowship for work with Kofinas Group.

BioE Teams at $75K Business Plan Competition Finals

New companies pitch products for food safety, diagnostics, detection of toxins.

Yu Takes Second at GRID Session for Advances in Sensor Technology

Grad student presents new alternatives to traditional SERS substrates.

Battery Team Heading for $100K ACC Clean Energy Challenge Finals

Watch SafeLiCell pitch new venture based on safe, solid-state polymer electrolyte-based batteries.

2011-2012 BioE Undergraduate Awards

Exceptional students recognized by the Department, Clark School, and professional societies.

ResearchFest 2012

Marquardt receives top prize; Chiang, Fernandes and Hsu also selected for honors.

Watch: BioE Freshman Stars in Integrated Life Sciences Video

Julie Etheridge profiled by Honors College program.

New Awards Support Research on Neonatal Ventilator Safety, Viral Diagnostics

Shapiro, White receive inaugural innovation grants from UM-CERSI.

BioE Undergrads Claim 4 of 5 Top Spots in Bioethics Essay Contest

Zhang, McCoy take 2nd, 3rd; Niba ,Wesley receive Honorable Mentions.

Undergraduates Present Work at APS March Meeting

Vaitkus, Wu discuss cell behavior during inflammatory responses.

Engineers Advised: Stay With It

Facebook event, advisors, pizza to provide support for undergraduate engineering majors.

White Receives Best Paper Award from Sensors

Top journal recognizes work on new biosensor technology.

Bentley, Mansy to Explore Living/Artificial Cell Communication

International collaboration funded by new Maryland partnership with Trento, Italy.

Muro Group Member Wins HHMI Fellowship

CMNS undergraduate Maria Ansar receives award for proposal on drug delivery mechanisms.

Muro Group: New Collaboration on Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disorders

NIH funding will support work on transporting new drugs across the blood-brain barrier.

Hsu Presents Work on Rare Lysosomal Disorder

Graduate student wins WORLD travel scholarship, attends conference as invited speaker.

Which Clark School Major is Best?

As part of Engineers Week, department teams design and build Alumni Cup machines, compete for bragging rights on Friday.

Building Goodwill: BioE Student Gives Away New Scholarship

Reginald Avery donates scholarship money to Greenbelt Elementary.

Federal Region Is Nation's Most "Tech-centric"

New rankings in The Atlantic show Maryland, D.C., Virginia as leaders in tech economies.

Students Construct Water System for Burkina Faso Health Clinic

Engineers Without Borders chapter installs solar-powered filtration and distribution system for clean water.

White's Research Wins Prestigious NSF CAREER Award

Inkjet-printed paper biosensors will reduce cost of diagnosing epidemic pathogens.

Thompson to Study in Australia

HHMI award will support biomedical research at the University of Sydney.

New Probe Could Help Surgeons Avoid Blood Vessel Damage

Liang wins travel grant for presentation on needle-like bioimaging device.

New Imaging Technique Covers Middle Ground Between Microscopy and Macroscopy

Chao-Wei Chen takes 3rd at photonics conference for presentation on non-invasive 3D imaging of stem cells.

Preventing Costly, Life-Threatening Catheter Infections

Deutsch Foundation-sponsored Clark School research offers multi-pronged attack on major medical problem.

Women in Engineering Opportunity Scholarship Created

WIE Advisory Board members establish scholarship to help recruit and support female engineering students.

UM a Top Academic Value According to Kiplinger's

University 8th in national ranking of best value among public colleges.

Bacteria Programmed to Re-Create UMD Logo

Feat part of larger body of Clark School research into preventing infections.

ACC $100K Clean Energy Challenge Open for Business (Ideas)

Entries are accepted from all universities in the southeastern United States.

Fisher Elected Fellow of American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering

Professor recognized for contributions to field of tissue engineering.

Ghaffarian Wins Nanomedicine Poster Award

Grad student recognized for work on drug nanocarriers that cross the gastrointestinal epithelial barrier.

Serrano Wins Nanomedicine Poster Award

Muro Group member recognized for work on drug delivery.

Jordan Makes Research an Integral Part of her Curriculum

BioE senior works with ARL, Gemstone, Muro Group and more.

2011 Fischell Festival Recap, Video Now Online

See lectures from FDA Chief Scientist, Key Tech CEO.

FDA Awards UM a New Center for Regulatory Science

Center will pilot ways universities can help improve how drugs and medical devices are evaluated.

$1.35 Million to Fisher Lab for Development of Bone Regeneration Technology

Implanted tissue will receive better blood supply and stronger support during healing process.

2011 Fischell Festival to Highlight Invention, Entrepreneurship

Product development, start-up ventures, FDA evaluation among topics to be covered.

Dandin Wins First Jimmy H. C. Lin Award for Entrepreneurship

Fischell Fellow recognized for his efforts in $75K Business Plan Competition

University of Maryland Wins 2011 Solar Decathlon

Campus-wide effort key to WaterShed victory in international competition.

Yu Aims to Make Multicolor MRI a Reality

Novel use of metal ions makes fluorine imaging more versatile.

Herold Helps Solar House Team Shine

BioE professor serves as the Engineering Faculty Advisor to WaterShed in Solar Decathlon competition.

Shapiro on Nanotech Team for Assembly of Colloidal Crystals

$1.2M National Science Foundation-sponsored research could lead to optical computing, invisibility cloaks.

UMD Ranked Among Nation's Best in Entrepreneurship Education

Mtech's entrepreneurship initiatives were a key influencer in the new ratings.

Clark School Launches Men's Living-Learning Program

NSF-funded Virtus initiative for freshmen to help improve retention rates.

Novel Biophysical Models Help Explain Mechanics of Cardiovascular Disease

Stroka, Aranda-Espinoza publish results in Blood.

Blood-Clotting "Nano-Velcro" Featured in C&EN

Journal highlights wound-healing technology by Raghavan, Remedium Technologies.

Aranda-Espinoza, Hsieh Promoted

BioE faculty members promoted to Associate Professor, receive tenure.

$1.35M For New Study of Cell Migration

Aranda-Espinoza wins Human Frontier Science Program research grant.

Fight Bacteria With Bacteria

Alumnus creates bacterium that sacrifices itself to save you.

Student Video Takes 2nd Place in AAPS Contest

UMD and UMB Pharmacy students discuss the future of drug development.

Clark School Rises in International Ranking

#11 spot is highest ever in Academic Ranking of World Universities poll of engineering schools.

Melchiorri Named 2011 Fischell Fellow

Incoming graduate student specializes in cardiovascular research.

Inoue Joins BioE as Professor of the Practice

Canon U.S. Life Sciences senior fellow developing system for rapid diagnosis of disease.

Thought-To-Motion Research Featured in the Wall Street Journal

Story highlights Contreras-Vidal's brain-computer interface.

Xie in Washington Post, Interviewed for "Top Line"…and Meets with President Obama!

BioE major and undergraduate student body president represents student constituents in debt ceiling debate.

Canon U.S. Life Sciences and the University of Maryland Launch New Collaboration

Joint team to develop automated machine designed to expedite the diagnosis of infectious diseases.

Thought-To-Motion Research Featured on Cover of Terp

BioE affiliate professor and students developing noninvasive brain-computer interface.

Kofinas Appointed to Engaged Faculty

Professor nominated by students for NSF-sponsored program.

Systems Researchers Partner with Trento, Italy

Joint efforts to target bioengineering, renewable energy, nanomaterials, microsystems, education.

Alumnus' Work on Artificial Intestine Featured in L.A. Times

John March (Ph.D. '05) grows cells in 3-D.

BioE Seniors Highlighted in UMD's "Commencement Profiles"

Jee, Russ featured on university web site.

Needle-Free Suture Device Wins Business Plan Competition Division

Sharon Liu and Jin Xiao receive $10K for development of product.

PolyVec Systems Dominates Business Plan Competition

Gene therapy carrier for breast cancer wins $45K, two divisions, Impact Award.

BioE Senior Wins Prestigious DoD Fellowship

Zachary Russ selected for National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship.

Yu's Printed Paper Sensors Talk Wins GRID Session

Grad student recognized for novel approach to spectroscopy.

"Pocket Change Spectroscopy" Improves Detection of Toxins, Explosives

Betz, Rubloff Highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News.

Thompson Wins Outstanding ASPIRE Student Research Award

Student recognized for work on skeletal muscle regenration.

Record Year for NSF Fellowships

8 current and former BioE students receive awards, honorable mentions.

2010-2011 BioE Undergraduate Awards

Exceptional students recognized by the Department, Clark School, and professional societies.

Taking Aim at a Rare Lysosomal Storage Disease

Muro Group seeks to improve enzyme replacement therapy for Fabry disease with new nanocarriers.

BioE@UMD: Strong Performance in Bioethics Contest

Sokoloski takes 3rd place; Kadry and Khalid receive honorable mentions.

Hsu Drug Delivery Research Wins GRID Poster Session

Grad student "pushes the boundaries of science" with work on moving drugs across the blood brain barrier.

Gupta Wins Goldwater Scholarship; Paryavi Receives Honorable Mention

Students recognized for excellence in research.

Novel Drug Delivery: Life Sciences Invention of the Year

Muro, Ghaffarian's targeted oral delivery system takes top honors.

Earth Day Event to Focus on Energy

Students invited to hear industry, government, academic leaders present latest advances.

Roy Wins ACS's Peterson Award

Graduate student recognized for work on quorum sensing.

"Bacterial Dirigibles" Emerge as Next-Generation Disease Fighters

Programmable bacteria cut out the middle-man, producing medicine in the body where needed.

BioE Senior to Cycle in Support of Affordable Housing

Natan Simhai to join Bike & Build in cross-country campaign this summer.

A Better Way to Heal Broken Bones

Yeatts and Fisher's bioreactor work on cover of Tissue Engineering C.

Bentley, Payne Receive USM Regents' Awards for Nano-, Biodevice Work

Professors recognized for exemplary scholarship and research.

Seog Research Wins NSF CAREER Award

Novel methods will explain peptide and nanofiber behavior at molecular level.

Bad Virus Put to Good Use: Breakthrough Batteries

Virally structured nano-electrodes boost energy capacity tenfold.

Ink Jet Printer Could Make Advanced Analysis Affordable, Accessible

White, Yu publish experiments with off-the-shelf products that could make spectroscopy easier for labs; new technique covered by CE&N.

Alumnus' Company Featured in Washington Post Story

CloudSolar creates enhanced biofluids for solar panels, heat transfer applications.

Casey, Behrens Publish Work on Hemostatic Polymer in Biomacromolecules

Graduate student Brendan Casey also featured in recent issue of ScienceNews.

Hyland Takes 3rd in Biomaterials Symposium Poster Competition

Graduate student presented work on scaffolds for tissue engineering.

Changing the Odds

New NSF-funded UM program seeks to advance women faculty in science, engineering.

Malinowski Named ARCS Fellow

Foundation honors student's efforts to improve accuracy of radiation therapy.

Kids Learn How Biomedical Imaging Could Save Transplant Patients' Lives

Chen Group demonstrates optical coherence tomography at USA Science and Engineering Festival.

Fischell Shows Students How to Succeed in Biomedical Device Design

Inventor discusses new technology, entrepreneurship, personal philosophy.

BioE@UMD: Strong Performance in New Rankings Study

National Research Council ranks doctoral program in top tier.

An Exceptional Year for Clark School Rankings

Clark School cracks U.S. News' Top 20; graduates highly sought by recruiters.

Plasma for Disinfection Study Wins DOE Grant

Oehrlein, Seog will be first to characterize effects on biological molecules at the monolayer level.

Stewart Named 1st Huskamp Award Recipient

Endowed scholarship honors late UMD CIO, BioE Director; aids Great Expectations campaign.

Hung, Vilarino Complete SURF Fellowships at NIST

Seniors studied tissue engineering, nanofabrication.

Clark School 3rd Nationwide in Recruiter Survey

Wall Street Journal polls large employers on universities from which they recruit most heavily.

New Battery Research Highlighted by Discovery News, Nanowerk

Viruses used as structural template for lithium ion battery components.

Matysiak Joins BioE Faculty

Assistant professor specializes in protein engineering.

Virgile Named 2010 Fischell Fellow

Incoming graduate student interested in nanobiotechnology, bioMEMS.

Casey Interviewed About Blood-Clotting Polymer

News articles highlight research presented at ACS Fall meeting.

BioE Offers New Online Master's Program

New flexible master's program offers working professionals entrance to high-demand discipline.

BioE, FDA Offer Summer Research Experiences for Undergrads

New partnership expands program, places students in federal labs.

BioE Hosts Teachers in NSF-Sponsored Program

Summer workshop will improve K-12 engineering, math education.

Advisory Board Member Pinchuk's Co. Develops Device to Treat Eye Disorders

Orbital Tissue Expander benefits children with anophthalmia and microphthalmia.

Bryan, Eisenstein Join BioE Faculty

Professors bring expertise in structural biology, biophysics to department.

Goldberg, Thomas Win SBEC Paper Awards

Graduate students recognized for work presented at 26th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference.

Newsweek: Biomedical Engineering Career a "Safe Bet"

Field ranked #2 on list of 12 secure jobs.

Alumna Lu Jiang Receives Chinese Government Award

Selected for academic, research achievements while studying abroad.

UM, LM Launch Strategic Relationship

Framework for current and future cooperation with Lockheed Martin worth at least $3 million.

Mtech, Alumna-Run Companies Vie for State Awards

Five Clark School-affiliated companies named finalists for Incubator Company of the Year.

Shah Receives Stem Cell Funds

Study to define how mechanical stress affects cells' differentiation, growth.

University Partners with National Cancer Institute

Bentley to provide nano-bio drug delivery expertise in close collaboration.

BioE Major Addresses Spring 2010 Graduates

Allon Meizlik chosen to speak at Commencement.

Payne, Shapiro Join BioE Faculty

Former affiliates focus on miniaturized systems, biofabrication, nanobiotechnology.

Dowling Wins Dean's Doctoral Research Award Competition

Fischell Fellow recognized for work with soft matter.

Kofinas Keystone Team Wins Spring 2010 Hovercraft Competition

WTTG Fox 5 broadcasts ENES 100 event live from the Kim Building.

2010 Fischell Festival Recap, Video Now Online

Watch surgery and learn about entrepreneurship, senior design projects, and research.

Staff Honored for Clark School/UM Service

Ten staff members recognized for "milestone" service.

BioE Students, Alumni Win Prizes at UM $75K Business Plan Competition

Aeramatics wins its division; CloudSolar recognized for social impact.

First Measurement Science Fellowship Positions Announced

New program funded by $15.5 million award from NIST.

BioE Hosts 26th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference

Attendees share emerging research on human health.

Graff Named Senior Marshal for Commencement

Undergraduate will help facilitate student processional.

2009-2010 BioE Undergraduate Awards

Exceptional students recognized by the Department, Clark School, and professional societies.

Sustainability Video Contest Winners Announced

Campus water projects, flushing technology comprise winning entries.

Muro Wins $1.72M National Institutes of Health R01 Grant

Group to develop new treatments for genetic diseases affecting lungs, brain.

Remedium Wins ORNL Global Venture Challenge

Blood-clotting foam takes top prize in security division.

Reconstructing Hand Movements Using Brain Signals

BioE research in Journal of Neuroscience could benefit those with movement disorders.

BioE Undergrads Shine Again in Bioethics Contest

Students represent 3 of 5 finalists; Hagen takes 3rd prize.

Bentley Group Research Selected for Highlights in Chemical Technology

Paper covers monitoring and controlling bacterial communication.

Gupta Wins HHMI Fellowship

Undergraduate to study quorum sensing, inhibition of bacterial communication.

Dandin Authors "A Letter from Haiti"

Fischell Fellow's commentary on his country's past, present and future published by New America Media.

Bentley Group Research Featured in Nature Nanotechnology

New, all-biological nanofactory controls bacterial communication in targeted cells.

Alumna Wins NSF-CAREER Award

Pinar Akcora will develop synthesis, processing methods for versatile nanocomposites.

Stroka Wins NIH Grant for Cardiovascular Research

Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award will fund work on the biophysics of cell transmigration through the vascular endothelium.

UM Rises Again Among Best Values

Kiplinger's ranks campus 8th among public colleges.

Roy Wins Zain Award

Graduate student recognized for excellence molecular biology research.

Bentley Hosts Webinar on Quorum Sensing

Program presented by Society of Biological Engineering.

Trauma Solutions Research Highlighted in Scientific American

National magazine features synthetic blood clotting technology.

Exploring Tuberculosis' Resistance to Disinfection

Bentley, EPA colleagues provide new insight on disease's behavior.

Johnson Elevated to IEEE Fellowship

Professor recognized for leadership in bioengineering education.

Hsu Wins Best Poster Award for Research on Rare Neuromuscular Disorder

Targeted drug delivery prototype for Pompe disease wins Nanoscience/Nanotechnology division at annual event.

Remedium Wins $10K in Global Security Challenge

Student start-up company’s blood-clotting foam "most promising" in international competition.

Rubloff Group Research Selected for Highlights in Chemical Technology.

Paper covers advances in lab-on-a-chip technology.

Fisher Bioreactor Wins Professor Venture Fair

Bone tissue engineering technology takes top prize.

Russ Tapped for Genetics Journal Guest Column

Undergraduate invited to write on integrity of statistics.

Dowling Named A Maryland Innovator of the Year

Fischell Fellow garners new award for blood-clotting technology.

Casey Named ARCS Fellow

Graduate student honored at Supreme Court event.

Clark School Research Dollars Soar

Jump in funding from $111 million to $171 million over the past year.

Additional Funding for Fluorinated Biomaterials Research

Yu group pursues MRI imaging of biomaterials injected to repair tissue.

Balaras Team Wins $1.5M NSF Grant

Project to use high performance computing for cardiovascular modeling.

Mtech to Establish Living-Learning Entrepreneurship Program for Academically Talented Freshman and Sophomore Students

The new initiative is part of the University of Maryland's new Honors College

BioE Affiliate, Collaborator Named Director of ISR

Ghodssi to take office October 1.

Clark School Meets Hollywood

Faculty, students appear on Science Channel, ABC, Discovery.com.

BioE Undergraduate Program Earns ABET Accreditation

Accreditation retroactive to 2007.

Fisher, Betz Featured on Discovery.com

Professor, grad student highlight tissue engineering.

Johnson Announces Retirement

Professor will continue research, teaching on campus.

Shirmohammadi Named Associate Dean of Ag School

New appointment effective August 1.

Tao, Colleagues Describe Robotic Orchard Maintenance at Ag Conference

Presentation outlines how computer vision, robotics could perform selective thinning.

Shah Wins Alzheimer’s Research Grant

Professor explores early stages and causes of disease.

Engineering Grads On Top

Recent study shows that engineering graduates earn the fattest paychecks.

Kofinas Group Startup Named Finalist in $250K Business Plan Competition

Blood clotting, drug-delivering product chosen from thousands of international entrants.

Yu Wins Nanobiotech Grant

State of Maryland funds project on force-sensitive nano networks.

Culver Part of Winning Nanobiotech Grant Team

State of Maryland funds innovative fuel cell research.

Clark School to Offer New Graduate Certificate for Technology Entrepreneurs

Innovation is the key for technology entrepreneurs to drive economic growth by bringing their ideas to market.

Berlin Takes 2nd in Dean's M.S. Thesis Competition

New award honors outstanding research, scholarship.

Radio Show to Feature WIE

Discussion of Women In Engineering Program on 1450 AM Saturday at 8 a.m.

Staff Honored for Clark School/UM Service

Thirteen staff members recognized for "milestone" service.

Kofinas Group Wins 2nd Business Plan Competition

Haemechanics offers new blood-clotting, drug-delivering material.

Bradberry Wins Wylie Fellowship

Award will support final stages of dissertation research.

Luo Wins MRS Silver Award

Postdoc recognized for work in microfluidics.

2008-2009 BioE Undergraduate Awards

Exceptional students recognized by the Department, Clark School, university, and professional societies.

Clark School Retains High U.S. News Rankings

Places 17th among all graduate engineering programs, 9th among public programs.

LEAFHouse Reaps More Honors

UM 2007 Solar Decathlon design wins "Award for Distinctive Residential Architecture."

Severinsky to Speak at Commencement

Prius hybrid engine inventor to address Clark School graduates.

Roy Takes 1st Place in GRID Cell Category

Research focuses on disrupting communication between pathogenic bacteria.

Sweet Named 2009 Fischell Fellow

BioE grad student developing oral chemotherapy drug delivery system.

Undergraduates Present Paper at NE BioE Conference

Duttaroy, Paek and Shirmohammadi describe system for assessing viability of donor kidneys.

Gifford Accepts Sr. Nuclear Engineer Post

Will continue research in nuclear medicine.

Clark School Tops in NIST Fellowships

Engineering students capture 15 percent of technology agency’s national summer fellowships.

Bentley, Kofinas Teams Are $75K Competition Finalists

Proposed new ventures include drug-screening, blood clotting inventions.

Scholarship Established to Support Active Servicemen, Veterans, Families

Pat Tillman Foundation has awarded $100,000 to University.

"Nano-Velcro" Wins Outstanding Invention of the Year

Hemostatic wound-care product takes top U-Md. prize.

Aidikoff Among States’s Top Women

BioE undergraduate selected for scholarship, leadership, and mentorship.

Fischell Bioengineering Undergraduates Dominate Bioethics Contest

Russ scores second win; U-Md. students represent 4 out of 5 finalists.

Behrens Wins Outstanding ASPIRE Student Research Award

Junior recognized for work in blood-coagulating hydrogels.

Bone Regeneration Research Receives 5-Year NIH Funding

Fisher, Xu explore regeneration of dental tissues.

Fischell Wins President's Distinguished Alumnus Award

Alumnus, benefactor honored for achievements in biotechnology.

Undergraduate Publishes in Top Polymer Science Journal

Junior Omar Ayyub is second author of paper on MIP Hydrogels.

ResearchFest 2009 Winners Announced

Nargund, Thomas, and Dowling presentations come out on top.

Fisher Named John and Maureen Hendricks Energy Research Fellow

Fellowship benefits Great Expectations campaign.

Alumna Founds Environmental Consulting Firm

Coterie Environmental LLC focuses on combustion systems.

Student research: Xiaolong Luo

Student of Gary Rubloff conducts 'lab-on-a-chip' microsystem research.

NSF CAREER Award for Hsieh Research

Award to fund research in Orthopaedic Mechanobiology Laboratory.

Cancer Detection Research Wins Grant

Prevent Cancer Foundation to support Chen's biopsy guidance technique.

Seog Lab Installs Optical Mini-Tweezers

Molecular Mechanics Laboratory to use high resolution force spectroscopy for nanomedicine and nanobiotechnology research.

Herold Edits 2 Vol. Book on Biosensors, Biodetection

Titles part of Methods in Molecular Biology series.

Payne, Bentley Research Wins TEDCO Funding

Award supports efforts to commercialize chitosan-based biochip.

Blood-Clotting Invention Featured on CBS News

Dowling, Raghavan demonstrate "nano-velcro."

View University Holiday Greeting Online

Incoming dean Darryll Pines, alumnus Gordon England '61 star.

England to Speak at Commencement

Deputy defense secretary and Clark School alum to address engineering grads.

Fisher Speaks at Maryland Stem Cell Symposium

Presents work on treatment of traumatic facial injuries.

Stephan Koev wins MEMS Alliance best poster award

Poster highlights research on optical microcantilever sensors for liquid samples.

BioE Students Win at Bioscience Day Poster Session

Luo, Roy on top in bioengineering division.

Fisher Receives Engalitcheff Research Funding

Distinction given by Arthritis Foundation to honor outstanding research.

Raghavan, Dowling's "Nano-Velcro" Wins at Bioscience Day

New biomaterial designed to stop bleeding.

EWB's Mid-Atlantic Conference Trains, Celebrates

UM Engineers Without Borders chapter hosts hundreds, features Peace Corps deputy director.

Fischell Invention Profiled by FOX News

Implantable AngelMed Guardian predicts heart attacks.

Great Expectations: Spotlight on Giving

ARCS scholarship support reaches $500,000.

UM Rises Among Best Values

Campus ranked at #9 in Kiplinger's rating of public colleges.

Lin Wins Golden Key Scholarship

BioE junior recognized for his work in the Fisher Group.

Darryll Pines Named Dean of the Clark School

Chair of Clark School’s Department of Aerospace Engineering becomes Dean and Farvardin Professor.

Gordon England Gives Whiting-Turner Lecture

Deputy secretary of defense and alumnus counsels Clark School students.

Kofinas on Food Safety at USDA Meeeting

Presents work on food pathogen detection using intelligent packaging.

Alumna Named Service to America Medal Finalist

Patricia Frounfelker cited for work with Army Research Lab.

Honor for Hybrid Power System Inventor

Alex Severinsky is 2008 Clark School Innovation Hall of Fame inductee.

UM a Leader in Black Ph.D.'s

NSF report: UM near top in black undergrads who pursue Ph.D.'s in science, engineering.

Fernandes Wins ACS's Peterson Award

Graduate student recognized for work on nanofactories.

Bentley, Hung, Culver Gene Therapy Research Covered By Wired

Repurposed virus could be used to deliver siRNA to diseased cells.

Alumnus Joins Father in Family Business

Father/son run Broadneck Pharmacy in Arnold, Md.

BioE Welcomes 3 New Faculty Members

Balaras, Muro and White arrive for Fall '08.

"Zap" Away Migraines?

New Fischell device uses magnetic pulses to stop debilitating headaches.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Looks Ahead

Gordon England, B.S. '61, electrical engineering, to deliver Whiting-Turner lecture Oct. 16.

BioE Senior Named Merrill Presidential Scholar

Awojoodu cites Johnson as a passionate mentor.

Quorum Sensing Research Wins $2.5M DoD Contract

Bioeningeering/UMBI collaborate on biological threat detection.

Diamondback Heralds Fischell's Opera Debut

Benefactor to perform in The Pirates of Penzance.

Scholarship Supports Gemstone Students

Sarah E. Gingrich Firebaugh Memorial Scholarship aids Great Expectations campaign.

Genomic Research Receives EPA Award

Microarray Research Laboratory wins Scientific and Technological Achievement Award.

Chen Receives Research Support Award

Funds provided for materials, equipment.

2008 Capstone Projects Address Human Health, Environmental Concerns

Seniors present the final projects of their undergraduate career.

Grad Student Summer Research Fellows Named

Two ECE students and one from BioE among the recipients.

WJZ Covers New Chitosan Blood Clotting Product

Dowling, Raghavan, Payne featured in TV segment.

Shirmohammadi Lectures in Korea, Chile

Professor discusses water quality and pollution.

Kofinas, Janiak Take 1st Place in Business Plan Competition

Intelligent Packaging Systems receives $15K for further development.

UM, UET Peshawar Forge Partnership

UM agrees to exchange of faculty, students with Pakistani university.

Fisher Promoted

Becomes Associate Professor with tenure effective August 23.

Bioengineering at Maryland Day

Hands-on activities help visitors explore and learn.

Ghodssi Named Herbert Rabin Distinguished Professor

Dr. Reza Ghodssi is recognized for sustained and influential scientific and scholarly work.

Alumnus March Awarded Hartwell Foundation Grant

Funding will support development of new type 1 diabetes treatment.

Undergraduate Honors and Awards Recipients, 2007-2008

Exceptional students recognized by Department, Clark School, ASABE.

BioE Holds 2nd Annual Fischell Festival

New bioengineering wing dedicated; 2008 Fischell Fellow announced.

Engineering Videos Win in Vid/Terp Competition

Aero grad students' autonomous vehicle video takes first, others receive honorable mentions.

Scholl Family Supports Engineers Without Borders

$25K gift enables project in Africa, aids Great Expectations campaign.

Kofinas, Janiak Win Outstanding Invention of the Year

Polymer-based dialysis system wins Life Sciences category.

Reza Ghodssi named associate editor of Journal of Biomedical Microdevices

Journal focuses on biomedical applications of micro- and nanotechnology.

Alumnus, Inventor, Benefactor...Opera Singer?

Fischell to appear in Pirates of Penzance.

Dandin Named 2008 Fischell Fellow

BioE grad student to develop fast, portable biosensor.

Service Plan Leader Schaufeld Offers "Plan B"

Final Spring '08 Whiting-Turner lecture set for April 17.

New Bioengineering Wing Unveiled

$7.6M, 7,400-square-foot addition to Kim Building serves as new department home.

Fu, Janiak Finalists in Annual $50K Business Plan Competition

Kofinas Group members submit bioengineering-themed concepts.

Order of the Engineer Deadline Approaching

Seniors wishing to participate in ring ceremony must sign up by April 4.

Advance in Creating in Vitro Programmable Biological Microfactories

Research team includes Bentley, Ghossi, Payne, Rubloff.

Johnson Honored By IBE

Professor receives Brahm and Sudha Verma Lifetime Visionary Award.

Richbourg, Russ Winners in Bioethics Essay Contest

BioE students take first and third place.

The Inaugural WIE DREAM Conference a Success!

The Women in Engineering Program's first conference brings over 350 participants to campus.

Keystone Program Featured in ASEE Prism Magazine

Article on student retention programs cites successes of Clark School's Keystone program.

Chumakov, Kyrtsos Selected for Future Faculty Program

Graduate students join highly selective cohort.

Company to Utilize Kofinas's, Janiak's MIPs Technology

Link Plus BioTech, Inc. also names Kofinas its CTO.

Deutsch Named Professor of the Practice

RWD Technologies founder recognized for career, support of USM.

BioE Freshmen Are Finalists in Bioethics Contest

Hung, Russ to present at March meeting of the IBE.

Alumni Excel in Academia, Research

Former Bentley Group members work with "designer bacteria", therapeutics, biofuels, viruses and vaccines.

Scholl to Graduates: "Think Big"

Ceremony features awards for outstanding teaching, staff service.

BioE Graduates First Ph.D.

Yingli Fu studied new treatments for chronic eye disease.

Chen Publishes OCT Research in Nature Photonics

Article describes significant advances in imaging for cancer detection.

BioE Faculty Receive Cross-Disciplinary Seed Grants

Program facilitates collaboration between UMCP, UMB.

Scholl to Address December Grads

Entrepreneur, chair of Clark School Board of Visitors, named commencement speaker.

The Leaders We Need In Engineering Seminar Now Online

Watch video of Dr. Michael Maccoby's presentation.

Martinez-Miranda Elected APS Fellow

Professor recognized for work in education, liquid crystal research.

Times Higher Ranks UM Highly

Campus leaps ahead in The Times Higher QS World University Rankings 2007.

Nightly Business Report Segment Now Online

BioE faculty discuss nanotech’s role in food safety.

Johnson Stresses Corporate-University Partnership

Lockheed CTO kicks off fall Whiting-Turner lecture series.

Additional $1.8M for Cancer Treatment Project

"Treatment couch" could make radiation therapy safer, more accurate.

Johnson to Publish New Textbook

Biology for Engineers takes new approach to classic subject.

Minor in Engineering Leadership Established

New option to prepare students for future rolls in education, industry, government.

UM's LEAFHouse Takes 2nd

UM's Solar Decathlon team finishes 2nd overall at national contest.

$600K Gift Creates Hong Ji Fellowship

Donation to benefit international bioengineering graduate students, Great Expectations campaign.

UM Will Host NanoBio Defense Workshop

Interdisciplinary workshop will bring together individuals from academia, government and industry.

Experts Explore Environmental Engineering

White Symposium speakers outline characteristics of great engineers and programs.

Bentley Named Fischell Distinguished Professor

Professorship, part of Fischell endowment, recognizes scientific and scholarly work.

Bioengineering Recognized for Accessibility

President's Commission on Disability Issues grants honor.

Farvardin Professorship Fund Reaches $500K

Gift from Jeong H. Kim helps fund reach milestone, supports Great Expectations campaign.

Pre-Seed Fund Established for Student Companies

Solypsis co-founder Warren Citrin sets up $250K fund, supports Great Expectations campaign.

Chumakov Presents at UHMWPE Conference

New research may result in longer life spans for hip replacements.

$2M NSF Grant for "Bacterial Communication"

Cellular and biomolecular engineering research to focus on biofunctionalized devices.

Kofinas Presents at the National Academy of Science

Invited talk covers nanotechnology solutions for agriculture.

Dale Family Creates Four-Year Scholarship

Fund to support students in ME, BioE, and ECE, aid Great Expectations campaign.

Kofinas, Payne Interviewed for PBS’ Nightly Business Report

Professors explain nanotechnology's potential role in food safety.

BGE Gift to Support LEAFHouse

$5K to aid construction of Solar Decathlon entry, Great Expectations campaign.

Graff Featured in Quest Magazine

Undergraduate comments on attending college with a disability.

Fisher On Page 1

Stem cell funding story makes front page of The Diamondback.

Rabin Named Interim Clark School Dean

MTECH director assumes position July 1, when Dean Farvardin becomes provost.

Projects Come Together at Capstone II

Seniors show the results of a year's work.

Bentley Elected to Fellowship

Fischell Department chair joins leadership of American Society of Microbiology.

Engineers Sweep Movie Contest

Clark School students capture all six Sci/Terp awards.

NanoCenter Highly Ranked

Small Times ranks Maryland NanoCenter #5 in education, #7 in research.

Fisher Receives Stem Cell Funds

Research on regenerating human facial bones garners only College Park award.

STS Program Has New Director

Betsy Mendelsohn to lead Science, Technology and Society Program for College Park Scholars.

Fischell Festival Celebrates Bioengineering, New Department

First annual event highlights technology, research, student work, and innovation.

Janiak Named 2007 Fischell Fellow

Student recognized for research, entrepreneurial spirit.

Farvardin Named University of Maryland Provost

Current Clark School dean will assume new position on July 1.

Yu Joins Fischell Department Faculty

Specializes in repair of musculoskeletal tissues, targeted drug delivery for cancer therapy.

Clark School Donors Exceed $100M Milestone

Dean cites need for "10,000 gifts" to reach $185M Great Expectations goal.

"Virus Sponge" Could Improve Flu Treatments

New discovery can filter a patient's blood in a process similar to dialysis.

Flexible Macroelectronics Film Earns Top Award in Sci/Terp Video Competition

Inaugural contest features science demonstration videos made by undergrad students.

UM $50K Business Plan Competition Winners Announced

Three winners chosen among nine finalists.

Clark School Earns Another High Ranking

The Princeton Review ranks program #6 among graduate engineering schools.

Bioengineering/Biological Resources Engineering Undergraduates Honored

Clark School Honors and Awards Ceremony 2006-2007

ECE Seminar on Biomedical Devices Available Online

Online visitors can view a seminar on biomedical devices by SA 50 winner & ECE alumnus Tag Cutchis.

Medtronic CEO to Speak

Art Collins, Whiting-Turner lecturer, to speak on improving healthcare through technology.

You're Invited: May 3 Fischell Festival

Event to highlight how engineers can improve life for millions of people.

Dean Pens ASEE Prism Column

Dean Farvardin authors "Last Word" column in March 2007 issue.

BioE Students Are Finalists in MTECH Competition

Funding up for grabs in $50K Business Plan Competition.

Fisher Named Outstanding Graduate Alumnus

Alma mater Rice University recognizes achievements.

Clark School Ranked 13th Worldwide

Higher education institute cites research expenditures and articles among criteria.

Tao Invited to Speak at Smith School

Professor will be part of Technology Visionary Series panel.

Kidwell Gift Benefits Scholarships, Campaign

$100K donation helps freshmen engineering students in need, advances Great Expectations campaign.

Aranda-Espinoza Wins NSF CAREER Award

Award to fund research in Cell Biophysics Laboratory.

"Side Effects May Not Include…"

Clark School shows in vivo "nanofactories" can make and deliver targeted drugs.

Hsieh Receives Grant from Synthes, Inc.

Worldwide medical device manufacturer to fund research.

Leonsis Leads Off Whiting-Turner Lectures

AOL vice chairman to start spring series with "Shift Happens" March 29.

Nanomedicine Research Day 2007

UM School of Pharmacy Center for Nanomedicine and Cellular Delivery hosts first research day.

Women In Engineering Program Forms Board

Advisors ask alumni, corporate partners to help achieve recruitment goals.

UM Competes To See Who's Greenest

Weekly "Recyclemania" competition compares universities' environmental efforts.

Undergrad Research Video Competition Opens

Winning videos will be used to interest kids in engineering and science.

WIE to Establish Living-Learning Program

$100K Berman Pollans gift adds to Great Expectations campaign effort.

QUEST Competes in ecomagination Challenge

Vote online for UM's entry—a solar-powered trash and recycling compactor.

Alumnus Publishes Work On Artificial Organs

New genetic engineering improves implantable medical devices.

Commencement Speakers Cite Change and Values

Ceremony features awards for outstanding teaching, staff service.

Students Impress At Capstone I Wrap-Up

Presentations showcase a semester of ideas, research.

Upadhyaya Joins Graduate Program Faculty

Research focuses on biological motion.

Cutchis Gives Senior Capstone Lecture

Alumnus discusses his work with biomedical devices.

DEVELOP, LAUNCH, AND WIN through the $50K Business Plan Competition

Competition Offers $50,000 in Prizes for the Best Ideas for New Companies.

ASEE Prism Profiles Pres. Mote

Magazine's November issue highlights Mote's dedication to promoting science and engineering.

Winter Commencement Speaker Announced

BAE Systems President and CEO Mark Ronald will address December engineering graduates.

Bioengineering Professors Recognized as Research Leaders

Kofinas and Sukharev honored at luncheon.

Fisher Named Reviews Editor for Tissue Engineering

Journal is the leading publication in its field.

Jones Whiting-Turner Lecture Now Online

Digene CEO discussed company's rise in molecular diagnostics industry.

McAvoy Team Awarded NIH Grant

Cross-UMD team seeks radiation therapy motion solution.

Fisher Edits Two Works on Tissue Engineering

Work includes conference compilation, biomedical engineering handbook.

TBP Chapter Ranked Nation's Most Outstanding

Clark School honor society chapter is 11-time winner.

2006 Fall Career Fair to Feature Engineering Employers

170 companies will be represented in the Union on Wednesday, Thursday.

UM Among Kiplinger's "Best Values"

Campus is No. 15, up three spots from 2005.

FDA Acting Commissioner Visits Bioengineering

von Eschenbach cites the importance of the FDA's link with the University.

NSF Funds Microscopy Facility Upgrades

Kim Building laboratory will benefit from added chemical analysis capabilities.

Fischell Addresses Freshman in "Dialogue"

Bioengineering benefactor lectures on "Engineering for Humanity, Fun and Profit."

$1 Million For Nano-Bio Initiative

Deutsch Foudation will fund Clark School bioengineering research on the nanoscale.

Sukharev Joins Graduate Program Faculty

Research includes ion channels, molecular mechanisms of mechanosensation.

Crab Nano-Sensor Detects Dangerous Substances

A material found in crab shells is part of a new sensor system.

NIST and NanoCenter Announce Partnership

$1.5 million grant will support creation of new nanotechnologies.

Polymer Symposium Showcases Student Research

Event promotes interaction between research groups.

State Approves $3.65 Million for NanoCenter

Funds will be used for nanofabrication equipment for Kim Engineering Building FabLab.

Bioengineering Graduate Program Celebrates Its First Graduate

The first student to graduate from the Bioengineering Gradaute Program earned her M.S. degree at the Clark School Commencement ceremony on May 22, 2006.

Professional Bioprocess Training Workshops Offered

Sessions cover fermentation microbiology, downstream processing, or both.

New Entrepreneurship Course Options Offered

“Fundamentals” offered in summer and fall, new “Cases” in fall.

Bezos Gift to Benefit Keystone Program

$50,000 gift fosters excellent undergraduate teaching skills among faculty.

No More Broken Antennas

Clark School engineers create flexible antenna material.

Clark School Researchers Are Top Inventors

Engineers were on every winning invention team at UM awards.

Matthew Dowling Receives 2005 Fischell Fellowship

Fellowship supports scholarly achievement, entrepreneurship, and development of new medical devices.

Improving Life for Millions of People

Clark School benefactor Robert E. Fischell and his family have donated $31 million to establish a bioengineering department and create an institute for biomedical devices.

Fischell receives Discover Magazine's Technology for Humanity award

14th Annual Discover Magazine Awards for Innovation in Space Science and Technology named Fischell one of six revolutionaries who changed the world.

Professor William Bentley, the Herbert Rabin Distinguished Professor of Engineering, receives the 2003 Clark School Outstanding Faculty Research Award

Dr. William Bentley, Herbert Rabin Distinguished Professor of Engineering and director of Bioengineering Program received the 2003 Clark School of Engineering Outstanding Faculty Research Award.

Inventor, Entrepreneur Robert E. Fischell Joins Faculty

Will serve as Professor of the Practice in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Fischell Fellow Designs New Diagnostic Technologies

Angela Hodge Miller uses Systems-on-a-Chip technology to accelerate the toxin detection process.

Bentley Named to Rabin Professorship

Professorship supports new and emerging fields in engineering.

Bioengineering Graduate Program Launched

Cross-disciplinary program focuses on biology, medicine and health.